Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 for 1

Hey there you sexy beasts! HAPPY HUMP Day!!!! Or pump day, but hey that comes later! So being fairly new to the "blogger" side of things, I'll probably be trying out lots of new things to see what works, what I like, and what all of you lovely people like too. I have 3 awesome things to share with you today before I hit the grindstone and do some work. This morning I saw Fitness Blondie's post about the Hump Day blog hop, and DUH! I love hump day and the camel so why not share the love?! Go check her out and our great co-host over at The Rant. Both great blogs that I've found recently and definitely like to follow.
The Hump Day Blog Hop
So if you are a fellow blogger, and want to participate
simply add your link on Liz's page (link above) :)
So, this week I made a commitment to myself, well really last week, to start doing cardio regularly and see what happens. Last week, it happened once in the mornings (i think) that was an alright start. I am certainly NOT a morning person sometimes; ok most of the time ;) . Especially when I don't get in bed as early as I need to, in order to get up before 5 am...and that usually happens every week-day night. *sigh* But its ok! Because cardio won't get done unless I get up, so I did. You see, I am just like most people I know, who would rather sleep in past the early alarm than get up and get my sweat on...But man! Does it makes you feel good! And I know that my personal best has to do cardio, or it won't be my best right? Because what would it be if I didn't do things I don't like to better myself...Sacrifices, and learning to like (or tolerate) things that make you uncomfortable or that aren't your favorite. Although, I will say the stairmaster has probably become my favorite cardio machine! I'll have to post what I do one day for you all.

The second awesome thing I have to share with you guys is the killer arms and glutes workout I did last night. Normally I do arms by themselves, but the night before I crushed chest and some triceps, and I missed my second leg day last week, so I made up something new. Plus I have found a LOVE for working out glutes and growing the bootay :) so why not work those some too? So here ya go: 

*I have worked my way up to super-setting a lot of exercises to push myself harder...feel free to adjust this yourself or comment below and I can definitely suggest how to adjust this for difficulty level :) Everyone starts somewhere!*

1. Cable leg extensions
-Straight leg (extend directly behind you) 3 x 15
Superset (SS - do each exercise one after another)
-Straight leg (extend 45 deg angle) 3 x 12
(for these move up in weight after each set)

2. Triple Set 
(do each exercise one after another- all 3- then rest): 
1) Glute Press on assisted pull-up machine 3 x 10-12
2) Selectorized Abduction 3 x 15
3) Selectorized Ab Crunch machine 3 x 15-20 (HEAVY)

3. Dumbbell Curl Underhand grip 3 x 10-12

4.  Cable Pushdown overhand grip 3 x 12
Cable Hammer Curl w/rope 3 x 10

5. Barbell Biceps Curl 21s x 2
-7 straight down to 90 degrees
-7 90 degrees to full curl
-7 full bicep curl
(if you can) SS
Bodyweight triceps dips on bench 2 x 15

6. One-arm Cable biceps curls 3 x 10
Selectorized Triceps Extensions 3 x 10

Needless to say, afterwards I was hangry! And I had to run to the store for the hubby really quick, so dinner also had to be really quick. When you have a crazy schedule, you have to learn to adjust and make things work for you. He was late getting in last night because they are preparing for NTC, and I am always home around 8-830 because of my nightly gym sessions. Sometimes and like today, dinner is in the crockpot waiting on us when we get home. But not last night. So I bring you #3 awesome thing on the list...a new recipe!

I made one of our favorites- a Fajita Medley - which takes all of 20 mins or so start to finish to get together. You can put this in tortillas, tortillas then bake for enchiladas, over a salad, on chips, or whatever makes you happy.  
Here's what you need:
- 1 package super trim beef stew meat
- 1 lean sirloin tip steak (or other lean meat of your choice)
- half an onion
- 1 tbsp coconut oil 
- taco seasoning (homemade or if you don't have that readily available, 
I used Old El Paso - I know I know ;) )
- garlic powder
-other veggies like chopped bell pepper
- Rice or Beans if you're into that
 -salsa and other toppings
So here's what you do:

- Chop the onion and other veggies
- Cut the meat into smaller pieces 
(for stew meat I did this and steak we cut into strips or chunks too)
- Turn the heat on medium to high
- Put the coconut oil into the skillet and melt
-Put everything into the pan

- Sprinkle garlic powder and taco seasoning on top  
(season to taste- we like a lot :) )

- Cook the meat to your liking, we like medium rare, but this cooked until medium. If I had to suggest a time, I would say 10 mins or so, maybe a little longer. Next time I will pay more attention to the clock. The onion should still have a slight crunch, but will not be "too soggy."

- While the meat was finishing up, I heated up this can of beans. Notice how the ingredients are very few. No added anything but a little sea salt, not a whole lot of sodium...I always try (now with exceptions or cases like the taco seasoning, etc. I am human too lol)
- Then after it was done, I cooked my bell pepper. I used a tiny bit of oil and garlic powder. Cooked on the stove for around 3 mins or so. The hubby does not like peppers other than for flavor, so I usually eat it raw or cook them separate for me. 

 I was just in time for the hubs to be home. Perfect timing actually because he walked in the door right as I was finishing everything. I put mine over lettuce, with black beans, the bell pepper, salsa, and Fage greek yogurt (sour cream substitute- not pictured) on top and the hubby had his over Simple Truth Organic Corn Tortilla chips (I was surprised to find that these actually aren't too bad), with shredded cheese, and sour cream. So it was a quick and easy dinner, and a win for both of us! It doesn't have to be super hard or complicated to be healthy, and a lot of times, we use what we have in the house for dinners. Planning ahead or at least having the ingredients at hand will make life a lot easier.

Hope you guys have a great Hump Day! What are some of your favorite go-to recipes? I would love to try them! Comment below or send me a link :)

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