Monday, March 24, 2014

Fun-filled Weekend happenings

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Yes it's Monday again :D I'm going to try my best to make this one a great day instead of complaining about it being Monday. I mean it is just another day to make great right? Another chance to live life to the fullest! 

Well I don't know what you guys did but I know I had a pretty eventful weekend this weekend, filled with some travel, good food, and other exciting things. Normally Scotty and I just relax and get in some workouts and grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, you know normal everyday things. It's a time we can just catch up from the week before. But this weekend definitely wasn't normal and un-eventful.

Friday I had my normal evening gym sesh and killed my shoulders with a little bit of posing afterwards. I just got the Polar FT60 last week, and I have to say, I had NO idea I burned that many calories in a normal lifting session! WOW! I know I always do work but man haha.

Saturday morning I was awake pretty early for me, at 6:30, getting up and ready to go meet the girls at the gym on base. The hubs got to sleep in so I know he enjoyed that. We got in a great back workout (I could feel how hard I worked the next day for sure). Sometimes being in another setting makes me push a little harder than normal. Then close to the end our interviewer actually met us and got some action shots of us working out. Normally I would go to our gym by the house on the weekends, but last week I got an invitation to do an interview with some women on post for the paper. I love any chance I get to share my passion with others so of course I accepted. 

From left to right: Kelsey, Angi, Ashley, Traci, and myself.

Collectively, we were able to represent women into fitness on Ft. Riley, and specifically women who have chosen to take their personal fitness goals and journey to the next level and step onto a competitive stage, at some time this year. More importantly, we were able to share our journeys up to this point in our personal fitness, the process as a whole, struggles and celebrations, and our reasons for wanting to reach for an even larger goal, among other things. All of this comes together for us in the hopes of increasing awareness of fitness women and striving to inspire and motivate other women on base. I really am grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait until the article is finished so that I can share it with you all. Probably will follow up with another blog post, but possibly having the opportunity to influence others keeps me going and striving to be the best I can be through fitness and health. I am still beside myself and just plain overjoyed that we were able to contribute to this much bigger picture that we are a part of. 

So after the interview, we all rushed home to refuel (let's face it we were all famished after that time spent in the interview), rest a bit, shower and get ready to head out to Kansas City. We all met and were on our way to Laser Sharp Fitness to meet with the wonderful Liz Kampschroeder for our group posing session. And of course, I wouldn't go anywhere without having food and plenty of water packed and ready.

Necessities: food for the day, water jug, and definitely the Coach purse :)
We made it to the gym and got ready for a little bit of posing...Ok, so a lot actually. Here are a few action shots thanks to the awesome Angi and Traci for getting video and pictures! This was I know a first session for most of us, but I will say the little practice I have put in definitely worked to my advantage! Everyone looked awesome and did a great job though and thanks to our superb coach! I know I worked it because the next morning I woke up and felt like a bus hit me lol (no doubt the killer back workout before this didn't help). Guess people are right when they say this is no joke! Looks like a lot of practice for my speed racer self is in the cards. Gotta love the candid shots right? ;)

Needless to say, we needed to grub afterwards so Angi and I found this great little Thai place and grabbed a bite to eat before we headed home. And boy was it good! Next time I will definitely get some of their soup, but I really think just about anything there would be fantastic!

I will say too, next time I get Thai food, I may not take the leftovers home...Man was it spicy the next day for lunch!  But still very yummy.

On Sunday, I always meal prep. Since I was gone Saturday all day, I didn't grocery shop or make the hubby do it (lucky duck;) ), so Sunday was a busy day for us. Starting with a big breakfast/lunch, then laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, more laundry, then finally work and dinner before hitting the sack! Phew! It was definitely a day that's for sure and sadly no time for the gym. But I am OK with a Sunday rest day sometimes, so this week, that's what it will be!


On the menu for this week, are actually the same things I cook most every week. It is easy for me, no thinking involved, and I like what I eat and don't get tired of it. So score 2 for Rachel! We have boiled eggs, chicken in the crock-pot (I'll post recipe below), baked sweet potatoes, rice (not pictured) tilapia for a few days (lemon pepper and Cajun Creole seasonings), lots of steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflowers, some carrots - not pictured), pre-packed overnight oats minus the egg whites, and finally Greek yogurt with berries and Ezekiel bread (not pictured). 

The chicken is something that I tried a couple months back, and more of the time than not, this is the way I cook it for meal prep. Sometimes, if I have extra time Saturday or on Sunday, I love to grill it especially when the weather is nice. But this way is simple: 

7-8 whole chicken breasts
1 cup Organic (no salt added) chicken broth
1 cup water
Onion powder (sprinkle on top)
Garlic powder (a bit more, also sprinkle on top)
Ms. Dash Chicken grilling blend (black lid)
McCormick s Kickin' Chicken Seasoning

Put everything in the Crock-pot and cook on high for 5-6 hours, or on low for 8-9 hours. I actually let mine sit overnight on low to absorb the flavors more. And plus because it was not done cooking before I went to bed. Late start, what can I say...But after it cooks, shred with a fork and you can cook on low for an additional 30 mins to an hour if you have the time. Again, I have found that it has more flavor this way.

Cannot wait for the gym tonight since I "rested" yesterday, AND even though I went this morning for cardio; which is somewhat unheard of for me...even Scotty said he was surprised to see me up this morning before he left. I've got some awesome gym swag to sport and a killer session planned! Looks like it's time to eat for this hungry gal! Hope you guys have a great week!

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