Monday, March 31, 2014

You know leg day was good when...

Happy Monday! 

Ok so some of you probably groaned at that one. And that is completely OK; I'll let you slide on that one. ;) One thing I realized and started thinking lately (on mondays) is Monday doesn't have to be a bad day just because its the start of a new week. You don't want to be that grumpy person who hates Mondays. It is what you make it and you can make Monday something great if you want to. :)

We had a pretty uneventful weekend, except for Saturday's softball tournament that the hubby played in. Sorry no pictures :( Lately he has had these God-awful shifts (since last Thursday) so both of our schedules are kinda thrown off. He has to work 9 pm to 9 am, until this Saturday-- Yuck! But on the bright side, I got meal prep done, some laundry folded and washed, and other normal weekend things like grocery shopping. 

I also know for a fact, that my glutes/leg day on Saturday night, after the hubby left, was ON POINT. LOL. You know why? Because I am hurting worse than ever today. I knew it when I was walking around yesterday that it may be bad. You know that feeling- the DOMS- that just hints at you the day after..."He he he, I'm coming for you tomorrow...You know what? You won't be able to walk! HA HA!" Or something like that ;) But more like I feel something like this:

There's a good laugh for monday! :) 

But seriously it was great, so I wanted to share it with you! I mostly focused on glutes, but you can't train those without legs too. Hit em hard and heavy!

Here's the routine:
  • Plate Loaded Leg Press (feet together)
    • 1 warm-up set x 12
    • 3 sets x 12
  •  Smith- Single Leg Step-up (on bench)
    • Warning: These are definitely not for the faint at heart!* ;) And a Big 'ole THANK YOU to Taylored Fitness for the idea
    • 3 sets x 10-12 each leg
    • use a moderately heavy weight to get all reps
  • Barbell Squat (feet together/narrow stance)
    • 3 sets x 12
  • Selectorized Glute Kick-back
    • 3 sets x 12
  • Selectorized Abduction - 7 sets total
    • 2 ways
    • Sitting up (see video) x 15
    • SS (immediately do the next set)
    • sitting down x 10
    • Final set - BURN oUt! (drop weight and go until failure)
  • Cable leg extension (leg stiff during these and Don't hunch forward- Back straight!)
    • 1 set diagonal extension (45 degree angle leg raise) 
    • SS
    • 1 set straight back leg raise
    • repeat 2xs
Guess what?! Look no further :) I recorded some of them for you so no worries about looking them up.
Smith - Single Leg Step-up on bench

Narrow Stance Barbell Squat (w/ a selfie duh!)

 Selectorized Abduction Superset

Cable leg extensions (diagonal demonstrated)

So there you go! 

As soon as I slow down here at work (hopefully I'll have a break in the workload soon), I want to finish the (seriously) 5 posts that are pending. Oops, hey I have a lot of ideas :) . So more recipes and workouts to come! In the meantime have an awesome week!!


  1. This is awesome- thanks for the videos! Those single leg step-ups look so easy at first...and then I die. haha!

    1. Oh I know girl! LOL I said the same thing- "how hard can it be right?" Wrong! , but hey it was am awesome sore the next two days ;)