Saturday, April 19, 2014

A relaxing saturday + oat flour + the PERFECT protein pancakes!

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying this relaxing Saturday as much as I am! Got to sleep in this morning a little later than I should have, but who's complaining? Everyone can always use more sleep! While the hubs is at NTC, it has been a little harder to sleep at night. But I digress and try my best to get good quality sleep while he is gone. Not to say at all that Im not missing the guy-- I definitely am. But he will be home soon!

A little throw-back to our engagement photos :) 

So I got up this morning still (phew! lol) caught up on some TV--because Sex and the City 2 was on--so what girl can't justify having to watch this when it's on? Love this movie still! Yes I know, for any guys reading, you and my husband both would definitely shake their heads at that one haha.

But before I sat down to watch the tube, well in this case the flat screen on the wall ;) I had to make breakfast. As much as I love to sleep in on the weekends, it really throws off my eating schedule; I was famished! And I couldn't think of anything better to have than another serving (first one last night) of the PERFECT protein pancakes!

Like these...By The Fit Bald Man
If you saw my Facebook post last night, you know that I have been in search of the perfect protein pancake recipe; and actually have been looking for weeks, maybe even months, to find one that turned out almost like normal pancakes. Let's face it, sometimes when you are eating cleaner and healthier, some things just don't turn out like normal (or like I was used to with the bisquick lol).

The problem I was having was the mere fact that mine kept turning out flat, sometimes not even "pancake-like" so definitely not fluffy; and last weekend they didn't even want to all. Sad day!   I think it was the protein powder I tried to use...It is so hard to find the right type to cook with- so if anyone has a favorite, please comment!

And honestly, in the world of cooking, I would still classify myself as a beginner (and I definitely don't have baking skills...But I'm learning!) Scotty even thought so and broke down and got me the "perfect pancake" pan for christmas. LOL! I'm telling you, my pancake shaping skills were...BAD. But I can still laugh at myself for it. Even with the pan I still make funny looking pancakes, but I digress! On to what you really want...the recipe!

As much as I would absolutely love to take credit for this recipe, I cannot. And I am happy to give credit where credit is due- because I promise you, you will want to send a personal Thank you to this person when you devour eat these! I bring you...The PERFECT Protein Pancakes!

Ok, so my food presentation skills need some work...
Last night, I topped these with ½ cup blueberries, and a little bit of the Vermont Butter flavored, sugar free syrup. I found this last night when I ran into Dillon's after the gym, on the aisle by the Walden Farms syrups. I know people have their different perspectives about to use or not to use certain things like this and the Walden Farms syrups...And I won't get into all of that right now, but I saw that this one wasn't terrible (for everyone now and then use), it didn't have aspartame in it, and it satisfied my craving for "real" IHOP style pancakes without all the extra fat and junk...So in my book- it was perfect for my pancakes. 


½ C Oatmeal (or oat flour - see below)
½ C Cottage Cheese
4 egg whites or ¾ C Egg whites in Carton
½ tsp Vanilla
½ tsp Baking powder
1 tsp coconut sugar or 1 packet Truvia

Blend everything together in your single serving blender like I used, or regular blender will work just fine. I tried stirring this in a bowl first, but the cottage cheese needs to be blended. I poured in almost enough to fill each circle in the perfect pancake pan and this mixture made 8 pancakes. It was definitely a large serving (for some) but was perfect if you eat big like I do! 

Browned them a little but they were still oh-so-yummy!
And they fit my macros to a 'T'- almost anyways...Winning!
So needless to say, after two meals in a row- these are HANDS DOWN the BEST protein pancakes I have made yet! And I have tried a TON of recipes over the months, some OK, and some terrible. These were tasty, fluffy, and exactly like the real pancakes that all of you know. And it would not be right to not give credit to my down-right awesome friend Laurynn, and her mom Michelle Deibele for giving me this recipe to use.  

Laurynn and her mom Michele
And give her a shout-out for her amazing accomplishments! I mean, Her physique is AMAZING and I cannot wait to meet her one day! From the little bits I have heard about her, she is an amazing woman; and anyone who has this type of dedication and drive, while ALSO being a Mom, is a type of superhero in my book. 

A huge THANK YOU so much to both of these great women! I know for a fact that Laurynn will be a great friend in the long months ahead of us :) Love ya girl!

And I'll let you in on one more thing I got to thinking about, and before I head to the grocery store...last night when Laurynn was telling me about the recipe, I had the thought that I could use my home-made oat flour instead of worrying about whether or not the oats came out in chunks in the blender and in the pancakes. If you have cooked with oatmeal before, you know that sometimes they don't blend all the way when you use a normal blender or single-serve. I think it's because the blades just aren't sharp enough...and I wanted to fix the consistency problem. 

So one day, I decided that instead of buying the oat flour at the store, I would make my own! I saw on pinterest that it could be done very simply by taking your normal oats and blending them by themselves.

I got a Ninja for Xmas/my birthday from my awesome mom-in-law and absolutely love it! We got this one at Sams Club because it came with the large blender pitcher, 2 smaller chopper cups (not one like the link) like these, and one medium size blender cup, plus the top-attaching part that controls the blades. To me this one works better than a normal blender because it can pretty much puree, chop, or blend anything (and juicing) depending on how many "presses" you give it. 

So to make the oat flour, I took about 1.5 cups of oats and put them in my smaller cup. Then you just blend them until you don't see any big chunks anymore. Done and Done! That's simple. So now you don't have to go buy expensive packages of oat flour anymore :)

It is all perfectly flour-style, but it does stick together sometimes. Still better than buying!
So there you have it! How to make oat flour and the perfect pancakes! A win-win in my book! Now I'm going to eat real quick-like and be off to the store to re-stock my pathetically empty fridge for the week ahead. Maybe even get some meal prep in before hanging out with a friend later. Oh and if anyone has good baking protein powders please let me know! Leave a comment below! (Hey that rhymed :) ) Don't forget what you use it for.

Have a great Saturday friends!!

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