Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2 Favorite Ab Moves!

Hey everyone! So I have a weekend recap in the works for ya but don't want to leave you hanging and waiting around for that  so in the meantime, I want to share a few of my favorite Ab exercises that I did one night last week. Man was I sweating and sore by the end of 3 rounds of these! Phew! 

So there are 2 exercises:
1. Ab "crunch-up" on the stability ball
2. Leg raise + "Butt-up" on bench (Like my made up names? lol)

So you will perform 3 rounds of 10-15 reps each, in super-set style. 

All a superset means is: Perform #1 x 15 then immediately move on to #2 x 10; then rest if you need to and go again. 

You could also do these in circuit style with other exercises for added difficulty. For that, pick another 1-2 exercises and perform 1 set of each move back to back, then rest at the end for 30-60s and repeat the circuit. Do that 3-4 times for a real burner!

Here are a few video tutorials to help with those too!

Nicole Wilkins demonstrates #1 towards the end of the video (at around 1:55, performed on floor with a med ball). 

You will use the same positioning on the stability ball as she does for the regular ab crunch in the beginning. Notice how she slides farther back on the ball to emphasize more tension on the abs. I used a 15lb dumbbell for these.

Then I demonstrated the leg raises and reverse crunches or "butt-ups" with this video from January. BUT try not to let your back come off the bench at all! 

I have really been working on strengthening my core this last year; and more so for the past 6 months or so with really heavy abs exercises or difficult ab exercises, at least 3-4 times a week (of course with rest days in between). This time around doing this move, I found that I was able to keep my back flat on the bench throughout the leg raise even it burned . And also it will be harder, but try to 'scoot your body' so that your butt is almost off the bench. This will put more reliance on your core when you perform the exercise. If you have to, only perform the reverse crunches on bench then progress into doing the combo! 

 Try it out and Let me know what you guys think! And what are some of YOUR favorite ab moves? I would love to know! Comment below! 

Always a work in progress! :)

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