Friday, May 2, 2014

Holy Sugar!

Hello you wonderful people! Happy Friday! I know I am super pumped because it's friday! One because I get to talk to my hunny at some point today *crosses fingers* :) because they finally come out of the Box (NTC training). 
Countdown is actually down to 4 days 6 hrs now :)
Basically for those, like me, who heard this for the first time and were like...

It's a two week long training exercise where our soldiers have no communication with the outside world. They go into "the Box" to prepare for any type of situation that a deployment might bring. Yeah, it sucks not getting to talk to them, and honestly I think that is the hardest part about NTC. But anyways...they come out today and I am STOKED!

Yep...that about covers it ;)
 So the reason for this post, and actually I hope to get better about posting more of what I want to discuss, when I want to...when I find the time lol. What I really want to talk about is that little thing hiding in a lot of foods and drinks that we probably consume every day...SUGAR.We think that food or drink is healthy, and probably don't even notice the sugar content. Because what are we looking at? Probably, the calories, or the fat grams...maybe not even that close. The trick is learning how to read a nutrition label. Sounds like a great topic for another blog post!

On to that pesky little thing that captures a special part of our tongue...or if you're like me, sometimes I get a pretty bad sweet tooth. What we don't look for, and probably should be looking for on a label is the sugar content. So here is a question...How many of you drink orange juice regularly? Or maybe women-- who eats the Yoplait yogurt often, or uses jarred spaghetti sauce? Some of those things, NEVER thought about before I started changing my habits.

I used the jar spaghetti sauce, ate yogurt every day (with the fruit), drank orange juice quite often, and lots of other things that I was shocked to find out had ungodly amounts of sugar in them. And we wonder why we have such a bad sweet tooth and tend to gain those unwanted extra pounds...So let's shed some light, shall we?

I saw an article yesterday that talked about how much sugar some of these things have when compared to a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Yum doughnuts...And it was shocking. For instance,

Who drinks those Naked juices?

This bottle has 32 g of sugar!

What about...Yoplait yogurt with fruit

26 g! Watch out, some types may have more sugar--even the "low fat"

And I know people drink soda, or in the South we like to say - Coke ;)

You get the picture...Get it? Haha

And need I even caption this one...

So I think you get the pictures. Literally. Next time you reach for something you might think is healthy, make sure you check those labels. Here is another one with a list of common foods and sugar content.

This struck me today and actually inspired this post - check this out: So you probably would grab this and think- "Wow, 30g protein! And its 100% coffee right? So it's probably OK or even not that bad...I'll have this for breakfast." But here is the kicker...

This coffee drink not only has 2 servings per bottle (at 8 oz per serving); so yes the total amount of protein you could get is around 30 g....

But what you don't notice is-- if you consume the whole bottle, which you probably would (am I right?) You will take in 48g of sugar!!!! That is the equivalent of 3/4 of that Starbucks drink above or ALMOST 5 GLAZED DOUGHNUTS!!!!

You could instead have something for breakfast like:

1 scoop MRM whey and a banana ringing in at 15g sugar, 1.5 g fat, almost 20g protein, and 28.5 g carbs

Or you could have my Overnight Chocolate PB oats

Which would be a whopping (now remember I eat BIG lol): 2 g sugar, 5 g fat, 45 g carbs, and 37 g protein!!! WOW!

Or even pancakes! If you use my recipe, then you could eat almost 10 servings before you would consume the amount of sugar in the Bolthouse Coffe drink! Now we won't talk about the amount of carbs or protein there HA, but you get my point. And you could even have some Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup or Pancake syrup on top and add NO sugar! 

I know some feel differently about these products but I personally love them! They have no sugars, no calories, etc. So the nutritional value is great. Yes they are made with sucralose (splenda), but to me personally using these every now and then over the real thing takes care of my "fix" and allows me to treat myself without the worry. To each his/her own :)

So moral of the story, before you reach for that easy "go-to" fix for a meal, make sure you know what you are eating or drinking first. Because you could be eating a doughnut and not even know it ;) (Look a rhyme!)

Happy Friday everyone and have a wonderful work day or start to your weekend!


  1. YES!! I love this post. It really puts all the sugary stuff into perspective AND gives great alternatives.

  2. Well thank you girl! I have seen a few things lately especially related to this so I figured there was no better time than the present! It is so common for people to read a label and think "oh this is healthy" when it really isn't. It is always good to have good alternatives handy; I always do with me and at the house. People always ask for suggestions as well for traveling etc. That would be a great post too...traveling healthy. Have a great day!