Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend Recap + ordering-clean + the leg workout that almost killed me ;)

Hey there long lost friends! I know I have been MIA for the past 12 days- to be exact...I wanted to post this monday, then tuesday, but life just gets ion the way a lot of the time. I've been working on a few posts on and off, but the main thing that has captured my attention was my hubby came back!!! YAY!

I swear, the man, is THE king of surprises...any chance he gets, he takes full advantage of it. And I can't say I don't mind them :) This time - Including not telling me when exactly he was coming home this past weekend. I say weekend because mine started last Thursday after work :) hehe. So he was supposed to come home on Friday around 4 pm, right? And on Thursday, he had asked me to put a key under the bricks out front so his friend could drop off his duffle bags while I was at the gym...Perfectly logical to me because their gear went before they did. I assumed that would make sense for it to come back before they did...Sounds kinda odd, but hey, whatever.

So I'm in the gym, about to hit up some cardio (like this guy ^ because you know that would be me haha! #hatecardio), because I have nothing better to do right...and I start getting text messages. Well, he is supposed to be dropping off his vehicle (he is a 68W Medic and drives the big tank things), and said he would text me later when he was done. Well he got done off-ly quick if you know what I mean lol. And now I need to come home because the guy dropping off the stuff doesn't know where he is going, where to put it, I don't know. Anyways, I head home...only to find that something feels off. I had told my carpool friend earlier that day that I knew he'd be there (Or at least really hoped I was right). Low and behold, he didn't think I'd notice something feeling different...or the fact that his ruck was sitting in the spare room.

yeah...didn't think to snap a pic ya know? haha

So then guess who comes popping out from the back door? Yep! I was SO happy, mad, and all sorts of emotions all at the same time. It was the best surprise I could have ever gotten. Don't know what I'll do without him for 9 months. But hey, we'll make it right #fitfam ? That's what I thought! :)

Anyways, I made the perfect protein pancakes for breakfast Friday morning and we spent the long weekend together of course - minus the half day Friday at the DMV because YOU KNOW that's what we wanted to do HA! Registering in another state I tell you...

We went to Texas Roadhouse on Friday night and I definitely indulged here -

But it's OK because I know how to order clean. All about that balance! Minus the half roll and bit of the onion blossom I'd say I did pretty good. I ordered the 8 oz filet (was starving due to the lovely time at the DMV and I had eaten all my pre-packed food), sweet potato, and side salad. And I usually order pretty clean, because you never know what may get added in to your meals. So I'm about to fill you in on a trick for ordering clean while out at a steakhouse. I ordered a pretty lean cut of meat; you could also get the sirloin which is pretty lean. But the filet was oh-so yummy and a "every-now-and-then" thing.  

Here is the key: order leaner meats, cooked in no oil or butter (they may ask you about seasonings and I am fairly explicit about my preferences - not a lot of added salt; some of the time the seasonings are OK), sweet potato cooked plain (no oil or butter), and side salad - I got Caesar, no croutons, no cheese (most of the time), and dressing on the side so I can use only a small amount. 

After dinner (yeah didn't plan this well haha) we went to the mall next door to the restaurant, because I wanted to get a dress for our Pre-Deployment Dinner and Dance this Friday. I found this awesome buy at the Body Central for a great price along with a pair of earrings to match. Who doesn't love a bargain? I actually used to buy a good bit of my 'semi-formal' dresses (homecoming, other dances) here when I was in high school. They serve the purpose and save my purse some dollas.

Afterwards we watched Ride Along at home, which was HILARIOUS! You should rent it.  And did I mention we hung out with our cute little furry critters too? Love them! It was just so nice being able to relax with my hubs!


Saturday we got up earlier and headed to the base for a softball tournament. They made it through 3 games then just couldn't hold it together :( They have a lot of turnover on their team so it gets rough to have consistently good players. Oh well! 

 Then I went to the gym on the way home for a literally KILLER leg circuit and cardio. I almost but seriously haha. Check it out below for a new spin on your leg day! I will warn you-- it is something serious and will make you want to cry. But NO worries right?! ;)

workout burned: 933 (ish)
circuit (4 rounds) + cardio: 1223

For dinner, Scotty made some excellent chicken and veggie kabobs, and grilled them for us. I think this was an excellent idea for a clean healthy dinner that could be super quick if you have everything chopped up already. We used chicken, onion, zucchini, yellow squash, and red bell peppers on mine. He put a little bit of KC Masterpiece Hickory and Brown Sugar (I think) on the chicken and grilled them for probably 15-20 minutes maybe...I'm sure google would know ;) Man it sure was nice not having to cook for myself lol!And they were really yummy! Post a comment below if you want the cook time and I will ask him.

 Later that night we went to watch Captain America and it was awesome too! Definitely may like it better than the first one. Sunday was another sleep-in day since the movie went late. Had time for a gym session, laundry, some meal prep and more kabobs on the grill which were SO good!

  So this week's workouts (since last Thursday really) are mainly for cutting, but maintaining lean muscle at the same time. I am getting ready for a photo shoot on this coming Sunday and want to bring my best. I am also be manipulating my diet and water a bit this week too so I may can squeeze in a WIAW (maybe tomorrow haha) to show you guys what I am eating to stay lean and get tight by them end of the week. All clean foods and no additives, minimizing the sodium but not cutting it out!! No extremes for sure, but enough to make my muscles pop come Sunday :) It's a process and thank God I have Cody Tucker to help me because Lord knows I have had a ton of questions haha (poor guy!).

So here's the leg workout...and remember it's intense! Have fun!!

Leg Circuit
(not for the faint at heart)
Ok, so I know you probably notice that there are a lot of exercises on this workout...Don't do them all every round! 
I did:
  • 4 rounds with 3-4 min rest in between each round (you will need your rest break)
  • 2 rounds with Dumbbell squats, 2 with Dumbbell Sumo squats (alternate them)
  • 2 rounds with leg press, 2 rounds with Hack squat (alternate them)
  • 2 rounds with leg press-calf raises, 2 rounds with rotary raises (alternate them)
So again-- DON'T DO THEM ALL! Or you may die lol.  

 After the legs circuit, you will definitely want to stretch out and get some of the lactic acid build up released (soreness minimized later on and it will loosen those muscles up), so hop on say the elliptical or treadmill and do some cardio. I did some stairs then a walk on the treadmill to cooldown. Definitely don't push it too hard, but give it your all and see how you feel! And remember to do cardio the next day and day after too! Thank me later :)

The Hump Day Blog Hop
And...Before I forget, what better day than to plan a blog post, than the HUMP Day Blog Hop on Wednesdays?! So head on over to Fitness Blondie's page and check her out, then hop over to Life of Vicki and check out this week's co-host! You won't be disappointed!

And as always have a great HUMP DAY!!! 

If you do the workout comment below and tell me what yo think! :)


  1. Hi lady, I got your comment on my blog (wifesticated) & i went to respond but you are set to no reply blogger :( Thanks for your comment though.

    1. Oh No! I did not even know that was an option. But I just figured out how to fix it! I will definitely do that :) Thank you for letting me know! Have a good one!

  2. Hello pretty you're one fit lady! Thanks for leading me here to your blog via your sweet comment in mine. It was great knowing bits & pieces of your life lately.....hope to see you around here & at my blog too!


    1. Hi lady! :) Aww thank you! I try lol. No problem! I am so happy you stopped by to check it out! I definitely like checking yours too! It comes through in the blogs I follow. Great! I really do like sharing so I think I will definitely keep up the weekend recaps; and finish a few posts with more about me soon. Thank you for the love!