Monday, June 30, 2014

A revelation...the power of those moments.

Happy Monday friends! Joining the #motivationmonday Link-up with Wendy at a Daily Dose of Del Signore and others! This really is one of my favorite things to look forward to, especially now that life is getting back to normal for me. Yes! Back to free time for blogging ;) sort-of!

Today's thoughts just kinda came to me...and when it comes to you it just comes to you; even if that means leaving the microwave to come write it out :) Yes, I stepped away from the microwave containing my lunch because I knew what I had to say needed to be written down; at least the snippit that will turn into this post. 

So what am I motivated by today...well it started because of you.

Kinda sappy, but hang in there. The motivation for me today comes from all of my followers; which may not total that many...but it still ceases to amaze me that I have individuals listening at all! Let alone from other countries, as I noticed earlier the list has grown!! Talk about a humbling moment. 

And this weekend, I will touch on it but not dwell; I had some 'down moments.' Times will be rough, but then we pick up and move on; sometimes those times hang with us for longer than we should let them, am that was the fact. But the point, I logged onto my page manager from Facebook (check me out here!) to see new like after new like, in a matter of hours or minutes in some cases. So thank you to that person who shared my page, or just to all the new folks who decided to check me out. I hope you are not disappointed!

So earlier today I was reflecting on how I felt in those moments this weekend; even in a time where I was struck in the face by something that I would have rather avoided more than anything else at that moment...funny how those moments give us revelations right? Needless to say that moment in time will re-route the course of my thoughts and actions in the foreseeable future.

It is moments like those that can make or break us; in this case I let it break me. Overtake me. I could not see the surface because my vision was so clouded. Amazing how everything becomes clear when you step back and reflect. 

You want to know how it made me feel then and even more open my page in that very moment and see the love you show? Or to reflect back on the events and just let it all sink in...

Yep. Thankful. 

Because even in times such as those; where the closest people to you may surprise you, Sometimes it is important just to be thankful. 

In this case I could not have been more thankful. Thankful for that moment and thankful for you, even as far as some of you are; to feel how close I did in that moment to people who care. It is a powerful thing.

And after that snippit during lunch, funny how those thoughts just kept coming up...It moves you to a point.

A mentor of mine whom I extremely admire was speaking of being thankful right after I posted something similar to my personal page earlier...She said "I choose to believe "nice" will win out even when trampled on by "others." Then she went on to say how thankful she was for family showing her what truly is important in life; not for those who really don't care. 

It can be hard to remember, in the face of selfish "others," that 
sometimes it is better to stand alone with your kindness/willingness to help those than to stand with a crowd of 100s. It is ever apparent in today's world that the majority and the "crowd" with take advantage, take what they can get, and trample the one. It is the "others" or the "crowd" who remind us how thankful we really should be; even while standing alone. And thankful for the revelations that continue to teach us in life. Because without these life lessons then how can we continue to grow?

Growing is one thing as long as we remember this (I am just as guilty of forgetting often): 

But even despite the negative, if we keep that feeling of thankfulness alive...that feeling can spread. Think of all of the things you are thankful for. Thankful for loved ones, thankful for how "good" life really is and everything that encompasses, thankful for opportunities, for friendships, for revelations, for so many more things that words cannot express. We all need to stop and feel thankful every once in a while. 

No matter what place you are in life, relationships, your job, etc. (Insert ____ here). If it is the case that "it could be worse" then someone probably is experiencing just that. We all should take those moments to just be thankful.  ‪#‎rachelthoughtoftheday‬

I hope your Monday is wonderful!

What are you thankful for?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Life Lately: Moving, Deployment + A new recipe!

Oh where to begin??? How about with a...How's your Friday?!!! I am STOKED seriously that it is the weekend. As you've probably noticed I've been a little absent lately...a lot absent. But with good reason I promise! I sincerely apologize to those of you checking for the HUMP Day posts, and new recipes, plus everything I promised :( I failed you guys this week and last week. So I have to make it up to you! 

You at least need an explanation- PLUS a recipe I promised at the beginning of this week. 

Sound good? K great!

Sooo....what has really been keeping me away- because you all know without a shadow of a doubt that I cannot refrain from talking to you at least once a week right? Thank God for Facebook and Instagram because I think my inner chatty kathy might overflow from time to time without those...Kinda like it does here right? ;) You love it!

So last week, we moved. SUPER short notice. We kinda decided to move on vacation two weeks ago now. So we had a week once we got back home to 1) find a place to live, 2) pack up all our crap, and get the heck outta Dodge! Lol. Not really Dodge...

So I came home one night and good thing I meal prepped, cause my kitchen was almost empty. Plan ahead- it saves your life!

Then last week we packed up everything into the moving truck and drove about 10 mins to the other side of town. 

We decided to downsize to save a little moo-lah, because who doesn't want to cut money off of their monthly expenses right? And because of another reason...My hubby - right out in front in this picture 

Is in Kuwait now for about 9 months total. This picture is from AIT I believe. I am so proud of him though- he seems in great spirits and is very strong so the duration apart will only be easier for us.

Needless to say, life lately has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions and crazy "trying-to-accomplish-as-much-as-we-can" while still spending every minute of time together before he left. Gosh I miss him! 

But anyways, I will save you all the mushy-gushy details because there will be plenty of pictures to reminisce for 9 months I promise! It is definitely hard, but nothing we cannot make it through together; and with the help of technology, we have opportunities for communication that they just didn't have a few years ago. Although it is not the best, it is something. And sometimes, that is all you need to brighten the day. 

And while trying to spend every minute in the moment, before he left, honestly I only took a few pictures with us together from the last month or so; minus vacation home. He is so darn good at sneaking by without letting me get pictures of him! He really does hate it. 

But I did get one of me recently when we went to lunch at Umi, which is a Japanese hibachi grill in town. We love going there for celebrations or on occasion. I did manage to take advantage of the great bathroom lighting and carb-filled muscles! hehe! And can you believe around the time this picture was taken, I had about 2 workouts behind me if that, from the whole week?! Crazy right?

So after he left, sadly he had to miss our good friend's wedding reception. But I was not going to sit at home and throw myself a pity party (although it did sound appealing); I put on my summer dress and went by myself!

And I am SO glad I did! It was an honor to celebrate with them and be a part of their big day. And everything turned out gorgeous! 

It was a ton of fun hanging out with friends, meeting new people, people watching, and just relaxing for a night; especially after the events lately. I am so thankful to have such great friends that I have met here in Kansas. I definitely have to remind myself that there are some really great people here from time to time; but usually they remind me before I have to ;)

Then Monday before the craziness that I'll get to in a sec, I was able to get back in the gym and kill chest on National Bro day of course! I could not for the life of me take a picture with a straight face...Did I mention that I hadn't had pre-workout in the better part of a 2 week period? Yep- this is what happens...

And even though my plans to do cardio that morning had failed me miserably; me and a good friend at work got in a nice 40 minute walk on lunch. It has been a while since we have, but I really enjoy our walks over lunch. She hasn't been able to lately and let's face it- I've been so busy at work that I usually eat through lunch. 

Funny story about the cardio mishap...ok, complete and utter fail actually...I had my alarm set; woke up on time (almost) - ok with time to spare- for getting ready and I got dressed and realized I didn't have my shoes on. That was after I woke up to realizing I did not have the key card to get into my apartment gym...they had not made it at this point. So I had resorted myself to driving to the gym right down the road or going out to the field near by. Gotta love my Max Fitness and the 2 locations in town!!! Ah!!! So I pretty much spent my whole cardio time frantically rummaging through boxes looking for any sort of tennis shoe, only to look up on the way to my shower to realize they were in the last place I would've looked. Yes, indeed this was a *facepalm* moment for sure!

Because every morning for the rest of the week, little did I know, I would be so tired that I would not be able to even get 5 hours of sleep if I did cardio in the morning...completely my fault but I want to get something else finished first...

Yes, indeed I was pretty upset about missing the gym Tuesday. We all have been there. We take a break on an off because of vacation or life, or whatever comes up, then we come back ready to go and something else prevents us from going...again. We gripe and complain and honestly probably contribute to our won misery in doing that...

But the fact of the matter is, It will be OK. I got really frustrated this week too-- you ARE human too! It is easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated with life or things that happen. One thing is true: focusing on what I can't do won't help me. Focusing on what I can do, like getting the house ready to check out and knocked off my list will be a positive instead of a negative. 
Focus on what you can control and not what you can't. 
I can't control the way things happened lately; in life timing is never good. One thing you can do when the going gets rough is hold your head high and brave the rest of this storm and know that tomorrow WILL be better.

And you want to know something else I realized this week...Your body will seriously thank you and it is OK to take time off from the gym. This picture below was on Tuesday, after only maybe 2 workouts in 2 weeks. Yep, you read that right...and not a perfect diet the past month really (including last weekend). I have done good for the most part, and getting in the amount alright; but no one is perfect. 

Rest and recovery, as much as I fight it, my body takes a toll for it. I have noticed, especially when I am not getting enough sleep and or stress is high, that my body will retain water and look puffy. Well, if you don't give your body enough time to recover properly, then you are only hurting yourself. And it will show. Over time you will wear yourself down and have to take a break.

Your muscles will thank you and they will pop out more than ever! Especially with the right nutrition in hand! Make sure to reward yourself with enough R&R and your body will do the rest! 

(And I will tell on myself) yes I have had way too many treats/cheat meals for that time period I mentioned. But obviously, as long as you are balanced and don't go overboard every single day; put in the hard work, rest, and try to stay as on track as you can, and you will still see results. Now going's on like Donkey Kong! ;) Time to grow!

So I did promise you guys a recipe :) Guess what time it is?!

This has to be by far one of my all-time favorite recipes from my grandmother. I love her dearly, and if she were here, she may be so beside herself that I am writing about her recipe; but she does know that it is an all-time favorite of mine and my mom's. So much so, that every time I would come visit, she would send me home with a container full!

Grandma's Chicken Salad

What you'll need (for one very large portion- Rachel-size):

- 7 oz chicken - I used my crockpot shredded chicken
- 3 tbsp dill relish (not sweet!)
- 1 spoonful Light Mayo OR I used Fage Greek yogurt
- 1 tsp dry Parsley
- 1 tsp garlic powder
- salt & pepper to taste (I used seasoned salt)
- 2-3 tbsp mustard
- a few drops sirracha (or if you accidentally use too much like I did, it still comes out ok ;) )

 Now for the pictures above, I used some onion powder too. But the original recipe doesn't call for it. Either way it is good! So, you'll need to shred the chicken with the Ninja or food processor. Just a few pulses will do it; it is not necessary to puree it! If you accidentally puree the chicken, you probably won't want to yogurt/mayo...Then put everything into a bowl and mix it all up!

I ate mine the other night with lettuce, on top of half a sandwich thin. I was low on carbs by dinner time (so not like me!) so I had four halves :) I rolled them like a pita 'shell' and had a chicken salad 'mini-wrap!' It was de-lish!!!

It's dinners like these this week that have saved me. It took me less than 10 minutes to throw together and less than 10 minutes (probably) to scarf down, I was so hungry! In addition to cleaning, our team at the agency I work for has put on our annual data conference. So early to work, bringing work with me, has been the case the past two days. 

So this week, when I say Monday was my only gym day; I mean it. After work every night I have gone to the house, changed, and then headed over and cleaned the other 'house' for at least 2.5 hours! 8+ total hours in the past 3 days! But I'm almost done and guess what??? I get to go lift tonight!!!! Yay!!!! Bc I am almost done with the house! Going to do a few things here in about an hour, then going to the gym; going back Saturday to finish up/check it and I'll be ready for the checkout! Phew! 

I cannot wait! What are yalls plan this weekend and tonight? Someone has got to have something better on the agenda than cleaning! ;) 

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! Talk to ya soon!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivation Monday & Sweet Potato Recipe

Hey there everyone! How is Monday going so far??? 

So I have quite a few posts that I am writing/working on but I found this awesome link-up this morning, so I HAVE to get a post up for it :) Then after this one I am going to be finishing up a post from Saturday night, then finally get around to my vacation recap. Technically my vacation ended today, so I guess I'm not too late right? I have to say I really really enjoyed being off work/getting paid to be away :) Hehe, big girl job benefits!

But on another note, I really do love link-ups because it is a great way to meet fellow bloggers and just see what everyone is up to. And by the looks of this one, I think you'll understand why I feel the 'must post' urge here ;) This is a Motivation Monday link-up! Woot!!! I already found another few blogs to follow, one I already do- Wendy at 'A Daily Dose of Del Signore' then a new friend, at Mama's Losing it and those are only two. Go check it out! I know I will later today. 

Today's #motivationmonday started way early this morning, like 4:15 am early. I know! It's TOO early! But that's the price for going to the gym before work for me. Oh the joys of working an hour away! lol.

Today, and this week really, I have to get in early workouts. One because I want to spend as much time with my hubby as possible before he leaves, and 2) because we are moving and I need the time at night to pack/finish packing. We really do have a lot going on I tell ya! 

So this morning, despite my greater wishes to stay in bed when my alarm went off (although I did try and it made me late), I got up and dressed, ate something super fast-like, and ran out the door to the gym. I actually got in a great leg workout, under an hour, and a nice little calorie burn too! I was able to get to all the machines I needed without a fuss, it wasn't crowded, and I had a nice conversation with an older gentleman before I did squats. So I'd say the mornings win so far! Even though it really pains me to say that, because I am not a morning person by any means, I think I may have to start doing this more often. 

My Polar watch even told me how my training week was last week :) Love that thing! Oh and look out for a blog post on this soon! I have been writing up a review of my watch for you guys!

So this morning, after I got up and got my creative juices flowing, I stumbled across this gem and the words just came naturally. I didn't have time in between my workout; I mean let's face it, I barely rested more than 45 sec in between sets. Gotta get the burn in! But after wards and on the way home, I typed it up and posted it to my page on Facebook

Here is what I thought of:

What if I told you that you could have a great day or even a great week no matter what?? Would you believe me? Would you believe yourself? Well guess what? You can! You can make that decision without a doubt and I challenge you to make it great this new week. Whatever fears you have- don't. Toss them out because you don't need them where you're going. Get up and get moving and believe you can. Go where you wouldn't take yourself before and stay focused on that goal. Stay inspired! Have a great Monday friends!  #livelearnliftrepeat

The choice is always yours; you can start your week off in whatever fashion you choose. You don't need fears or doubts to succeed or to start a new week fresh, or to just get motivated, so leave everything else behind you. Anything that happened the day before, or any worries you may have for the future; leave it all behind you and start fresh with today. I know I always need a constant reminder of this sometimes; no one is perfect and I would never claim to be myself. And +Taylor Simpson did just that this morning. If you are not following her in instagram, you should. She is AMAZING! @ilikemyfitnesstaylored and tell her I sent you!

People sometimes as me how I stay motivated, and honestly at this point, yes I have off days...days where I literally have to go looking for my motivation (we won't get into that right now). But other than that, it just comes to me. I am definitely a thinker; maybe a mystic in some sense, so to me all it takes is one positive thought. One positive quote or thought that I have in the mornings, and I can go anywhere I want to and do anything I can think of. 

So can you.

That is all it takes to set off a chain reaction of positivity and I promise you will have a good day/week/month that could turn into years. I've hung onto this mantra for a while and I don't intend to quit thinking this way...Change your mind, and you can change your life. Choose to think positively. The positive actions will follow :)

So that's my motivation Monday for today :) I will definitely continue this trend!

For the second thing I wanted to share; I have a ton of recipes I use on a weekly basis. I have tried harder to start posting those for you all, because I know things like this or seeing other blog posts with recipes helped (and still does) me a ton when I started my journey. I am always looking for new recipes to try.

One that is super simple and one of my favs, seriously I could eat these every day....Oh wait. I do actually. Sometimes more than once a day. Roasted Sweet Potatoes. The great thing about this one is that you can do them as fries, cubes, slices, chunks, or whatever shape you heart desires. I have been on a 'cube' kick lately, myself.

And for the amount, it really depends on how much you will personally eat every day or for that week. I use 5-6 large sweet potatoes (I don't know the amount in ounces so don't ask :) ) and it makes 5 4 oz servings for my lunches and I usually have 3-4 4 oz (or close) servings left over for the week. Depending on the size of the potatoes I may have more or less.

Either way -- Here ya go!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

4-6 large sweet potatoes
olive oil cooking spray
2 tbsp MCT oil (for tossing)
any of the spices: paprika, Ms. Dash Southwest Chipolte,
white or black pepper, seasoned salt, cayenne pepper, 
onion powder, garlic powder

Peal, then chop up the sweet potatoes however you like. I started with fry-slices, and like I mentioned, have been on a 'cube' kick lately. Toss them into a large gallon baggie. Then add the MCT oil (or whatever other cooking oil you prefer; I used olive oil before I bought the MCT oil) and toss the potatoes in that. Preheat the oven to 375 (400 if you have electric).

Then add the seasonings to taste. Normally I use onion powder, garlic powder, Ms. Dash Southwest Chipolte, then paprika and pepper if I want more of a kick to it; and if I'm really feeling the 'spicy' taste, then cayenne pepper. I do not measure the amounts! I normally shake it a few times to make sure I have enough to cover the potatoes and just from my own judgement. The garlic you can't go wrong with, and Ms. Dash I use a good bit (maybe tablespoon amounts for those...); but the others, I would use sparingly until you decide what you prefer (start with a teaspoon or less if you have to measure it). 

I did try only the oil and seasoning salt one week and that turned out really yummy too! I wasn't feeling the 'spicy' taste at all, and that hit the spot!

After you add your seasonings, spray the pan with olive oil or other cooking spray and spread out the potatoes evenly. Don't overload the pan or they won't cook all the way. Cook for about 30-40 minutes, flipping once in the middle of the cook time. After about the 30 minute mark, I watch them and take them out once they are a tiny bit golden. Our gas stove sometimes cooks things faster, so make sure to check on them :)

Ta-da! Done, and although detailed, I promise this turns out super yummy! The good thing about cooking is that sometimes, you really don't have to measure things for them to turn out great. I know I prefer it that way haha! Hope you enjoy and if you try it, please comment below and tell me what you think!

Hope you guys have a fantastic day and week ahead! 

Remember, Be Fearless!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Really Late Weekend Recap: Relaxing and a New Recipe!

Hey everyone! How was your week last week? So I have a confession to make...I started editing this last Sunday when we were home. I didn't even come close to finishing it or care to finish it that night...does that make me a bad person? 

I suppose since we were home all week from Thursday (when we left)- getting home early Friday morning, to this morning when we left about an hour and a half ago- I finally got to a comfortable "vacation state" where I was OK detaching myself from my normal routine and just enjoyed our time together and with family and friends. Now it took me the better half of the week, but the past few days I really did just enjoy myself in every way; food, drinks, not feeling the need to workout- yes shocker but it is good to give your body a break sometimes- and mine rewarded me. (I'll get to that later

Yes I tried to stick to being overall healthy and didn't go overboard at every meal, but I didn't stick to the 90-10 rule (90 clean 10 not) and I'm ok with that. I had way too many treats and didn't get enough protein every day. But really, that's ok. Because you need to enjoy the little things in life and the moments right then and there, because for instance, in my case it will be 9 months before any of those "moments" come around again. So I am enjoying every bit of it right now while still having a balanced, enjoyable life. And as much as it may seem like it, I'm not rationalizing myself. It is necessary to realize from within why you CAN step out of the box or completely stray from the path sometimes. As long as you pick it back up and don't make a habit of it again, then life goes on :) And I am fully ready to kill it when we get back home. 

So since I didn't finish this post before now, I am going to backtrack by editing/finishing it up pretty quick-like, so I can post it for you all. I will apologize in advance for the horrible formatting- I am on my phone and not sure how it will turn out. 😳😁 Then I'll recap the week at home and all the fun, family, friends, and in between afterwards. 

 Back to where I left off, needless to say I did not meal prep last Sunday. Did you guys get any meal prepping done for this past week? I will tell ya, I felt SO strange not prepping last Sunday! And I thought about it more than once; But since we were on vacation I didnt prep and really didn't worry about it. I think it was a great 'exercise' if anything to show myself that I can be healthy in the event that I can't prep; but honestly next time I probably will be prepped because it does ensure that I have plenty of options all the time. This time, I had a few things prepped already that I brought with me and was able to eat pretty well while at home. My hubby's parents and my mom's place usually have fresh things in the house to choose from, we made a trip by the store, and my dads house had good options as well. So I am very lucky to have a family that is fairly healthy the majority of the time. I mean enough for a fit-nut like me to be alright while away from home. 

So as I was thinking back through the Memorial Day weekend to recap, honestly I feel like a boring old couple haha. We didn't do too much over the long holiday weekend. Probably because we wanted to be lazy and relax before we head home for vacation and family time. So we pretty much stayed home, cleaned, and a few other things. But honestly, it was pretty nice being able to catch up on things around the house and spending time together. 

But...the good news is -- I have a new recipe for you! I made it completely on my own! And it actually turned out really good if I do say so myself. And the hubby even said it was approved to put on the blog :) lol. 

I know right?! 😜

So with that, Friday evening after I made it through the really odd storm that happened to land right over Manhattan when I was on the way to tan. It was pretty I videoed it. Yeah I know I'm a dork. It's ok ;) 

But when I got home, Scotty had actually forgotten dinner was in the crockpot. Luckily I reminded him! What would he do without me? ;) Originally, I wanted to make Natalie Hodson's Everything Chicken. Which is a GREAT staple meal to have ingredients for. And you probably already have the ingredients for it in your house, so definitely head on over and check it out.   So, that morning I got everything out for it in kind-of a rush but I had a few minutes to put it all together, so no big deal! Well, without thinking I grabbed the ingredients...salt and pepper, lemon juice, garlic...etc, threw the chicken, tomatoes, and water in the crockpot and was about to add the lemon juice...I poured it into the 1/4 cup and held it over the crockpot...Lemon juice, right? 
Lime juice. Yep. Then what happened??? I accidentally sneezed! No, not in the food Haha! So you guessed it- in goes the lime juice! No turning back now! So I made like when life hands you limes, and attempted lemonade! LOL!  Definitely was texting my husband on the way to work that morning..."So, if dinner doesn't turn's not my fault." ;) 
Lucky for you, it turned out!
  • 4-5 Chicken Breasts (I used frozen because I was leaving it in there longer than 4-5 hours)
  • 1 can Low Sodium Organic Diced Tomatoes (Or 1 whole chopped tomato)
  • Use the tomato can - add 1/2 can water
  • 1 can no salt added corn (check the label!)
  • 1/2 chopped onion if you want
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1 Tbsp Bragg's Liquid Aminos
  • Thin layer of garlic powder and onion powder sprinkled on top (I will measure this next time, but you can't really go wrong with these spices)
  • Sprinkle minced garlic on top
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp seasoned salt and white pepper (to taste - I did not measure, only sprinkled a small amount on top)
Add all ingredients to crockpot. Frozen chicken if you need to leave the crockpot on for a long period of time (Ex: I leave mine on from 7 am to at least 6 pm because of my job -- cooking for 6-8 hours). Cook on low 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours. When done, you can "cut"/shred the chicken with a fork. It will fall apart by this time. 
My hubby likes his on the Simple Truth White Corn Tortilla chips with cheese and sour cream, and I like to have it on lettuce, on chips, or by itself like I did here. I topped it with fresh Pico, a little shredded Colby-Jack cheese, salsa, and a tbsp of Fage Greek yogurt. 
  • 1 carton of Cherry tomatoes - chopped
  • 1 chopped/seeded jalapeno
  • 1 medium onion - chopped
  • 2 tbsp lime juice
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp fresh chopped cilantro
Mix everything up; we mixed the lime juice and garlic powder together first. Enjoy!
And I liked the chicken so much, that I wanted to try it again for lunches that week. I added the minced garlic and onion powder this time around and it had even more flavor! You can always add what you wish; I prefer not to add too much extra sodium to my meals. The Simple Truth Organic black beans I used are also not too bad as far as sodium goes, but fresh is always good! These have only 3 ingredients. You can see where I used them before in this blog post
So the rest of the weekend was pretty normal, nothing too special. Just a bit of time with friends and relaxing, and other stuff. We slept in some on Saturday and I fixed pancakes for lunch- yeah it was about that time when we got up. Oops! One of those #sorrynotsorry things I guess lol. 
I can never get tired of pancakes. When we get back from our trip home, I'll see about making this into a waffle recipe. Sounds like a plan! I topped mine with MCT oil to keep them 'moist', sugar free syrup, and 1 cup strawberries. Mmmmm! 
Then I went to the gym like normal and came home and we got groceries and tried out a new burger place by the grocery store. And it was ah-mazing! Definitely have to remember that for future treat meals. It was Fantastic! And the sweet potato fries were great too. Overall it seemed like a pretty fresh, good quality place to get a burger. The nutritional specifics are on the site, but other than a fresh guarantee the site was a bit vague.  Nonetheless it was a treat and it was yummy. 
The next day, Sunday, we had a barbecue at the house and had some friends over. Nothing too special, a TON of good food from grilled chicken legs, twice baked potatoes, grilled veggies, and a lot of other yummy things people brought. Definitely didn't get the spread (my bad) but I did get my share of good food for the day and we had plenty of leftovers from the people who had better things to do. Whatevs! It was still fun for us and the people who did join us! Not our loss for darn sure ;)
Earlier that day me and Scotty made sure to take a few moments to remember the real reason why we got an extra day off that weekend. Hope you all did too! Barbecues are nice n all but you know...
And I did have a pretty good and quick HIIT/Tabata session Sunday before our guests showed up. I'll post it soon too! I seriously made it up as I went but it was awesome! 
Monday we laid around and did some chores like laundry folding...but mostly were kinda lazy until that afternoon when we decided we wanted to go golfing. First it was just the driving range, then we decided to play a whole game. And dumb me remembered everything (including a meal to eat and snacks) but sunscreen! So I had a nice sunburn afterwards, but it's all good. I have a nice tan going for once from both golf trips we've made the past two weeks.
It was so nice outside I'm glad we went! Even though I got frustrated; it's going to take some practice. We had a good time playing and it was great spending time with my hubby and having him there to help me learn. 
It's always great to get out and active, doing different fitness activities besides your normal routine. Your body will thank you from switching things up. It provides a nice shock, kinda like when you change your routine in the weight room. 
And since we got out so late in the afternoon, we didn't get home and have dinner until late. So meal prep seriously got moved to like 730. 😁 not ideal, and I did not want to do it. But I did. And that means I was successful for that week. Especially with packing to go home, I am glad I had meals and leftovers ready to eat when I needed it.  
If you don't give yourself an excuse to fail then you will be successful in your journey. I have been saying from the beginning when I learned this was what was holding me back-- fail to plan and you can plan to fail. There is no excuse to eat "bad food" if you are prepared with good healthy foods. You can create the best self you are striving for if you believe you can and plan accordingly. 😃 The 'diet' will be that key that opens the door to see all of your great efforts in the gym. Don't get stuck without a plan! 
Did you guys have a good Memorial Day weekend? I know I am super late but I promise I will make it up to you! Comment below and tell me about your week! Until next time! #livelearnliftrepeat

I'm in a glass case of the DOMs!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a Good Friday the 13th! Anyone have anything interesting happen? 

Mine was off to kind-of a rough start trying to get to my appointment on base through all of the Victory Week traffic. Always good when you have a ton of people trying to congregate in one location at the time of your appointment. Lol. You wouldn't had believed the amount of people on base...well you might have.

Our day was pretty normal other than that...I took off from the gym to instead pack all day. We have SO MUCH STUFF it's going to take all of the last few days before we move next week. Sheesh! So much for a last minute easy move LOL. 

So naturally after being on vacation for over a week, I was dying to get back in the gym when we got home last weekend. And you may know I went Monday, took off Tuesday and then really hit my legs and glutes hard on Wednesday. 

And man, I think (well probably know) that the DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness= aka: the horrible pain in my legs after two days) is definitely from hitting it super heavy after not lifting for over a week lol. But it warranted sharing the routine with you! 

Definitely let me know if you try it! I want to know for...future reference ;) Good things are about to happen you guys!!! Eeeekkkk! I will let you in on it soon I promise!

What are you guys doing today? We are packing again, I'll probably hit the gym later and then the store, and maybe some meal prep to avoid having to do it all tomorrow. Because YOU KNOW I will want to spend tomorrow being as lazy as possible haha. Probably won't but still, because Monday I have to go back to work :(

Have a great Saturday!