Monday, June 30, 2014

A revelation...the power of those moments.

Happy Monday friends! Joining the #motivationmonday Link-up with Wendy at a Daily Dose of Del Signore and others! This really is one of my favorite things to look forward to, especially now that life is getting back to normal for me. Yes! Back to free time for blogging ;) sort-of!

Today's thoughts just kinda came to me...and when it comes to you it just comes to you; even if that means leaving the microwave to come write it out :) Yes, I stepped away from the microwave containing my lunch because I knew what I had to say needed to be written down; at least the snippit that will turn into this post. 

So what am I motivated by today...well it started because of you.

Kinda sappy, but hang in there. The motivation for me today comes from all of my followers; which may not total that many...but it still ceases to amaze me that I have individuals listening at all! Let alone from other countries, as I noticed earlier the list has grown!! Talk about a humbling moment. 

And this weekend, I will touch on it but not dwell; I had some 'down moments.' Times will be rough, but then we pick up and move on; sometimes those times hang with us for longer than we should let them, am that was the fact. But the point, I logged onto my page manager from Facebook (check me out here!) to see new like after new like, in a matter of hours or minutes in some cases. So thank you to that person who shared my page, or just to all the new folks who decided to check me out. I hope you are not disappointed!

So earlier today I was reflecting on how I felt in those moments this weekend; even in a time where I was struck in the face by something that I would have rather avoided more than anything else at that moment...funny how those moments give us revelations right? Needless to say that moment in time will re-route the course of my thoughts and actions in the foreseeable future.

It is moments like those that can make or break us; in this case I let it break me. Overtake me. I could not see the surface because my vision was so clouded. Amazing how everything becomes clear when you step back and reflect. 

You want to know how it made me feel then and even more open my page in that very moment and see the love you show? Or to reflect back on the events and just let it all sink in...

Yep. Thankful. 

Because even in times such as those; where the closest people to you may surprise you, Sometimes it is important just to be thankful. 

In this case I could not have been more thankful. Thankful for that moment and thankful for you, even as far as some of you are; to feel how close I did in that moment to people who care. It is a powerful thing.

And after that snippit during lunch, funny how those thoughts just kept coming up...It moves you to a point.

A mentor of mine whom I extremely admire was speaking of being thankful right after I posted something similar to my personal page earlier...She said "I choose to believe "nice" will win out even when trampled on by "others." Then she went on to say how thankful she was for family showing her what truly is important in life; not for those who really don't care. 

It can be hard to remember, in the face of selfish "others," that 
sometimes it is better to stand alone with your kindness/willingness to help those than to stand with a crowd of 100s. It is ever apparent in today's world that the majority and the "crowd" with take advantage, take what they can get, and trample the one. It is the "others" or the "crowd" who remind us how thankful we really should be; even while standing alone. And thankful for the revelations that continue to teach us in life. Because without these life lessons then how can we continue to grow?

Growing is one thing as long as we remember this (I am just as guilty of forgetting often): 

But even despite the negative, if we keep that feeling of thankfulness alive...that feeling can spread. Think of all of the things you are thankful for. Thankful for loved ones, thankful for how "good" life really is and everything that encompasses, thankful for opportunities, for friendships, for revelations, for so many more things that words cannot express. We all need to stop and feel thankful every once in a while. 

No matter what place you are in life, relationships, your job, etc. (Insert ____ here). If it is the case that "it could be worse" then someone probably is experiencing just that. We all should take those moments to just be thankful.  ‪#‎rachelthoughtoftheday‬

I hope your Monday is wonderful!

What are you thankful for?


  1. Hey there blog!!! I am testing this out by commenting on this awesome post ;)

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  3. Wow, I was just reading some of your others posts. I have nothing but admiration for the families of individuals in the military. I cannot imagine being a way from my husband for nine months.


    1. Aww thanks girl! :) It sure is tough sometimes, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? I know that the time away has honestly made us closer and made us appreciate the time we do have more. Even having the ability to imessage over wifi is so nice compared to not having anything. Which we have done that too. Thank you for your sweet words! (And I sincerely apologize, sometimes I am horrible at getting back to comments)