Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'm in a glass case of the DOMs!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a Good Friday the 13th! Anyone have anything interesting happen? 

Mine was off to kind-of a rough start trying to get to my appointment on base through all of the Victory Week traffic. Always good when you have a ton of people trying to congregate in one location at the time of your appointment. Lol. You wouldn't had believed the amount of people on base...well you might have.

Our day was pretty normal other than that...I took off from the gym to instead pack all day. We have SO MUCH STUFF it's going to take all of the last few days before we move next week. Sheesh! So much for a last minute easy move LOL. 

So naturally after being on vacation for over a week, I was dying to get back in the gym when we got home last weekend. And you may know I went Monday, took off Tuesday and then really hit my legs and glutes hard on Wednesday. 

And man, I think (well probably know) that the DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness= aka: the horrible pain in my legs after two days) is definitely from hitting it super heavy after not lifting for over a week lol. But it warranted sharing the routine with you! 

Definitely let me know if you try it! I want to know for...future reference ;) Good things are about to happen you guys!!! Eeeekkkk! I will let you in on it soon I promise!

What are you guys doing today? We are packing again, I'll probably hit the gym later and then the store, and maybe some meal prep to avoid having to do it all tomorrow. Because YOU KNOW I will want to spend tomorrow being as lazy as possible haha. Probably won't but still, because Monday I have to go back to work :(

Have a great Saturday!

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