Monday, July 7, 2014

Holiday Weekend Recap + Motivation Monday #linkup

Hey there everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a fantastic long holiday weekend! I figured today would be a great day to recap a bit, share a few simple but yummy recipes, and finish off with some motivation for this Monday. Sound good? :) Awesome! 

So my weekend was pretty uneventful but still fun and relaxing for a long holiday weekend. Now that the hubby is gone, I seem to be finding plenty to do; but sometimes not enough. I suppose it depends on the day. Overall I cannot complain because I definitely got caught up on sleep. 

I started on my 4th of July out with a little red, white, and blue pancakes! Minus the white lol- I didn't have whipped cream in the house at the time. I like to normally keep it as a low-cal sweet topping for my chocolate protein bars (think cake/brownie mix :) I'll have to make some and get the recipe up soon for ya!) and other things like this where I would want something sweet added. It fixes my sweet tooth and adds a nice touch every now and then. 

 For lunch I was craving something buffalo so made up a buffalo chicken wrap! I had already gone on a cleaning spree for a few hours in the new apartment because my plans for the day decided they were "too cool" for me :( so needless to say I was starving and needed a quick lunch. 

It was super easy and really good. Here is all you need:

-1 Ezekiel tortilla warmed (in microwave) for 20s
-5-6 oz shredded crockpot chicken (made with McCormicks Beer Can Chicken Seasoning instead)
- Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce (pictured)
-less than 1/4 c (more like 1/8 c) shredded colby jack cheese
-handful lettuce 

Layer it up on the tortilla and Enjoy!

Even my hubby and his friends and company got into the spirit halfway around the world! They participated in the color run for the 4th of July. 

He is bottom left here (not looking at this camera :) )

 And on the left here too; hopefully he doesn't kick me for this one lol! Oops! ;)

I was happy to see them getting into the spirit for the holiday, because Lord knows I missed him dearly!

And since I was supposed to barbecue with a friend, but as it stood people were lame instead, I headed out to the store to get my own barbecue. I was looking to have some good ribs, but due to the last-minute search was definitely too late! Should have gone once I heard the change of plans for sure, but it just irritated the heck out of me! Anyways...

Got back from the store and decided to grill some veggies (zucchini, mushrooms, and onion, olive oil and some spices), bake my potato, and made up some quick barbecue chicken instead of ribs (i.e. pre-cooked shredded chicken with barbecue sauce lol). It was really great and hit the spot!

After my dinner I decided for going to the Fireworks show instead of sitting at home. So I got a little "festive" and headed out. Long story short, there definitely wasn't a fireworks show on Ft. Riley, but I did see some pretty awesome displays all around me on the way home. Win-win in my book and it got me out of the house. 

And I definitely had a bit of this awesome yummy Ben n Jerry's ice cream with Walden Farms Chocolate syrup when I came home. I honestly haven't bought "regular" ice cream in forever (I remembered why ;) ); so every now and then it is OK to indulge. I was definitely not going to eat out of the pint! LOL! 

And you know why it's OK??? This right up there ^ is why. 1 bad meal, or 1 treat every now and again will not derail you! It took me the LONGEST time to actually realize this. For the most part, I lead a 90-10 (90% clean sometimes more or less, 10% not clean) diet full of healthy clean nutritious and yummy foods; so a treat actually may do some good both mentally and physically. And it certainly won't make you gain 10 lbs overnight (see^?!)

The extra spike in glycogen levels in your muscles will give you extra energy to pump out a really great workout or two and throws your metabolism a curve ball; especially if you are in a caloric deficit at the time (source found here). Plus who doesn't want to indulge in a sweet treat or juicy cheeseburger every once in a while??? ME! ;)

That night I had sent a text to a friend, who couldn't join me for fireworks...good thing huh? But she did invite me to come the next night to see some rock bands...Needless to say I said Yes please!!! Listening to live music happens to be a favorite thing of mine and Scotty's especially when we were back home. I never appreciated the great and continuous "flood" of live music that comes through Birmingham, AL; until we moved to Kansas. 

It's a little hard to come by...

Except on holidays! 

We got to see Firehouse and Warrant play that night! And if you don't remember who Warrant is, hang on a sec; I guarantee you'll remember here in a sec.

Even though I didn't know some of the songs, I really enjoyed seeing them! It was a great show- and lucky for you my hubby wanted and few videos and some pics so you guys get to see too!!

Here is a new song that came out on their last album! 

It was pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself! And if you STILL can't figure out who this is...wait for it...

Got it now? ;) I'm tellin ya! It was a great show!!

So I got home a little later, and slept in some Sunday morning. Then I made chocolate chip pancakes. They were so good! Make this pancake recipe and add a few mini semi-sweet chips or Karob chips into the pancakes while the first side cooks. Topped with sliced strawberries and sugar free maple syrup!

I was pretty much a home-body all day despite desperately wanting to go to the pool and needing cardio for my super sore legs. But my mound (6+ loads) of laundry had to be folded to uncover part of my sectional. Yes I am human too and hate folding laundry haha! And surprisingly, I was not feeling meal prepping at all. 

But I did anyways.

On the menu this week (not too far from the 'norm'): 
-green beans and broccoli for veggies (lunches/mid-afternoon)
-easy microwavable brown rice

The only modification I made to her recipe was I used double everything except olive oil and the sauce. 1 cup of Franks Buffalo sauce was plenty for 20 meatballs; and about 2.5-3 tbsp olive oil was enough!

I also am marinating chicken tenderloins in a garlic/herb and lemon sauce and have bell peppers, rice cakes, and bananas for w/breakfast and mid-morning meals. For some reason I get so hungry before this meal that I either eat it early, or eat a banana around 8 when I get to work. 

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or plain; and you don't have to eat the same things every day either. I actually like my routine of the same meals from day to day and I do switch it up often (like last week). But with working an hour away, no option to go home for lunch, and not a lot of time (sometimes patience) to make separate meals for each meal; I hate to sound like I am making excuses; doing it this way is easier for me.

If you do like your routine and eating similar foods doesn't bother you then a bulk prep like this will work well for you too. I will say I do take the chicken (at night and sometimes during the days) and make salads and other things with it like sandwiches, taco salad, etc. It just depends on how I am feeling. I love to mix it up with sauces and spices too! And it always feels better knowing where all your meals are coming from! No set-ups for failing here!!

Tropical Fruit Protein Smoothie!

I did make a smoothie while I was prepping too! Really good, protein packed, and super easy to make!

All you need is 1 c egg whites, 1 scoop MRM (or other favorite) Vanilla 100% Whey Protein powder, 2-3 packets truvia, and 1.5 or so cups frozen tropical fruit medley. I used Dillons Private Selections frozen fruit. Then add 2 ice cubes and blend in your single serve blender! Done!! And so good on a hot day! (the pool would've been better but I digress lol)

So onto the motivation right???! Come on me get on with the point!! ;) You know you think that sometimes! I kid I kid!!

My motivation this morning was pretty simple...I was so prepared last night, I even got into bed earlier to be able to get up earlier this morning and do cardio before work. Like I have been wanting to for 2 weeks! My fault only here and I won't go into that, anyways; I don't know if i was just excited to be up or ready for this morning but i woke up pretty darn early before my alarm a few times (try 1:30 something, 3:46, 4 something and finally around 5:10 when my first alarm went off). I figured that was a sign so i got up and even went to fill up the car before i drove today. 

And it felt SO good to be up and active before the sun came up. Something about this; once I am out of bed and up, makes me feel like a morning person...which isn't normal me. I LOVE it and it motivates me! It drives my entire day. And I got a LOT done today!

Let your passion drive you; let it move you so that you cannot simply sleep through it. I fully believe it and because I was looking so forward to getting in my reading/cardio time for so long; I couldn't wait another minute.

Get up and move if its 30 mins, 20 mins or a full workout. 

Your body will thank you, your mind will thank you, and you WILL have an amazing day because of it! Happy #motivation Monday and whoever is with me, let's go crush our weight sessions!

Until next time! 

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