Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hump Day post: Are you in?

Hey there friends! Ah, yet again another week goes by without multiple blog posts...insert sad face here. I have really taken some much needed personal time the past week or two off and on to reflect, gather thoughts, or whatever I needed. Thank you for sticking around because I haven't gone anywhere I promise!

So, what better day to pick right back up with another post than on HUMP Day!!!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

And the HUMP Day blog hop is back!!! So make sure to head on over to Fitness Blondie's page and show her some love alright?? Tell her I sent ya!!! 

On to the main topic of conversation! I saw an article/blog post just a minute ago that really hits home and pulls out many emotions in me. I want to share it with you all, and maybe someone out there will share these things shedding light on this growing and pretty horrible problem we in "the fitness industry" face every day.

Amber E Dodzweit, from Clutch Bodyshop, wrote a blog post, "Porn? or Fitness?" that I think EVERYONE involved in any way, shape, or form in 'the fitness industry' should read. I mean look at the image that goes along with the article...accident? I think not.

Quite frankly I am glad this topic is finally surfacing. I know many of you (hopefully not but) probably see all of the posts rolling through instagram or around the internet has-tagged #fitness or #fitspo or whatever...I know I personally hate scrolling through my feed only to see another (excuse me) ass picture or someone in a thong showing off their "muscle development" in some suggestive pose (in other words known as 'soft-porn'). Excuse me while I go put more clothes on...

Now don't get me wrong, I am not downing anyone, and if you are in 'certain divisions' you have to do certain 'poses' for judging...yeah I get it. I am no better than anyone else nor do I have a 'mightier-than-thou' attitude; at least I try my darndest to be myself and relate-able to anyone and everyone, and especially open to different views of people.

I am simply re-stating what has already been stated by many. This industry has become raunchy and relays sex appeal in the mainstream. As Amber states in her blog post, the idea portrayed to women wanting to succeed in the fitness industry is mostly that of, "Get naked = success." Especially if you are following certain people. The seemingly, should-be-obvious question that is not so obvious (and I am guilty of wondering this too from time to time), "Do I have to do this to succeed?" NO! No, you don't. 

This has got to stop.

As someone who is at least a tiny bit looked-up to by few and is of sound moral values in a happy marriage, I try to be very conscious of what I post and how it may make others feel, including my husband and family. I mean heck, I was nervous to post the very first post not to mention anything that shows less than a normal amount of clothing! That's just me though...And, no my page is not upwards of even tens of thousands yet (if you combined all outlets of social media), but I still have a little influence. Every great person has to start somewhere right? 

One thing I know for sure is I want my followers to believe in the real promises and successes of fitness and health. They should be able to come to my page to be inspired and learn things about fitness and health at the minimum, not fearing that they have to be a certain body type, shape, or size to be successful in life or wherever life takes them. Or worse, that they have to remove clothing or pose suggestively to represent beauty. I want to inspire others not because I post half-naked pictures or even 'abs' pictures all the time (you may notice I try and refrain from this quite often); but instead because of who I am as a person and what I represent. A real person, living a real life with real-life struggles, who has overcome obstacles and learned a lot about life to get to where I have in my journey. The fun, quirky, nerdy personality that both inspires and makes people smile at the same time. The person who teaches and learns, and shares anything to help others. The person who is inspired by those around her to continue to share all of this wonderful information with the world. 

I could go on. But that ladies and gents is what we should strive for. Real beauty, real people living real life every day and succeeding. Becoming the BEST versions of themselves. Not because they are willing to 'bare-all' to earn attention. 

This is very much a real problem, if it has not already been noticed, and it needs to be put to a halt. I am taking the suggestion of Amber and trying to come up with some sort of hash-tag to name this movement against everything fitness does not stand for. #realfitness perhaps, #classoverass , I am not entirely sure. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a different opinion? If so, why? Let's get this discussion going, shall we? And finally, hash-tag ideas anyone?

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