Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Loving Link-Ups & Leg Day Routine!

Let me tell you, first of all-- two posts in one day!!! I know! It's pretty great right??? But there are some absolutely amazing ladies out there doing amazing things and I love it when I find them!! 

Femme Fitale Fit Club

For instance I stumbled upon the #wowlinkup today for Workout Wednesdays and it seemed like the perfect time to share this leg routine that I wrote for last week's leg day! Before the week had some unexpected events...but I digress :) All is good now! So let's get on with it!

These ladies for this link-up, let me tell you, they are here to party and inspire while lifting each other up and I am ALL IN! So you definitely need to click-click on that link and go check them out! Or head over to my Facebook page, browse my likes and BAM! There too! Or you prefer Instagram??? Yep! They are there too! Talk about WOW connecting through social media the way I like it!!! 

(Yes I know maybe I should have put a "cheesy" warning label on this post ;) You still love me right? OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!)

So yeah, that was easy now wasn't it?! Now for a leg day that had my boot-ay hurting for days!! 

Leg day 07/5/14 

We want everything HEAVY here!!! No light weights and NO skipping sets or reps got it? Good!!

Here's your warm-up:
-15 min treadmill walking at incline (you set degree- I did 5-7)

-3x10-12 seated leg extensions 
- 3x10 heavy hack squat SS 3x15 calf raise on hack
- 3x12 smith squats 1 1/4s (down-up-down=1 rep) 
- 3x10 leg curl
- 3x10 single leg press
- 3x10 abduction sitting-butt off chair
- 3x12 glute kickback machine 

Cardio Finisher:
- 25 min brisk incline walking cardio 
(get that incline all the way up to 10!!!)

*Tip: for the abductors -- really squeeze your glutes through this (may feel a little funny lol) to get the full benefit! Glute activation is crucial during leg day in order to tap into those muscles and really build them :) So make sure to squeeze!!!

And just for kicks! Here are a few video tutorials!

Selectorized Abductions (first part sitting off chair)

Smith Squats 1 1/4s (Burn!!!)

Try it out and let me know what you think!!!


  1. On the adductor machine I like to squeeze and hold when I exercise on this equipment. You can really feel it, IMO. #wowlnkup

    1. Love it! I really do try to squeeze at the top now; it does get it so much better! :) Great point! Im gonna have to raise the weight next time! #needmoreburn haha!

    2. I tried that last night for leg day as a finisher (leg curls- seated SS abductors holding at the top) and man! that burned!!! :) good stuff!

  2. Girl you are SERIOUS about that thang!!! I shared these vids in my private Femme Fitale Fit Club group - join us: Thank you for shouting us OUT and keep the good workouts coming. I NEED IT! #wowlinkup

    1. :D Aww thanks chick!! That's awesome! I will!! Thank you for the invite! Oh yes ma'am! I love good motivation and will definitely be doing this every week! I love sharing good workouts! Anything that is tough to me or I feel like was a great workout- I like to share if I can. I have them all pinned to the tab "It'll make you sweat" at the top as well. :) Oh and I learned those from my trainer- I'll have to post his leg routine one day. It will make you want to cry! (I wanted to lol!)