Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Motivation Tuesday (Monday) Part I

Hey there Tuesday-(Monday)-goers! Stay with me, I promise that odd sentence has meaning :) With that drum-roll...Part I!

Guess what? It's a new day.

Yes it's a Tuesday (Monday), but don't be that person that hates Mondays. No one likes that anyways It's just another day and the best way to look at it is that it is a completely new week, where anything can happen because you choose to look at it that way. Don't be a Debbie downer today! You never know who you are inspiring so even through the tough times, put on that smile and share it with the world. Even on the darkest of days, there is always room for more sunshine. 

So there's the Tuesday (Monday) motivation for the awesome #linkup (if I can find the posts that aren't up yet :( ). Now wasn't that easy? ;) Motivation can seriously come from anywhere like on this morning's instagram post! You may have to put some thought into it or it may come naturally. I'll tail off on that one for now, but look out for a continuation of that VERY soon! (in other words...Rachel started a blog post this weekend and didn't finish it lol!)

So what else? If you guys want to see more of me :) in general, a lot of the time it is SUPER easy for me to update my instagram or Facebook page instead of writing out a post - so make sure you're following me! Click on the pic below OR ova to your right in those buttons to take you to my pages :D You know you want to!

And I also LOVE to post motivational sayings, thoughts, pictures, you name it on those pages every day just for you. I try to get something up at least once a day so definitely don't miss out!

And sometimes, like I'm sure you guys have from time to time, the motivation could be lacking or maybe a blog post was too far-fetched at the time. For me, this weekend was one of those times. The motivation and excitement this weekend was not the same as normal and I do apologize to any new viewers who found me this weekend instead of another day; it still may be affecting the more apparent 'scatter-brained-ness' that I am starting to notice here

So before I wrap this one, I'm sure you're still probably wondering why all of the Mondays are Tuesdays, and maybe you figured it out -- I didn't finish this yesterday like I wanted to...Well why do you ask? Such a short post, I should have finished it right? Well....Sometimes motivation or inspiration comes to you at times that would better be placed in the context of the situation, not the place it came to you. Make sense?

So in retrospect I was able to separate the motivation and inspiration, and what really is driving possibly what seems to me like a lack of excitement still, and place each in the place they should be...in this case by themselves on Tuesday not Monday :) in Part I and Part II.

I feel like I rambled a whole lot there at the end so thanks for sticking with me. Bear with me as I share Part II with you here in a short bit. I think you will understand. Thank you for listening :)

I really do hope everyone had a fantastic Monday!

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