Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So I've decided...

Hey there friends! Blogging more...YES! Goals set, steps being taken. I will take it! Then I have to get some work done ;)

So I've decided...

LOL No just kidding. That makes me laugh WAY too much. I <3 minions.

I've decided that I should at least blog (if not post to my Facebook page too) whenever I have a workout that kills me. Which, I could contribute the pain in my legs today from the fact that my last leg day was two weeks ago from yesterday. Oops! You know why...and if you don't click here! Or the fact that I killed my legs last night with only 4 exercises (and a cool-down)...

Or both! 

And the polar can testify; I looked at my calories burned for that workout. Umm yeah, it was around 750+ after stretching for 5 mins. 

So you should try it too...then tell me how walking goes the next two days because I am struggling something serious today!

So here it is!

Leg Day 06/30/14

Gotta warm-up them legs! Here we go! 
-15 min stair warmup

-45-60 seconds rest in between each set to make sure you can kill the next set full force! No wimping out on that heavy weight this time-- load up those plates and face the fear! Let's get it! 

-1x12, 3x10 plate-loaded leg press
-3x10, 1x8 barbell squat
-3x10 (each) single leg smith squat
-3x10 glute press (pull up machine)
-2x10 body weight squats on bosu*

*Bosu squats at the end thanks to +Taylor Simpson and this picture I saw yesterday before I hit the gym :) She is so right-- a good, strong core is vital to improving and performing heavy lifting exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Your core will ultimately be the tool to hold it steady and together to prevent further injury! So work that core ladies and gents!

And let me tell you, the last sets of the glute press, my legs were shaking ;)

A note about improvements and practice: I will casually mention that even after 2 weeks off legs; with almost a month total of practicing squats at least once a week, I got to the third set and rep 6ish (after going up 10 lbs) with the barbell (and help of my spotter/form nazi Laurynn! ;) ) without breaking form! Yay!!! Practice makes perfect, and despite what you may see on instagram, facebook, insert name of social media platform here..., not everyone is perfect. I want to share my flaws with YOU because I want you to know I am real, and I have real struggles too. 

So there you have it! Try out the lift, let me know how it goes seriously! I would LOVE to know that you try my workouts and what you think!!! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!

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  1. I read an article that when doing legs that the body can becomed weakened quicker as a result of working abs. This is because, like you mentioned, the core is being worked with almost every leg exercise/workout. Then add an actual ab exercise and the leg workout can be reduced if abs are worked before or during a leg workout. Lesson=work abs after legs or on a separate day :)

    Good job about increasing weight/reps!!