Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekend Recap! + I promise I'm not lost...

Hey there fit family! It's Friday-eve!!! 

Like I said in the last post, I swear I am not forgetting about you guys every day! I really do have a huge list of blog topics that I am working on and want to post but, always seems like something comes up. Like this annoying thing called work...where the actually expect you to work. Gosh! The nerve! ;) 

 I did get the new recipe up yesterday that I promised so go check it out! :) It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

But anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did! I took a personal day on Friday. And after being sick Thursday; late into work and left early to visit the doc, I was ready for it! I even had them give me a shot because I was NOT going to miss the weekend I planned! You do what you have to folks- especially us with horrible allergies! Kansas wind doesn't make it any easier sometimes. Either way! I want to share my fun-filled weekend with you guys!

First I visited my trainer in KC early Friday morning for a Bis/Tris killer session! I was stoked because I haven't gotten to visit in a while, and Cody sure can kick my butt! I think I've said it before, but if you are in the Kansas City area, Laser Sharp Fitness is the place to go!

I had a blast! Even though in only 45 minutes my arms were dead! I'm talking could not lift anything else, pushed to the max, face beet red. Then I did some cardio HA! He said "stairmaster on 12 for 20 minutes." Alright...yeah...about that. Let's just say my cardio is not where it needs to be! An awakening it was! This reading on the Polar was after the full session with cardio! My Polar actually stopped reading my HR after a few sets with him; not sure what is going on with it; but man I was hoping to see how much I actually burned in that session! 

Anyone else have problems with their Polar where it stops detecting HR after sweating or during your workouts? This is no bueno! I have already bought a new band with attachment... :( Any insight would be awesome! I have a feeling it is because my sports bra keeps getting underneath it, so tonight I may try wearing it below instead of right under the band. 

Either way, I didn't need my HR monitor to tell me I burned a TON and had an awesome workout!

Afterwards I headed over to see family that live in the same area, and wouldn't you know even thinking about it I forgot to take a picture of all of us! My sweet mother-in-law was in town and her, our Maw Maw, and I went to eat Chinese per Maw Maw's request. :)

And I swear this fortune hits the nail on the head! I have been trying to stay as happy and positive as I can lately, and you know how it goes...the more you do something, the more it will reflect outwardly! Even the fortune gods can sense my positivity! ;)

After running a few errands, sitting around looking at old pictures (of my hubby and family hehe), and talking until we ran out of time (who knew I could do that?! haha!), I had to head on out to make it to my retreat for the weekend!

The chaplain's office on post organizes these retreats, where military couples and spouses can attend a weekend away (in a near-by city usually), fully paid for including all meals and a room for the weekend! And we get to attend sessions through an organization called Strong Bonds to learn either better marriage skills, communication skills, or in this case those and resiliency skills while our loved ones are deployed. 

You don't have to ask me twice to go on a paid trip! Weekend away, all by myself in a nice room, not having to cook, PLUS a great hotel that who knew it would have a sauna and pool/fitness center! -- YEP! This little lady was SOLD! These retreats are always fun; me and the hubby went on a few the past two years and enjoyed both of them, plus were able to become closer and take the skills we learned back home to continue bettering ourselves together. <3 Ready...Awwww! Haha! Had to. And did I mention those two we went on (and this last one) also give you a date night, where if you had kids childcare is provided for the night, and for the whole weekend?! 

It really was not a bad trip in any sense; in fact, it was a great trip! The room was nice, the hotel was nice; pretty good food (without the clean eater in me freaking out lol!) and I got to meet a bunch of great new friends too! I think I put myself out there and interacted with almost everyone there this weekend, and man did the extrovert in me love that! (If you are a spouse that attended and are reading I know you laughed at that! ;) )

It really was a great experience and the book we received has some great content in it for interpersonal relationship skills and resiliency training; in other words, the skills we use every day in our personal relationships and really any social contact with people, then the ability to cope with stress and difficult situations we might find ourselves in. In this case, the stressful situation is a deployment. Personally, and the inner social psychologist in me rejoices when things like this come up, I don't think anyone can ever get enough interaction and experience with others on these topics. You can always learn something new about yourself, your relationships, and especially how to cope with stressful life events. :D 

So how about I show you some pictures to give your brain a break? I know and just like we discussed over the weekend, not everyone likes a chatter box like me! But I suppose you would if you keep coming back to read my posts!

The majority of what we did was "training" and the sessions, but it was still fun! Anything where I can interact with others and learn something at the same time is always great! I am a firm believer that we are lifelong learners and should take advantage of that whenever we can. 

I will say on Friday night I took full advantage of the fact that the hotel had a pool and sauna! Man that felt good! I am going to have to start using the one in our gym more often :D

I mean who wouldn't ?!

On Saturday night during our free time, we all went to get pedicures! And took a trip to the mall to walk around and hang out. And we even hung around before they all went to pick up their kiddos, and some of us had a drink! It is not often, but I sure do enjoy having a glass of wine (or two!). Everything in moderation!

 I couldn't get over the angle in this picture and how different my arms look! You guys know I would notice that...

 Nothing crazy exciting on the last day. I did get to sit by this cute little lady all weekend! Sometimes it makes you want to be a mommy! She was such a good baby the entire time we were there! All of the females out there will know what I'm talking about!

And I even got in a great cardio (Gasp! I know!!) workout on Saturday! I was feeling a bit stressed for some reason or another after our sessions; maybe just tense. And the treadmill was calling my name. I think I have found the "comfort" and joy that cardio used to bring me, again. At least on days like this, cardio for me is effortless and I can push past any limits that may have been there before. Other is like pulling teeth. See! I am normal just like you guys!

Then after the amazingly-relaxing session of sprints (I know that should be an oxymoron in itself!), I came back and noticed my reflection in the desk mirror. So naturally you know what had to happen!

I mean I don't want to toot my own horn but Geez! I haven't seen separation like that ever! And I didn't even do any arms! Nothing but incline interval sprints for 30 mins! Lol. Serious awesomeness in that photo!

And I am back-tracking a bit, but in between sessions earlier that day we had small breaks. I used one of those to rush back up the stairs to my room and grab a "snack" to hold me until dinner! I am not used to just "snacking" during the day, so on trips and times that I know I cannot get a meal in I always bring options for quick "grab and go" snacks. And as much as I thought about it, I did not bring my tuna-to-go pack into the session. That would have been perfect, but you never know who would be the person that can't stand the smell ya know? I always try to think about others in situations like that. And nowadays, I seem to always be the chick in the room with food when everyone else is hungry. All of my fit girls understand!

 Overall, it was a great trip! And I am really happy that I took advantage of the opportunity. It was relaxing, fun, informative, and all of those good things you can find in a little break away from home!

You never know, with military funding, how long great benefits and perks like this will be around! Any chance to make new friends and have a weekend away, I am all about!

And one thing I love about trips and being off work, is I get to wear all the fun clothes in my wardrobe; and know...dress like I want. And having a full length mirror in the hotel room was definitely awesome! Can you tell??? It's the little things...

Then...I got back home and well, you see what happens. Haha! "Hey hubby, Look what I'm wearing!" Yeah, about that. I definitely need a cheapo mirror from Target! All sorts of contorted in that one...

Then on Sunday, we got released pretty early and I was home by lunch time which was awesome! I was able to get home and settled, eat lunch and relax a minute, get in a workout, go to the store, and do normal chores, and meal prep that day! That is my kind-of vacation especially when you don't have the luxury of taking off another day. I really had work stuff to get done monday...sad I know!

This week I did shredded crock-pot chicken, turkey-veggie medley, broccoli, green beans, rice pasta for the turkey mix, sweet potatoes (not pictured), sliced bell peppers, I have grapefruits, and finally I made grilled chicken Caesar wraps for mid-morning! And let me tell you, not only are they easy for me because it is a one-stop-shop to fit my daily macros. But there is no heating up separate items or anything! And they taste wonderful! Easy and yummy = great for anyone!

So, just in case you need an easy idea for lunches, here is how I did them:

You will need:

- 3/4 a package of chicken tenderloins 
(I use the 2-3 lb packages from Dillons)
- salt and pepper
-garlic powder
-caesar dressing of choice 
(I may opt for homemade next time!)
- package of romaine lettuce
- tortillas of choice 
(I used sundried tomato basil shells but 
will opt for something like Tumaros brand next time)
- Feta cheese

1) season chicken to taste with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I sprinkled some of each onto the top layer of the chicken before grilling.

2) Grill chicken for about 10 minutes flipping once during grill time. I am super paranoid about chicken being under-cooked, so I usually char mine a tad. Plus I like the flavor. Call me weird, but hey... :D

3) After grilling, chop chicken into cubes or small chunks. You can do whatever you like here; I like the wraps that have smaller pieces personally. I think I may use my ninja next time for quick chopping. Best thing ever!

4) Toss chopped chicken in about 2-3 tbsp (I am estimating) of caesar dressing. You can add more if you like. I added a bit more to my wraps instead.

5) Take one wrap, 5 oz of chicken (you can adjust portions accordingly), a handful of lettuce, and about 1 spoon (small) of crumbled feta cheese and add it to a wrap. I also tore lettuce with my hands before adding. 

6) Add more dressing if you want before rolling, but be cautious because dressing and sauces like this can add up quick! Always read your labels! I just personally happen to like the flavor of this better than the Walden Farms brand Caesar.

7) Roll it up and slice, then place haves into sandwich baggies for the week!

If you're like me and don't like soggy lettuce, you can do a few for the next 2 days and wait for the rest. You see in the picture I measured out 3 extra chicken portions (and had a small snack leftover) and added the feta, then put in tupperware for the nights ahead. This week I made two the night before last and will do one tonight. But if you have no preference, then make them all when you prep!

Well alright folks, that's about all I have for today or right now anyways. I am working on a hot topic, at least for me lately, in another post that I really want to post tomorrow. Inspired to say the least by something that happened to me earlier and I just cannot go without talking about it. You know us chatterboxes love to talk about things! 

Until next time, I hope you have a fabulous day! I know after my rest day I am ready to kill some legs tonight! What are your plans?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turkey Taco Soup! + Blog Hoppin!

Hey there fit family! 

I am alive I promise! I know it's not like me to miss a motivation post at the beginning of the week. And I certainly had things to talk about...I was battling a head-cold type sinus crud last week, and was just downright busy since I missed work Thursday then was gone all weekend

To be completely honest I have a few topics rolling around in my head that could very well come off as "venting" and I really don't want to do that. You ever get crazy ideas or feelings in the brain, and want to express them? Like right then?? If you don't I can definitely throw some of mine your way LOL because I have plenty to go around. 

So to avoid all that nonsense (because really who has time for that right now?), I think for today I am going to stick with a recipe. Ready, Set, GO!

I made this last week and seriously ate on it all week! I cooked it overnight in the crockpot, and man did it smell good when I woke up the next morning! I am all about cooking ahead of time, and am no stranger to left-overs. When you have a schedule like mine, you learn to make things taste good in less time. Less time standing over the stove that is. The crock pot is my best-frand! 

Anyways, my sister Roxy told me about this recipe and later pointed me to the link that I definitely want to give credit to. The original recipe can be found at The Daily HIIT Blog, which is another one of my FAVs! And can certainly be made with beef instead. I changed a few minor things and may keep editing for taste, but this was one great base for a recipe! 

So without further adieu, I bring you:

It really was delish! So here is what you need:

1 package 99% lean ground turkey
1 large can stewed tomatoes
1 roma tomato (because I had it in the fridge!)
1/2 medium yellow onion, diced
1 can of corn
1 tsp minced garlic (I used dry)
1 can no salt added (organic) black beans
1 packet taco seasoning
salt/pepper to taste
1 cup water

*I also added garlic powder and onion powder
because I add this to just about everything!*

Also, you could just use fresh roma tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes :)

So after you gather all of your ingredients, throw it all in the crock pot!

Add the seasonings...

Check the fridge for other long lost ingredients you could use...Oh Look! A tomato! 

So chop that bad boy up too and toss it in there!

Then set your slow cooker on low for 6 hours or if you have a "cook until the house smells amazing and I wake up with my mouth watering!" setting. Either way will work just fine!

And if you're feeling fancy, add some fresh grated...or packaged shredded cheese ;) to give your taste buds something extra to love! and BAM! A new recipe!

I took the soup off that next morning then refrigerated, and reheated when I got home from the gym! It hit the spot!

Easy peasy, and with Fall coming up it couldn't have been more perfect...even though some nights I seriously felt like I was sweating eating soup with it so hot outside! HA!

If you try it let me know what you think!

So, before I go; what better way to come back with a bang on Wednesday than to link-up with some of my lovelies! It's time to blog hop!!!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

First, I want to join in with Liz over at Fitness Blondie and her co-host Jana @ Jana Says! Go check out these awesome ladies and tell them I sent ya! There are always some super fun ladies hopping around chatting and mingling! 

Femme Fitale Fit Club

And secondly, I want to link-up with another fav of mine, Diatta Harris at Femme Fitale Fit Club and Sheila Simmons from The Frugal Exerciser for the WOW Link-up, where all sorts of people come together to link up health and fitness posts and SO much more! They host this link-up this week with co-hostesses, Amanda at Eat Hard Work Hard and Natalie at Mean, Green, Clean Eating Teen.  Go check them all out and share in some fitness love for me!

Alrighty y'all! Time for me to do some work and then eat lunch and get some more studying done! Maybe one day I'll tell you guys what I'm studying for ;D Can you guess it??

Have an awesome HuMp DAY!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Must Have Fitness Apps!


Man I could scream that today! I don't know if its because today is legit an awesome day, or because we are half-way through the work-week (you know I hate wishing away weeks because of work), or what but MAN! I'm HAPPY! :D Maybe I can spread this contagious feeling to you too!

Course as much as the old me wanted to sleep in again this morning, good thing I smacked her! Haha! I laid there and gave myself two options:

1. I could attempt 'sleep' for the remaining 35 or so minutes; most likely fall asleep and be late AGAIN (yes my typical morning sadly...) OR
2. I could get up and do something productive with my time, AKA chase dreams-- in the form of working on my morning person and cardio skills. 

I gave #2 a big THUMBS UP and said let's do it...and you know what? The vacuuming that commenced promptly after I got out of the shower (so around 6:30ish- yes this happens every morning if not earlier #suckyneighbors), didn't annoy me as much! Who'da thought? ;) I stopped myself right when it started and said "alright, how do I feel? Is it worth ruining my morning over getting irritated at them? NOPE!" And moved on. Just like that...Crazy right? I think I am more amazed than you guys haha! I really hope this is me turning over a new leaf. I think so, so we are going to take it and run with it; kapeesh? :)

Anyways, so that's how my morning went! Do you ever have amazing days like that? Don't you love starting your morning fresh and stress free?? I know I do!!! And I was even early to my carpool- so double win!

And it is Wednesday today, so you know what that means! We have two awesome linkups today! And since I love them both dearly, we are going to combine them and have a whole lot of linking fun!

Let the fun commence!

We have the amazing Fitness Blondie with The Hump Day Blog Hop with this week's awesome co-host Tricia @ Legacy! So definitely go share some blog lovin' and tell them I sent ya!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

AND my newest favorite, Workout Wednesday (WOW) Link Up! This one is brought to you by a few awesome ladies, Diatta Harris at Femme Fitale Fit Club and Sheila Simmons at The Frugal Exerciser.

Femme Fitale Fit Club

So you guys head over to both of these blogs hops, check out the awesome posts, learn some stuff, have some fun and link-up until your hearts are content!

Since I have both on board for today, I am going to do a simple but very useful topic that I find myself sharing or getting asked all the time. 

What are my favorite or must-have fitness apps?

#1 Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is in a nutshell an amazing workout journal. I use this app every single day to plan out and track my workouts. You can track your workouts from the app itself and even create your own workouts and save them in the app. Did I mention it will even count down your rest in between sets too?! Talk about awesome! I don't even have to keep up with the timer because an alarm goes off when it's time to work! You put in the weight and reps you did, press a button, and BAM! It starts counting down.

This app has a huge library of exercises and a good list of built-in workouts to choose from. You can even create your own exercises and parameters to track!  The app itself will chart your progress on a particular exercise too! It even has the capabilities to export the app data into a format that you can load into something like Excel, and create charts of your progress! 

 There is nothing this app cannot do besides doing the workout for you ;) and PLUS today (08/13/14) the Itunes Store has this on sale for $1.99. I'm telling you the BEST $2 I ever spent on an app! I did also have the free version and liked it as well, but the paid version of course has more.

And as long as you back-up your phone's app data, I can assure you that an Iphone will transfer your data to a new phone if/when you have to do this. This was a question I had and even messaged the Fitness Buddy Facebook page about.

Here is a look at some of the awesome features of the (paid version) app! 

You will probably see me posting pictures of workouts with this app pretty often on my Insta page and Facebook

#2 Gym Boss 2 Interval Timer

For all of you HIIT'ers (haha) out there, I have an app for you! I found this one a while ago via Jamie Eason's Live Fit Program and absolutely love it! I am all for anything to make interval training easier ;) 

This one pretty much takes the guess work out of having to watch the clock and set your timers while performing interval training. Or Tabata training. Or really any training where you would need a set start-stop time for rest/work periods. You are able to set your own intervals too, change the colors when the timer goes off (so you can see it far away), and other cool stuff all in one simple and easy to use app, right at your fingertips. 

Oh, and did I mention this one is FREE?!!! 

#3 My Fitness Pal

So how many of you out there are trying to monitor what you take in in some way shape form or fashion? Maybe you follow IIFYM, or clean eating? Or maybe you are just trying to lose weight right now...

Well friends, I would say this one wins for me by a long shot. I tried out a few apps, including Lose It, when I started my journey. This one was the one app I quickly came back to. I can enter my own foods, look up foods easily, create recipes to log, and pretty much anything related to food tracking that your heart desires! I personally like to look up the label and enter/check accordingly before tracking my foods, but to each his/her own.

Do be mindful that the nutritional information may not always be accurate; but other than that, this is a great one!

And if you are familiar with IIFYM, which is another way to put tracking your macronutrients to meet daily food intake goals (yes even if you are a "clean eater"), you can even edit and track your macros here too! Yes, I did say you can edit the macro goals breakdown. This is a common misconception that many people aren't aware of...Yes, Myfitnesspal does set your goals; but 1200 calories is not what you want to be aiming for. We can touch on this more later. :) In the meantime, you can manually edit your daily nutritional goals (and macros) in Myfitnesspal by going to the Goals tab > clicking Change goals > clicking Custom > then Continue. Then if you want to specify it by gram, check out this awesome post by Erin at Live Life Active where she explains how to edit the macro goals with this cool web extension! 

I am not paid nor endorsed by the Apple Itunes Store or these app companies to write these reviews. 

Hope you guys enjoy these to get you started! What other apps do you love? Comment below, let's hear 'em!

Have a great rest of your Hump Day!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

#Motivation & My weekend!

How is everyone doing?

I apologize about not getting this up sooner! I really do love doing my monday motivation pieces but dang, work is killing me lately. 

Anyways, writing from my computer for right now- YAY! Thought I was going to have to finish this one from the mobile app yesterday and was definitely not feeling it. Anytime I have to use it for the blog it doesn't impress me, to say the least. Anyone else feel the same way about the blogger mobile app?

So how was everyone's weekend? I feel like it flew by :(

I did get to spend time with one of our furballs, Gizmo :)

 ...And never do we ever have enough time to get stuff done right? And I didn't even travel this weekend! Sheesh! Can summer stop right now and back up? Has anyone else not been able to go to the pool this summer? Even bigger bummer! Lol sorry to be whiny- I'll get on with it!

Either way I did get to have a great girls night with a friend! We went to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) for wings and a beer (gasp! lol yes I drink sometimes haha!) Then we went to see Sex Tape which I think was pretty hilarious. We both had a great time getting to relax and just hang out! Always something needed for us gals, and anyone really. I often times forget to take time for myself. 

And did some grocery shopping and meal prepping. Blueberries were a great buy! $1.28 for a carton- so naturally, I bought 6. Haha! Yep, they went into the freezer for later! Always look for ads and try to shop smart. Maybe a good blog post topic! :)

And I got in a great workout that I shared on my other pages, but will post here too!

This one wasn't super crazy, but let's face it...I procrastinated and waited until THE LAST minute before I could go; before my dinner and a movie date!

Here's your workout: A quickie Arms/Chest session to blast some calories and turn up the sweat!

-12 min treadmill warm up - start with incline 5; 
then halfway through go to 7.5

-3x15 reg pushups 

-3x10 alternating neutral grip DB curls SS (Superset)
tricep pushdown (full range) w/V attachment

-3x12 DB Chest press on stability ball SS
DB triceps pullover on stability ball
(Squeeze that core for both! You should feel the BURN!!!!)

-finish with 1x15 pushups on bosu ball 
(or more sets if you have 5 mins to spare)
--For this one, turn the bosu ball over so 
that the unstable side is on the floor 
(palms on flat side)

So needless to say after the gym saturday I rushed home, got ready and ran back out the door...and to BWW...nah just kidding. But I was almost late for dinner with my gal! It was a great time!

So today's motivation stems from another random Rachel-thought. No surprise right? ;) It seems like thoughts some to me at random times, so lately I've been writing them down. Usually I am out running around like I was this saturday, or maybe driving home from Topeka...this one has stuck with me since I thought of it. And it pretty much has been driving my motivation and really my positive vibes, good mood lately...whatever you want to put into that category.

And someone may have said this before me...It's pretty self-explanatory really, and can always be applied to our lives. Our job, fitness, friends, any type of situation we are in. Maybe we didn't choose to be in this position...some of the time (most maybe), we don't choose the situation or circumstances we get handed. But that's life right?

So, there are two options: we can continue to live in the situation and circumstances we were given; if bad, then we might be miserable right? If it's not what we want, then the complaining starts. Or dwelling on what we don't have, etc, etc. You see where this one goes...

OR the much better alternative, we can take what we were given and run with it. Make the best of it; do something with it; start with what we have; never settle for what we really want. Start something. Everyone starts somewhere. But this time, work towards finishing something. 

Setting smaller goals for yourself will be the best thing. Like you want to finish your degree, so you take classes in semesters ultimately ending in the completion of said degree. 

You want to lose weight? Start with eating healthy, then add in working out a few days or maybe once or twice a week. Aim small. You won't lose 100 lbs in a few months...let's just face it. It won't happen that quick. And if it does, then more than likely you didn't go for the slow and steady healthy route and the weight will come back on after you come off of whatever helped you lose the weight. 

Those are only a few examples of how you can apply this to your life. Most importantly, don't forget to...

Because really, if we all did what we love and what makes us shine so brightly; then we would definitely be happier and it will lead to more success in the long run. 

We are all hardwired towards specific things in our life, but sometimes we just have to work to find those things. Have you ever found that thing that you excel in, that makes you happy; that you feel like you were meant to do? It could be as simple as making others smile, or as complex as the field you work in and the job you always dreamt of doing. Your true purpose most times is something that won't just be handed to you; or maybe it is and you don't know it yet.

Finding those things that truly make us who we are, start with taking what you are given and running with it. Don't be satisfied, always reach for the impossible, because it's those impossible things that never seem a part of our current situation or set of circumstances.

Like Robin Williams would have said, you can change the way you look at things, the way you live, and maybe even change the world. Live for what you are meant to stay alive for; the real, true beauty of life includes those things like happiness and love. Find your passion and perspective. And never stop striving for the everything life can give you. 

In Remembrance of a great man, loved artist, and beautiful person. 

Robin Williams

A very sad day indeed for anyone who was ever touched by this man. 

And I really hate to end on such a tragic note, but yesterday was also a very important day for another reason...

My husband and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary! 

Often times I really do find myself wondering how I got so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend and soulmate by my side each day.  It's been two amazing years and I cannot wait for the rest of our life together ♥ And even though he is hundreds of thousands of miles away from me, I could not be more in love with him. 

And I have to brag on my hubby one more time ;) Yesterday, we didn't talk much (pattern lately; they have been pretty busy), but when we did late in "his evening" he was still at work; but he still somehow found time to do this for me. I came back from a meeting to find these beautiful flowers waiting on me! Now my office is bright and smells amazing! :) 

Ok I'm done with the sappy parts now :)

Alright, time to get back to reality! Wish I could spend all day blogging sometimes lol! 

So, I leave you with a task: 

Tell me what you all want to see posted on the blog! This is for you and I want to make sure YOU are getting the content YOU want to see! So what else would you like to see?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#WOW Linkup - Killer Arms and Abs

Hey Y'all!!! Man have I had a whirlwind of a BuSy day today! Phew!

Femme Fitale Fit Club

 I wanted to make sure I got a post up today for the #wowlinkup because it's awesome and because you guys NEED this workout in your life!

I'm telling ya! My abs are never sore and HOLY MOLY! Were they sore after this workout for days. Make sure you go heavy on everything and push hard! 

No ladies, your arms won't look like this all the time and yes YOU CAN lift heavy without getting bulky! #smashthemyth and GO LIFT! (thank me later!--when those tank tops expose your sexy arms! ;) )

Here's the workout: 

Treadmill warmup: incline walking 3.3- up to 10 (5-7-10)

1) Selectorized tricep ext. SS select. Bicep Curls SS 30s plank --3x12

2) Stability ball DB chest press SS Tricep Dip-Kick --3x12

3) Rope (attachment) cable Hammer Curl SS Rope Cable Tricep Ext. SS 
HEAVY Select. Ab Crunch (15 reps) -- 3x10

4) Hanging Knee Raises x failure 

5) Plate decline crunch 3x15 (I used 25lbs) -- 
**You will keep the plate over your head!**
Arms go from parallel to straight up as
 you lift your body with your core.

Tricep Dip with Kick Guide :)

You know those guns weren't built overnight ;)

Try it out and let me know what you think! Cya until later guys! Gotta run get my carpool buddy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MPG Rock Your Workout Giveaway - Reminder!

Hey guys and gals!!! I want to share an AWESOME giveaway with you that started last week! I posted it then and will be posting this a few more times for people to see; so for those already aware bear with me while I share this a few more times this week :)

Personally I am STOKED about this giveaway because I found out about MPG from purchasing a pair of workout pants from TJ Maxx, not too long ago. Y'all know I love a good bargain! And talk about great quality! Speaking of which...I need to pay a visit and pick up some more gear!

But without further adieu, I bring you:

Welcome to the Rock Your Workout Event Sweepstakes

So here is the gist: 

  • Contest starts TODAY at noon EST
  • ends august 14 at noon EST
  • Open to USA/CAN 18+ (void where prohibited)
  • 3 winners receive a shirt, pants, jacket and tote of their choice!

Check out the info below and definitely get your entries in! Good luck everyone and talk to ya soon!


MPG is a brand of clothing which fuses
fashion sensibility with performance function.

In our drive to develop the ultimate active apparel, we have achieved garments that feel and look so great on, you will want to wear them for everyday use. MPG has effectively blurred the lines between fashion and performance.

Truly powerful action is the result of an equally passionate vision and drive to achieve. Behind the energy for perfection surges the will to attain it. In recognizing this balance, MPG has developed a line of clothing that seamlessly blends fashion and function, design and performance. The results are richly detailed pieces with a technical edge — an entire collection unparalleled in conception and construction.

MPG, inspired by the smooth, strong movements of performers such as athletes and dancers, celebrates the drive, dedication and perseverance of these phenomenal individuals. MPG applauds their unyielding pursuit of excellence, through sacrifice and discipline, with respect and admiration. The brand’s versatility allows for more than just function; it embodies style and comfort by offering a range of clothing to suit any activity in any environment, at the apex of vision and vigor.

We welcome you to experience the World of MPG.

go HERE to check out MPG's website!

MPG has offered not 1 but 3 prizes of YOUR choice of top, bottom, jacket and tote! This prize is available for both MALES and FEMALES ! Prizes are also open to USA/CAN!!!


  • MUST reside in USA or Canada (void where prohibited such as Quebec)
  • ONE entry per household
  • ends august 14/14
  • you have 2 days from when I send the winning email to claim prize or another winner will be chosen!
  • fill out form CORRECTLY ( I will be checking all entries)
  • facebook, twitter, etc are NOT liable in anyway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: MPM was compensated for this giveaway. ALL other participating bloggers DID NOT receive any compensation for this giveaway. MPG is the ONLY one responsible for the prizes. Facebook, twitter, pinterest etc is NOT responsible or liable in ANYWAY for this giveaway! If you want to work with Mom Powered Media (MPG) or have any questions please message Natasha at ! Good luck guys!