Tuesday, August 12, 2014

#Motivation & My weekend!

How is everyone doing?

I apologize about not getting this up sooner! I really do love doing my monday motivation pieces but dang, work is killing me lately. 

Anyways, writing from my computer for right now- YAY! Thought I was going to have to finish this one from the mobile app yesterday and was definitely not feeling it. Anytime I have to use it for the blog it doesn't impress me, to say the least. Anyone else feel the same way about the blogger mobile app?

So how was everyone's weekend? I feel like it flew by :(

I did get to spend time with one of our furballs, Gizmo :)

 ...And never do we ever have enough time to get stuff done right? And I didn't even travel this weekend! Sheesh! Can summer stop right now and back up? Has anyone else not been able to go to the pool this summer? Even bigger bummer! Lol sorry to be whiny- I'll get on with it!

Either way I did get to have a great girls night with a friend! We went to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) for wings and a beer (gasp! lol yes I drink sometimes haha!) Then we went to see Sex Tape which I think was pretty hilarious. We both had a great time getting to relax and just hang out! Always something needed for us gals, and anyone really. I often times forget to take time for myself. 

And did some grocery shopping and meal prepping. Blueberries were a great buy! $1.28 for a carton- so naturally, I bought 6. Haha! Yep, they went into the freezer for later! Always look for ads and try to shop smart. Maybe a good blog post topic! :)

And I got in a great workout that I shared on my other pages, but will post here too!

This one wasn't super crazy, but let's face it...I procrastinated and waited until THE LAST minute before I could go; before my dinner and a movie date!

Here's your workout: A quickie Arms/Chest session to blast some calories and turn up the sweat!

-12 min treadmill warm up - start with incline 5; 
then halfway through go to 7.5

-3x15 reg pushups 

-3x10 alternating neutral grip DB curls SS (Superset)
tricep pushdown (full range) w/V attachment

-3x12 DB Chest press on stability ball SS
DB triceps pullover on stability ball
(Squeeze that core for both! You should feel the BURN!!!!)

-finish with 1x15 pushups on bosu ball 
(or more sets if you have 5 mins to spare)
--For this one, turn the bosu ball over so 
that the unstable side is on the floor 
(palms on flat side)

So needless to say after the gym saturday I rushed home, got ready and ran back out the door...and to BWW...nah just kidding. But I was almost late for dinner with my gal! It was a great time!

So today's motivation stems from another random Rachel-thought. No surprise right? ;) It seems like thoughts some to me at random times, so lately I've been writing them down. Usually I am out running around like I was this saturday, or maybe driving home from Topeka...this one has stuck with me since I thought of it. And it pretty much has been driving my motivation and really my positive vibes, good mood lately...whatever you want to put into that category.

And someone may have said this before me...It's pretty self-explanatory really, and can always be applied to our lives. Our job, fitness, friends, any type of situation we are in. Maybe we didn't choose to be in this position...some of the time (most maybe), we don't choose the situation or circumstances we get handed. But that's life right?

So, there are two options: we can continue to live in the situation and circumstances we were given; if bad, then we might be miserable right? If it's not what we want, then the complaining starts. Or dwelling on what we don't have, etc, etc. You see where this one goes...

OR the much better alternative, we can take what we were given and run with it. Make the best of it; do something with it; start with what we have; never settle for what we really want. Start something. Everyone starts somewhere. But this time, work towards finishing something. 

Setting smaller goals for yourself will be the best thing. Like you want to finish your degree, so you take classes in semesters ultimately ending in the completion of said degree. 

You want to lose weight? Start with eating healthy, then add in working out a few days or maybe once or twice a week. Aim small. You won't lose 100 lbs in a few months...let's just face it. It won't happen that quick. And if it does, then more than likely you didn't go for the slow and steady healthy route and the weight will come back on after you come off of whatever helped you lose the weight. 

Those are only a few examples of how you can apply this to your life. Most importantly, don't forget to...

Because really, if we all did what we love and what makes us shine so brightly; then we would definitely be happier and it will lead to more success in the long run. 

We are all hardwired towards specific things in our life, but sometimes we just have to work to find those things. Have you ever found that thing that you excel in, that makes you happy; that you feel like you were meant to do? It could be as simple as making others smile, or as complex as the field you work in and the job you always dreamt of doing. Your true purpose most times is something that won't just be handed to you; or maybe it is and you don't know it yet.

Finding those things that truly make us who we are, start with taking what you are given and running with it. Don't be satisfied, always reach for the impossible, because it's those impossible things that never seem a part of our current situation or set of circumstances.

Like Robin Williams would have said, you can change the way you look at things, the way you live, and maybe even change the world. Live for what you are meant to stay alive for; the real, true beauty of life includes those things like happiness and love. Find your passion and perspective. And never stop striving for the everything life can give you. 

In Remembrance of a great man, loved artist, and beautiful person. 

Robin Williams

A very sad day indeed for anyone who was ever touched by this man. 

And I really hate to end on such a tragic note, but yesterday was also a very important day for another reason...

My husband and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary! 

Often times I really do find myself wondering how I got so lucky to have such a wonderful best friend and soulmate by my side each day.  It's been two amazing years and I cannot wait for the rest of our life together ♥ And even though he is hundreds of thousands of miles away from me, I could not be more in love with him. 

And I have to brag on my hubby one more time ;) Yesterday, we didn't talk much (pattern lately; they have been pretty busy), but when we did late in "his evening" he was still at work; but he still somehow found time to do this for me. I came back from a meeting to find these beautiful flowers waiting on me! Now my office is bright and smells amazing! :) 

Ok I'm done with the sappy parts now :)

Alright, time to get back to reality! Wish I could spend all day blogging sometimes lol! 

So, I leave you with a task: 

Tell me what you all want to see posted on the blog! This is for you and I want to make sure YOU are getting the content YOU want to see! So what else would you like to see?

Have a great day!


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