Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekend Recap! + I promise I'm not lost...

Hey there fit family! It's Friday-eve!!! 

Like I said in the last post, I swear I am not forgetting about you guys every day! I really do have a huge list of blog topics that I am working on and want to post but, always seems like something comes up. Like this annoying thing called work...where the actually expect you to work. Gosh! The nerve! ;) 

 I did get the new recipe up yesterday that I promised so go check it out! :) It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

But anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did! I took a personal day on Friday. And after being sick Thursday; late into work and left early to visit the doc, I was ready for it! I even had them give me a shot because I was NOT going to miss the weekend I planned! You do what you have to folks- especially us with horrible allergies! Kansas wind doesn't make it any easier sometimes. Either way! I want to share my fun-filled weekend with you guys!

First I visited my trainer in KC early Friday morning for a Bis/Tris killer session! I was stoked because I haven't gotten to visit in a while, and Cody sure can kick my butt! I think I've said it before, but if you are in the Kansas City area, Laser Sharp Fitness is the place to go!

I had a blast! Even though in only 45 minutes my arms were dead! I'm talking could not lift anything else, pushed to the max, face beet red. Then I did some cardio HA! He said "stairmaster on 12 for 20 minutes." Alright...yeah...about that. Let's just say my cardio is not where it needs to be! An awakening it was! This reading on the Polar was after the full session with cardio! My Polar actually stopped reading my HR after a few sets with him; not sure what is going on with it; but man I was hoping to see how much I actually burned in that session! 

Anyone else have problems with their Polar where it stops detecting HR after sweating or during your workouts? This is no bueno! I have already bought a new band with attachment... :( Any insight would be awesome! I have a feeling it is because my sports bra keeps getting underneath it, so tonight I may try wearing it below instead of right under the band. 

Either way, I didn't need my HR monitor to tell me I burned a TON and had an awesome workout!

Afterwards I headed over to see family that live in the same area, and wouldn't you know even thinking about it I forgot to take a picture of all of us! My sweet mother-in-law was in town and her, our Maw Maw, and I went to eat Chinese per Maw Maw's request. :)

And I swear this fortune hits the nail on the head! I have been trying to stay as happy and positive as I can lately, and you know how it goes...the more you do something, the more it will reflect outwardly! Even the fortune gods can sense my positivity! ;)

After running a few errands, sitting around looking at old pictures (of my hubby and family hehe), and talking until we ran out of time (who knew I could do that?! haha!), I had to head on out to make it to my retreat for the weekend!

The chaplain's office on post organizes these retreats, where military couples and spouses can attend a weekend away (in a near-by city usually), fully paid for including all meals and a room for the weekend! And we get to attend sessions through an organization called Strong Bonds to learn either better marriage skills, communication skills, or in this case those and resiliency skills while our loved ones are deployed. 

You don't have to ask me twice to go on a paid trip! Weekend away, all by myself in a nice room, not having to cook, PLUS a great hotel that who knew it would have a sauna and pool/fitness center! -- YEP! This little lady was SOLD! These retreats are always fun; me and the hubby went on a few the past two years and enjoyed both of them, plus were able to become closer and take the skills we learned back home to continue bettering ourselves together. <3 Ready...Awwww! Haha! Had to. And did I mention those two we went on (and this last one) also give you a date night, where if you had kids childcare is provided for the night, and for the whole weekend?! 

It really was not a bad trip in any sense; in fact, it was a great trip! The room was nice, the hotel was nice; pretty good food (without the clean eater in me freaking out lol!) and I got to meet a bunch of great new friends too! I think I put myself out there and interacted with almost everyone there this weekend, and man did the extrovert in me love that! (If you are a spouse that attended and are reading I know you laughed at that! ;) )

It really was a great experience and the book we received has some great content in it for interpersonal relationship skills and resiliency training; in other words, the skills we use every day in our personal relationships and really any social contact with people, then the ability to cope with stress and difficult situations we might find ourselves in. In this case, the stressful situation is a deployment. Personally, and the inner social psychologist in me rejoices when things like this come up, I don't think anyone can ever get enough interaction and experience with others on these topics. You can always learn something new about yourself, your relationships, and especially how to cope with stressful life events. :D 

So how about I show you some pictures to give your brain a break? I know and just like we discussed over the weekend, not everyone likes a chatter box like me! But I suppose you would if you keep coming back to read my posts!

The majority of what we did was "training" and the sessions, but it was still fun! Anything where I can interact with others and learn something at the same time is always great! I am a firm believer that we are lifelong learners and should take advantage of that whenever we can. 

I will say on Friday night I took full advantage of the fact that the hotel had a pool and sauna! Man that felt good! I am going to have to start using the one in our gym more often :D

I mean who wouldn't ?!

On Saturday night during our free time, we all went to get pedicures! And took a trip to the mall to walk around and hang out. And we even hung around before they all went to pick up their kiddos, and some of us had a drink! It is not often, but I sure do enjoy having a glass of wine (or two!). Everything in moderation!

 I couldn't get over the angle in this picture and how different my arms look! You guys know I would notice that...

 Nothing crazy exciting on the last day. I did get to sit by this cute little lady all weekend! Sometimes it makes you want to be a mommy! She was such a good baby the entire time we were there! All of the females out there will know what I'm talking about!

And I even got in a great cardio (Gasp! I know!!) workout on Saturday! I was feeling a bit stressed for some reason or another after our sessions; maybe just tense. And the treadmill was calling my name. I think I have found the "comfort" and joy that cardio used to bring me, again. At least on days like this, cardio for me is effortless and I can push past any limits that may have been there before. Other is like pulling teeth. See! I am normal just like you guys!

Then after the amazingly-relaxing session of sprints (I know that should be an oxymoron in itself!), I came back and noticed my reflection in the desk mirror. So naturally you know what had to happen!

I mean I don't want to toot my own horn but Geez! I haven't seen separation like that ever! And I didn't even do any arms! Nothing but incline interval sprints for 30 mins! Lol. Serious awesomeness in that photo!

And I am back-tracking a bit, but in between sessions earlier that day we had small breaks. I used one of those to rush back up the stairs to my room and grab a "snack" to hold me until dinner! I am not used to just "snacking" during the day, so on trips and times that I know I cannot get a meal in I always bring options for quick "grab and go" snacks. And as much as I thought about it, I did not bring my tuna-to-go pack into the session. That would have been perfect, but you never know who would be the person that can't stand the smell ya know? I always try to think about others in situations like that. And nowadays, I seem to always be the chick in the room with food when everyone else is hungry. All of my fit girls understand!

 Overall, it was a great trip! And I am really happy that I took advantage of the opportunity. It was relaxing, fun, informative, and all of those good things you can find in a little break away from home!

You never know, with military funding, how long great benefits and perks like this will be around! Any chance to make new friends and have a weekend away, I am all about!

And one thing I love about trips and being off work, is I get to wear all the fun clothes in my wardrobe; and know...dress like I want. And having a full length mirror in the hotel room was definitely awesome! Can you tell??? It's the little things...

Then...I got back home and well, you see what happens. Haha! "Hey hubby, Look what I'm wearing!" Yeah, about that. I definitely need a cheapo mirror from Target! All sorts of contorted in that one...

Then on Sunday, we got released pretty early and I was home by lunch time which was awesome! I was able to get home and settled, eat lunch and relax a minute, get in a workout, go to the store, and do normal chores, and meal prep that day! That is my kind-of vacation especially when you don't have the luxury of taking off another day. I really had work stuff to get done monday...sad I know!

This week I did shredded crock-pot chicken, turkey-veggie medley, broccoli, green beans, rice pasta for the turkey mix, sweet potatoes (not pictured), sliced bell peppers, I have grapefruits, and finally I made grilled chicken Caesar wraps for mid-morning! And let me tell you, not only are they easy for me because it is a one-stop-shop to fit my daily macros. But there is no heating up separate items or anything! And they taste wonderful! Easy and yummy = great for anyone!

So, just in case you need an easy idea for lunches, here is how I did them:

You will need:

- 3/4 a package of chicken tenderloins 
(I use the 2-3 lb packages from Dillons)
- salt and pepper
-garlic powder
-caesar dressing of choice 
(I may opt for homemade next time!)
- package of romaine lettuce
- tortillas of choice 
(I used sundried tomato basil shells but 
will opt for something like Tumaros brand next time)
- Feta cheese

1) season chicken to taste with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I sprinkled some of each onto the top layer of the chicken before grilling.

2) Grill chicken for about 10 minutes flipping once during grill time. I am super paranoid about chicken being under-cooked, so I usually char mine a tad. Plus I like the flavor. Call me weird, but hey... :D

3) After grilling, chop chicken into cubes or small chunks. You can do whatever you like here; I like the wraps that have smaller pieces personally. I think I may use my ninja next time for quick chopping. Best thing ever!

4) Toss chopped chicken in about 2-3 tbsp (I am estimating) of caesar dressing. You can add more if you like. I added a bit more to my wraps instead.

5) Take one wrap, 5 oz of chicken (you can adjust portions accordingly), a handful of lettuce, and about 1 spoon (small) of crumbled feta cheese and add it to a wrap. I also tore lettuce with my hands before adding. 

6) Add more dressing if you want before rolling, but be cautious because dressing and sauces like this can add up quick! Always read your labels! I just personally happen to like the flavor of this better than the Walden Farms brand Caesar.

7) Roll it up and slice, then place haves into sandwich baggies for the week!

If you're like me and don't like soggy lettuce, you can do a few for the next 2 days and wait for the rest. You see in the picture I measured out 3 extra chicken portions (and had a small snack leftover) and added the feta, then put in tupperware for the nights ahead. This week I made two the night before last and will do one tonight. But if you have no preference, then make them all when you prep!

Well alright folks, that's about all I have for today or right now anyways. I am working on a hot topic, at least for me lately, in another post that I really want to post tomorrow. Inspired to say the least by something that happened to me earlier and I just cannot go without talking about it. You know us chatterboxes love to talk about things! 

Until next time, I hope you have a fabulous day! I know after my rest day I am ready to kill some legs tonight! What are your plans?


  1. Ok loved the post but what caught my lingering attention were those chicken wraps. I am definitely trying that. Looks awesome!

    1. Thanks girl! They were seriously so good I made them again this week too! :) Easy and not super clean/fancy but yummy! :D