Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#WOW Linkup - Killer Arms and Abs

Hey Y'all!!! Man have I had a whirlwind of a BuSy day today! Phew!

Femme Fitale Fit Club

 I wanted to make sure I got a post up today for the #wowlinkup because it's awesome and because you guys NEED this workout in your life!

I'm telling ya! My abs are never sore and HOLY MOLY! Were they sore after this workout for days. Make sure you go heavy on everything and push hard! 

No ladies, your arms won't look like this all the time and yes YOU CAN lift heavy without getting bulky! #smashthemyth and GO LIFT! (thank me later!--when those tank tops expose your sexy arms! ;) )

Here's the workout: 

Treadmill warmup: incline walking 3.3- up to 10 (5-7-10)

1) Selectorized tricep ext. SS select. Bicep Curls SS 30s plank --3x12

2) Stability ball DB chest press SS Tricep Dip-Kick --3x12

3) Rope (attachment) cable Hammer Curl SS Rope Cable Tricep Ext. SS 
HEAVY Select. Ab Crunch (15 reps) -- 3x10

4) Hanging Knee Raises x failure 

5) Plate decline crunch 3x15 (I used 25lbs) -- 
**You will keep the plate over your head!**
Arms go from parallel to straight up as
 you lift your body with your core.

Tricep Dip with Kick Guide :)

You know those guns weren't built overnight ;)

Try it out and let me know what you think! Cya until later guys! Gotta run get my carpool buddy!


  1. Your guns are all that and that is my ambition - to have sexy, sleek and cut arms! I plan to wear short sleeves throughout the Winter too so I better get with it!!!! Thanks for sharing this workout. What does "SS" stand for? #wowlinkup

    1. :D You're awesome lady! LOL I'm game! I never thought I would love muscular arms...until I started getting them haha! You're so welcome! SS = superset :) I should remember to note that everytime I reference it.

  2. Awesome guns! It's one area that is finally starting to develop but with all the sagging skin I don't know how much it'll show.

    1. Thanks!! :) For sure! It will take time to tighten that area for sure, so definitely keep at it! The more muscle you develop, and the lower body fat will definitely make a difference!

  3. SUNS OUT, GUNS OUT. put those guns away, girl!

    such an awesome job. i love seeing strong, fit women!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. :D love this! I know right ;) haha!

      Thanks so much lady! That's my goal is to become strong and fit, and inspire other people along the way :) Love this! You're awesome!

  4. WHAT UP GUN SHOW! I would buy front row tickets FOR SURE!

    1. This made me LOL when I saw it haha! That's definitely a compliment to me :) thanks girl!

  5. What a transformation! Good for you :)