Monday, September 22, 2014

Clean Fried Rice + Motivation Monday!

Hey guys and gals! 

I hope you guys had a great weekend! So remember when I told you I would try to come up with a better fried rice recipe than using the packet seasoning? Well, I did! Woot hoo!!

And it turned out amazing! I mean it should have, this was almost the recipe we used to make fried rice to go with the 1200 egg rolls for Apple Days last weekend. :p Needless to say last week, I was a little "riced-out" haha. So I wanted to make it this weekend after my break from anything Asian food and for my weekly meal prep!

I got started earlier than usual yesterday too, even earlier than the Sunday before. I know that waiting until Sunday late-afternoon/evening to meal prep derails me when it comes to getting into bed early, so I took every step I could to make sure that didn't happen last night. When talking to my husband is the only thing keeping me awake later than normal  on a Sunday night...I am ok with that. And it was very successful. The only thing I had to do after the gym was brown the turkey and portion out the chicken and turkey into the already prepped containers full or carbs and veggies! So it's definitely progress. 

Do any of you have problems staying up later than normal during the week or on Sundays? How do you improve that skill?

Anyways, other than meal prep yesterday and studying, going to the gym, a load of laundry, and going by GNC to see my girl; it was a pretty laid back day. I slept in a bit to give my body time to catch up on sleep. That is pretty normal for me on weekends though. I have to allow for some recovery time, because I am usually go, go, go during the week without even blinking. Plus I love sleeping in ;)

And I cannot go without sharing this awesome recipe with you, so here ya go! And it is super easy too; perfect for the busy Sunday meal prep, or week night quick but tasty dinner for the busy Mom or Dad!

And I do want to mention, if someone has posted a similar recipe somewhere I do apologize; I am not plagiarizing but only going off my personal experience. If anything I will give credit to Young King for teaching us how to make this wonderful and easy recipe, the weekend before last! If I was good enough, I would replicate her egg rolls as well, but that may take some time and practice to do! :)

You will need:

~ 2.5 c cooked long grain brown rice (any rice will do and 
this portion was what I needed for the weeks meals)
~ 1/4 c (or less) cooking oil depending on the amount of rice
~Frozen or fresh veggies of your choice. I used peas and carrots.
~ 1/4 large Vidalia onion chopped or 1/2 medium
~ 2 tsp Garlic powder
~ 1 tsp Sea Salt
~ 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce

First you want to cook your rice. And thanks to Young, I now know to rinse my rice; whereas before I never thought about it! So after cooking your rice, rinse and drain it; I put mine back in the warmer until I needed it. 

I measured out 2.5 c dry rice with the small cup that came with my rice cooker and put it in early that afternoon. I just dawned on me that I shouldn't put "2.5 c dry rice" because your normal measuring cup would probably be much bigger than the one I used lol! When it finished cooking, I had about 3.5-4 c cooked rice; give or take a bit because I measured quickly when I was cooking. 

Then put the oil in the pan on medium heat, and allow the pan to heat up before putting your veggies in the pan. The key (also credit to my amazing mentor!) to making good fried rice is to start off right. And "right" means a warm pan!

So after warming the pan an oil (noticeably warm, not boiling out of control!) put the veggies and chopped onion in the oil and stir for a few minutes. Once the oil really starts to warm up, then add the rice. 

TIP:  I started off with too much oil (^ there), so don't worry if it looks like "not enough oil" at first. A little goes a long way! 

Stir the rice for a minute or so. Then add the soy sauce. You may add more if you like, just don't go overboard with the sodium. I used just enough to turn the rice a light brown color. I don't like to overwhelm the taste buds with salt anymore :D

Then you will want to stir and "toss" the rice off and on for around 5 minutes (for this much rice I find it takes longer. For a "more normal" portion, 2-3 minutes should suffice). Since I had too much oil, I cooked it a little longer. 

Then remove from the heat and serve as a side dish, or with your favorite meats! You could definitely add meat while cooking or afterwards. I will probably add shrimp next time! Yum!

 So there ya go! And definitely after I finished cooking, I said, "Crap! I forgot the egg." Whomp whomp whomp....But that's ok it still tasted excellent!

I paired it with some ground turkey, tossed it around, chopped up the mighty mini peppers and went to town! It was actually really really yummy!

The night before when I went grocery shopping, I found an awesome wrap that I have heard about from many people including Little B and Tara Marie Health and Fitness! And they taste great and the macros are pretty friendly!

So I made a tasty, quick and easy wrap! Can you see a theme with my meals? Coming from someone who did not like or know how to cook before I chose to start prepping all of my meals...I prefer the "quick and easy" way for anything when it comes to me making food. You will notice that I don't post a ton other than mentioning what I eat from time to time on pages like my instagram or Facebook page; because I eat the same things every day, minus dinner and weekends. And even then I don't stray too far. On here I love to show how I eat, because it can teach others and not overwhelm people with a ton of food posts in their feeds all the time :) Win-win for everyone! Plus I know you guys love new recipes as much as me!

 This one consisted of:

-1 Flat Out Italian Herb wrap
- 5 or so oz grilled chopped chicken
- 1 heaping tbsp Sabra red pepper hummus
- Yellow mustard (I like a lot)
-Romaine lettuce
-1 tbsp feta cheese

And it really hit the spot. I am making them every night for my 'mid-morning' snacks/meals for this week too!

So like I said, other than that I didn't do too much...

I did realize, while folding laundry, for the ump-teenth time that I have way too many gym clothes compared to normal clothes...rolling 2 stacks of shirts deep in my closet now. Oh and that doesn't count the nightstand drawer filled with workout clothes lol! But yet I still need want new stuff. #fitgirlproblems for sure!

And this morning while fighting the urge to call in sick (I really didn't and don't feel too hot)...I thought this was amusing and all too much like me during the week. 

Anyone else feel me? Haha!

Anywho! What else were we going to talk about? Oh yeah! Motivation!

So yesterday I had someone ask me how I manage to let things roll off my shoulder as easy as I do now. How I don't worry all the time anymore, if you will...well this was a pretty straightforward answer, but in the same sense it wasn't. I didn't used to be as happy, realistic, motivating, inspiring, or other things that I have been called (or like to think I am now) for some time now by people around me. I have touched on that before in many posts (here I believe) and also something I probably won't ever stop touching on, because it is part of something I have overcome to a great extent at this point; and on a small scale...I still am working on it every day. You can ask my husband, because he probably sees the parts being worked on more than anyone. And I really do have to give just about all credit to him for this, because without him, I wouldn't be where I am in this constant battle that is now becoming easier every day. 

He is always lighthearted and carefree, reminding me to see the good in things and to not worry about what you cannot control. Here I am being vulnerable, because most of you don't know what an amazing influence he is on me all the time. But that is part of what it has taken for me to think the way I do now. Having a support system there in him constantly reminding me how lucky I am and how good life really is no matter what situation I am in. I won't be sappy anymore, but that's my two cents. :) Positive self talk every single day, long term, is in short how you can overcome a mindset like that and see your life in a different perspective. I do talk about that more in depth here as well. 

So having said that, you can ultimately decide who you are and where you are going and you can go anywhere if you first believe you can. You are not anything other than what you feel and act from your heart. And don't feel as though you have to have a crowd of people following you to be great. Strive for few and true before many who don't respect you. 

 Be you and always take moments every day to remind yourself who you truly are and where you're going you're going many places even if you don't know it yet. Have faith and keep pushing every single day to be a better you.

Like I told the person I was having the conversation with, I could talk about this all day and come from a different perspective every time it comes up because this is something I truly live by now. I wouldn't have it any other way because it really can change your life. 

How have you changed your attitude since you've been on your journey? Or how have you brought out qualities that were minimal before?

Hope you guys have a great day! Until next time!


  1. This is my kind of post! "Good" fried rice and a flat out. Love flat outs. They make a cheat meal seem a little bit less guilty.

    1. Thank you! Yep! I thought so for sure after tasting it! And the rice is great for my lunches too! I can't believe I haven't searched for them before now! I have searched for Tumaro's wraps before now but when I finally decided to buy, the grocery store took them out lol. I definitely agree! Very good and makes me feel like I'm eating a good piece of bread. Get that from the hubs...he's the bread man.