Thursday, September 25, 2014

The NO Flat Butt Work-out!

Happy day before Friday!!!

It is kind-of sad that I look forward to the weekends as much as I do...maybe one day I won't have a two hour drive time to and from work every day. Then I won't be so eager to spend all weekend without having to drive so far! lol. Ya feel me?

I hate to always complain to you guys; does anyone else have a commute to work like that? It sure does make life rough. But for now, life goes on I suppose!


I really wanted to get this workout up last night for the #wowlinkup with all my gals, and actually was intending to...then I cooked and ate dinner (mind you it was around 930 when I sat down to eat), which is a normal night believe it or not...and I wonder why I can't get up on time...I digress haha! But after I got to eating, that's when the tired hit me!

Kind-of like that!

And there was no turning back. So I decided to get my stuff done and get my tail in bed!

So I am bringing you the late Workout Wednesday because it was so good, my legs were already tightening up during my workout! Now that's a good leg day!

Did I mention...

But we are trying to build that booty so it's ok

I mean who wouldn't want a booty like the amazing 2nd time Bikini Olympia Champion Ashley Kaltwasser?! 

Yes Please!

Building those strong shapely legs and booty will definitely take doing heavy leg exercises like squats and lunges, etc. more than one day a week. And when performing those, really focus on squeezing those glutes whenever you can during exercise will be two keys to building those beautiful round gluties! Your quads do have a tendency to "take over" when doing heavy leg exercises, so always focus on driving with the heels and squeezing the buns at the top of the movement to really get the burn in all parts of your legs!

Don't be afraid to lift heavy ladies! I used to be one with "all the treble and no bass" so I know how it is to be super skinny; don't doubt yourself because you CAN build those curves you want and the strong sexy physique!

Anyways, yes a lot of the time leg day is my favorite body part to work. Course, catch me on a really good day and every body part would be my favorite to work lol!

And it might sound kinda weird, but I want to tell you my latest snack obsession! I am definitely a chip eater (or was anyways) so anything that "crunches" is a winner in my book. For the FRG meeting last weekend, I bought a veggie tray and had a bunch almost all of it leftover. Go figure! And one of the things on it was snap peas!

They are a healthy, crunchy way to get that fix in and fill up on veggie carbs to keep you full! Make sure to grab an easy chicken wrap to go with it and you have yourself an easy meal or snack! 

It sure does beat the 'chips' all the time, because Lord know we don't want those "gains" on our buns right? I know us ladies have a tendency to carry weight around the hips so this is a great alternative to the salty crunchy goodness we can find in a chip bag! 

So that's all for today's post! What are you guys planning this weekend? And definitely let me know what you think of the workout! See ya next time!


  1. I def carry weight in my lower area. Keeping that area firm and round is important! I haven't had a chicken wrap in a while. Matter of fact, I have gotten pretty lazy with meals lately. By that I mean that I have been cooking the same old stuff and not getting creative lately.

    The workout sounds awesome! I may even be able to try it out because I am progressively (AKA slow as molasses) getting better.

    I used to have a commute like that and it was torture. I work so much closer and I don't think I'd ever go back to such a commute.

  2. Yep we do so easily! I never thought I did, but man when I gained the body i am reaping the repercussions of not starting out doing heavy leg days all the time. My lower body is finally catching up after months and months of consistent two-a-week leg days and lots of heavy glute work! Phew Im tired just saying that lol ;) Oh man they have been go-tos for me and it's really nothing special other than me trying different wrap brands lol! I really try to get creative; but to seems tired some weeks. So I swapped the caesar for mustard and hummus or maybe a salad one day, and added veggies the next...little things. I need to go back through my pinterest recipe arsenal and find some stuff to try soon. I hate when I get bored and would rather not eat what I bring. It's rare but still happens.

    Aww thanks lady! It was it was!! I was thinking on my feet and it turned out great! I especially felt and feel the super squats and will be doing those at least once a week from now on! Tough stuff! But you do rest the pads on your shoulders, so that may need to be swapped for ya. I hate to hear that still! I'm such a bad sick person and I hate when others who are used to being active have something holding them back. All in good time I guess. I am sure the slow recovery will be better in the long run for ya! And you'll bounce back easy!

    Oh man is it! Argh! Especially that I'm driving myself it is horrible (all caps lol)! I won't if I ever change jobs. It sure would be better! On the budget and my sanity haha!

  3. Oh those snap peas look delicious. I find that I can't eat just one! They are so good with veggie dip. Your legs are building OUT girl!!!! Keep up the great work. I need to get back to the weights. #wowlinkup