Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Recap: NANBF KC Classic! + a simple smoothie!

Hey there everybody!

So anatomy, joints and mover muscles data and charts are making my brain hurt so I am taking a break from studying working to talk to you guys! Lol. You caught that didn't you? Ah well! Gotta get it done somehow right? Can you tell I started writing this way earlier? 

Anyways, before HUMP Day tomorrow (YES! *screams inside*) I want to get up a short weekend recap and show you guys at least the awesome pics I got from the competition this past weekend. 

 So Friday night I was going out to dinner with some ladies I met last month at the retreat. Had to stop and pick up a birthday card and naturally had to take a few #selfies in the grocery store parking lot ;) haha. 

Good thing I did because the birthday girl had actually cancelled her birthday dinner and guess who didn't get the message? Yep! Made it almost all the way there, card in tow, running late but going to be on time for her arrival and what happens? "Oh it got cancelled." Oh well! So that was kind-of a bust...Can I also say how utterly upset I was that I had to bring that heavier coat that night Argh! Summer come back!!!!!!

Seeing as how it was cancelled, I went tanning then went to Marshalls, and found a cute pair of MPG workout shorts and a top from Express in MY SIZE that I hunted the weekend before and couldn't find anywhere in the right size! Gotta love those trips! And I should've snapped a picture! 

Then after the awesome and cheap but short shopping trip, I almost drank my pre-workout and headed to the gym when I realized "Crap! I have to be up super early!"

 And normally if it were not this early, the gym would not wait...but I sacrificed it for sleep considering I would have drank pre-workout at around 8:30 pm. Not a good forecast for sleep later that night if ya know what I mean! Even guided meditation or melatonin couldn't help that one!

Now why in the heck would I want to be up this early on a Saturday you ask? Yeah well...want is not the word I would use lol! I actually volunteered super early for the Apple Day festival on Ft. Riley; specifically helping our battalion make fried rice (for around 6 hours!) to go with the over 1,200 egg rolls we all made the weekend before. 

In short this festival is huge, and every battalion has the opportunity to have a food booth and raise money for the FRG (aka: Family Readiness Group -- important for the families especially when soldiers are deployed like now :) ); seeing as how ours has no money, I was all in-- no volunteers from our company and all! Lol. I really am kind-of sad sometimes I think....Always the one trying to compensate for what people don't do. Yep that's me! ;) Anyways, it was fun hanging out with the lovely ladies that helped, even if we fried rice all morning! 

Jumping back to the night before really quick-like! I won a gift card from Bodybuilding.com and Rachelle Dejean (rachelle_babyy on instagram) a while back ~~ which is so awesome by the way girl! Thank you so much again! Things like that just make your day you know and she was awesome about it all! ~~ Y'all head over and give her a like, because she's super sweet and talk about motivating! Go see for yourself and tell her I sent ya! :) And for those lucky enough to go to the big O this weekend, I hear she will be there! No fair!!! Haha! One day, I will be at one of these amazing events!

So I bought my favorite vanilla whey protein by MRM and a few others necessities things! And look what I found when I opened up the container of protein! Woo-hoo!!!!! 


So I made a simple but yummy Blueberry Vanilla protein smoothie before I hit the hay! I am trying to stay away from carbs before bed, to lean out a bit; so I am using them for energy during the day. But on the rare occasion, a few rice cakes or fruit in my shake isn't going to kill me. Plus, before now I was eating carbs close to bedtime. It's not going to make a huge difference to be honest. What you eat more than when you eat. 

But here is the recipe for you guys! 

What you'll need:

~1 scoop MRM 100% Whey Rich Vanilla
~1 C Frozen (or fresh) blueberries 
~2-3 packets truvia
~2 heaping spoons of Fage Greek Yogurt (0% Pink Label) - I measured this once and it was 2 oz that I used
~½ C (or less) crushed ice (I do this if the fruit isn't frozen)
~1 cup Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk

And here is the option:
For a protein packed smoothie, use 1 cup of egg whites (Liquid in carton/pasturized-- NOT REAL EGG WHTES from whole eggs!!!!) Believe me I have had many people asking about this :) Please do not do this lol!
for a 'normal protein' smoothie, use Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk

I'll tell you MRM...those guys are the best! And the protein was super fine this time and blended so well! Normally it is good, but something has changed and it is definitely for the better! Way to go!

So we will jump back to Saturday afternoon now! After I helped make around 7 huge pans of fried rice that literally took us around 6 hours total, I rushed back home, changed and headed to get lunch on the way to KC! So...I told you about my night Friday right? Well, knowing I had barely any food left...I didn't meal prep before I left so I had to stop and get food the next day. Not preparing will do that to ya! But an awesome but dangerous thing, since we have Chick-fil-A in Manhattan now, I went for a grilled chicken sandwich (and waffle fries lol). It was so yummy though! I am a firm believer that everything is OK in moderation, and you'll see in just a few that that is definitely the case here!

Got my lunch then zoomed out to KC to catch the rest of the show that I almost missed!

I got there just in time for the tail end of pre-judging for Bikini, and in time for all 216 of the T-walks! I could have and should have left Manhattan earlier, but I felt SO bad if I would've left before we were done since NO ONE else from my company showed up...they all want FRG events but no one wants to volunteer...before I step on that soap box...we just won't. Sound good? Great!

And the pictures aren't the best quality, and no guarantees they are in the right order either. I actually did pretty good picking winners when they lined them up, in most classes, which was fun. I got a few surprises myself though with some of the line-ups. 

The gal in the center ^ here was one of my favs! Great symmetry and posing too! Definitely motivation and inspiration for next year!

And here are your overall gals! Can you guess which lucky lady took it all?! I got this one wrong...

As soon as Bikini was done, I really wanted to see as much as possible, so I bypassed Fit Like Flint (who had a booth there) and went to see the guys instead!

Male Physique judging had started already (was going on at the same time), so I camped out and watched the rest. Great line-up in here too for the classes. 

There was some tough competition especially in this picture below for the overall I believe. Man those judges were turning and turning those guys! 

I know, I didn't get as many pictures or even get to see the pros, the figure, or bodybuilding categories. Lesson learned! Try not to do too much...yeah we will see how that works out. Haha! Overall it was still great seeing the few I saw even though my ticket cost me $41! FRG going to reimburse me? Nope! Oh well...

Anyways, overall I had fun by myself! A gal I had going with me decided to bail at the last minute...you all probably have that "one friend" who does that? So I went solo! I took my books to study during but ended up only being there enough time to really watch and not study anything oops. I think I made up for it today though and studied some tonight too! Woohoo! But it was a great time, especially with the awesome company that never disappoints! :D Oh how I miss my hubby...he would always go with me even if football was on that day. There were some great athletes there and definitely some competition for...well I guess you guys will have to wait and see! ;)

Then the next morning, I finally took some more progress pictures. It's been a while. And you remember ^ up there when I said everything is OK in moderation. If these pictures aren't proof that's true I'm not sure what is.  After the competition I rode by Wendy's to grab chicken nuggets and fries...yep that's what was for dinner! To me, normally I would be prepped, so a trip out of the ordinary every now and then must do a body good don't you think?

Click the pic for a little #transformationtuesday post!

I felt pretty dang lean that morning. Only I am weighing a few lbs less -- in around 117.8 first thing and minus water weight -- now that I have added cardio back; so it's going to be rough gaining the lean mass doing cardio regularly. But it can be done! I am just stoked about that hump back there on the right hand side! YES! Those heavy leg day, glute targeted exercises, and doing squats the right way every single week is paying off and QUICK! Ladies, if you put in the work and eat right your booty will thank you just in time for hump day! Had to...

Then that morning I got my meal prep going and half way done so I could meet my new-er gym buddy for our session! We did legs and I had to wear my new Bodybuilding.com tank. I give this one two thumbs way up! This is a small I am wearing. 
The fabric was so soft and I can feel the polyester giving just a tiny bit; makes it soft and holds the shape (like in you jeans if they're good quality!). And norally I avoid purple at all costs because of the wretched (no offense local friends ;) ) K-State fans in this town haha! Just kidding...or am I? 

I will definitely be buying more and I have my eyes on an outfit that Rachelle Dejean was wearing today or yesterday. Did you see it? Fab!! 

So after our workout I came back and finished meal prepping; especially on account of my gas for the grill running out earlier that morning! That is never good! And earlier at the store I had grabbed crab leggies because they were $5.99 a lb! Hello?! Mc-fly!!!! Haha! Anyone follow me? Yeah...that is a given to buy them when they're on sale! 

On the menu this week and like usual :) : 
-green beans and broccoli for veggies (lunches/mid-afternoon)
-Easy Grilled Chicken Caesar wraps--turned salad lol (wrap minus tortillia) 
-rice cakes
-grapefruit for after breakfast and when I get to work!

And that is a wrap folks! It is time for me to hit the sack! But look out for something coming at ya tomorrow for the #wowlinkup ! Maybe a review, maybe a recipe, maybe a workout...what do you guys want to see? I have em all but can't decide! Talk to ya soon! Goodnight!


  1. What a HUGE difference from last year to this year!! good for you. I remember a blog you had with your friend who was in the competition. I'm glad you stopped by the other day!

    Protein smoothies can be such a treat when made the right way :)

    1. Aww thank you sweet girl! Yep! My friend Angie competed in a NANBF show back in April. The same one I might be looking to do next year :D Me too! It is nice getting to reach out and read/comment on other people's blogs. Sometimes I get so caught up being busy that I don't take the time to do that like I love to!

      Oh yes! And filling too! I love a good protein smoothie!