Monday, September 8, 2014

What changed your life? #mondaymotivation

Hey there fit family! And friends or maybe the first-time viewer! 

You hit on a lucky day since I actually am doing my usual #mondaymotivation post! Yay! I apologize to my normal viewers; you guys know how much I love these posts. 

I have to share this with you guys today. It's not going to be super long and drawn out like some of my posts; and oddly enough, this is not the original Monday motivation post I was writing. To be honest I want to post that one too so you may just get one today and one tomorrow. 

Anyways, I have to share this with you right now. Usually the best thoughts I have come when I write them out right then and there. Or when I am feeling so passionate about something, so here goes. 

Do you ever find yourself scrolling mindlessly through your personal feed, just searching for some light of positivity in an otherwise mostly negative news feed? Maybe it's just today, or maybe the people I happen to come across at this moment; could be just the attitude of my friends and family, which saddens me (but hang onto that). I can say it happens more often than not and I hate to say that I have both hidden feeds and sometimes stopped using my personal FB page because that is mostly what I see. Sometimes I feel so bad or guilty about doing that, or maybe feel that something has to be positive so I keep scrolling. And it happens and people are pretty negative sometimes...that's the sad truth when you see it more often than not. And if you're not careful, those negative thoughts that were just another item in your feed can creep into your life without you knowing it. Trust me, I was there. I was not always this always happy go lucky person. I came home in bad moods all the time, blasted people around me, blasted my facebook feed with sometimes constant negativity or mood swings. It very well could have been partly because of immaturity but I am convinced most of it was and still is perspective. Some of my friends probably wonder either what happened or they may think of me in another way. But that's ok. Because you know what, I woke up one day and decided I didn't want to live that way anymore and others deserved better. I changed a good bit of everything related to how I lived my life and how my decisions would shape that life in the future. Yes, I am still a work in progress; but I am a lot further along than I was a year ago. Most days, I don't even know that person anymore. 

Do you ever find yourself wondering how you got so far away from what you used to be? And then you smile because you've made so much progress? It is scary as hell to know that your goals are so much bigger than they used to be; but at the same time, it can be that dream that makes you seriously want to jump out of bed in the mornings...and for me that's saying something ;) Now, I cannot think of a person I come across whom I don't wish pure happiness and success for. I want them to feel what I feel and I want them to succeed in whatever they are doing. I want that so bad it hurts sometimes and probably causes me more emotions than I care to admit. But that's a good thing and a fault about me: I care so much about others; sometimes more than I should. But that in itself is a whole different post. 

What if you got rid of those negative thoughts before they came out in any form? What if you either took them and harnessed them into energy, or just plain old turned them around? What if you took one negative thought every day and turned it into positive? What would happen? Don't you think you would have a better day? I saw a post one day from a friend that said something to the effect of, anyone who posts those annoying "be positive" posts, just don't because they're obnoxious and unhelpful. You me crazy, but I want to be as far away from that perspective as I can be. Negativity can be toxic and consuming in your life, so be mindful when surrounding yourself with these types thoughts all the time. It really could make a bad day much worse. No one should have to feel like a bad day cannot be turned around. It can be no matter how bad your situation or circumstances. 

It is a proven fact that if you smile more and try to rid yourself of negative thoughts and actions then you will lead a happier life. I know I want that. What if you made that choice? Imagine yourself a a week, a month, 6 months or a year from now. How much happier could YOU be?#positivity #spreadhappiness #perspective #livelearnliftrepeat

Thanks for humoring my semi-not-long-post today :D and for your viewing pleasure, maybe a few memes that will cheer you up if your needing a good laugh. 

And this one made me laugh so hard I choked on my lunch...

Just in case Monday is so bad, you need a few select phrases...

You should do it like Anchorman.

Alright now I have to stop looking at humor on pinterest...haha!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! And be sure to drop a comment below telling me about your weekend! 

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