Monday, September 15, 2014

Your trainer always knows best...

Hey there! Back to the Monday motivation posts :D Good for you guys and good for me! Today its one inspired by the weekend before Labor day weekend!  

So I know I mentioned in the last weekend recap that I went to see my trainer that Friday! I'll have another weekend recap for this past one up today or tomorrow :) 

Like I said it was a blast and he did really KILL my arms! I was even sore to the touch on that Sunday! Not surprised by that one bit, because whenever I go up there, I ALWAYS get 1) killer motivation and a kick butt workout, 2) learn something new technique-wise to implement into my workouts, and always just have some sort of great thing happen. And those are only a few things! Be a tad bit trainer is better than yours! ;) (I kid! but seriously...)

Like I've said before, but if you are in the Kansas City area, Laser Sharp Fitness is the place to go!

Nonetheless, as always folks, when your trainer tells you to do something, you do it. Let me es-plain...

First, let me mention the amazing news! When I visited him not only did he tell me that he could see (visually) the muscle changes when I was getting stuff out of the car and in person since the last time I went up there; the measurement shows-- I gained 4 LB OF LEAN MASS since I saw him last! Which is an amazing increase in lean mass for me because it is super hard for little people to gain!

But, then not so great but kind-of expected news...I am not a fan of all. I am sure if you follow me, then you know this. But I have been taking in quite a lot of food lately and for a while; even some coaches that I know question my intake. The thing is, as intense as I train/should train (cardio and weights included), I can eat this much because I am fueling my body for those workouts. But...when you take away one of those elements, what happens??


Well, The bad news is, I also didn't lose any body fat. If anything, and truth be told I have actually gained body fat. But like I said, "kind-of expected" -- I wasn't kidding. In the back of my mind, I was hoping for the opposite and what I thought I and been moving towards: a leaner physique. Which don't get me wrong, I am still leaner than way before and even now that I have gained size, to be simple...But in the forefront of my mind, and especially lately, I knew I couldn't be getting away with little to no cardio and losing body fat! 

And even despite the added horror that is having to do cardio (the old me would cringe because who doesn't love endless cardio right? HA!), there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Once you get to know yourself, you can tell when things need to change or when they do change, when it comes to your fitness journey. Even if you aren't there and you wonder, "How in the hell am I going to know?" If you pay enough attention to your training, nutrition, and results; track it all and just watch your body, you will know. And I can tell you from experience and nothing but knowledge, I have become even more familiar with; it takes everything to equal a successful journey. At the most basic level, it takes good nutrition, lifting weights, and regular cardio to get you to where you want to be. Probably a lean mean fat burning machine right?

So for the last 3 weeks, I did just that. Cody said I need to being doing 3 sessions of cardio a week so, I've done my 3 sessions of real cardio every week; kicking and screaming and wanting to quit the whole way. Not your "oh im going to walk on the treadmill and call it cardio" cardio. Nope. Around these parts that's called a warm-up- for me anyways. And everyone starts somewhere so that is not at all a 'crack' at those who aren't at a higher level. I just know for a darn fact what I'm capable of and don't want to can't give any less. But we all start somewhere, because I sure as heck didn't start out at even level 8-10 on the stairmaster...

And usually like that photo, when I do end a workout with cardio it goes something like that. Don't get me wrong...that is not me saying that cardio will solve all your problems. Truth be told, I actually burn at least if not more than 3/4 of that lifting alone because of my training style; only the 'Parrillo way!' But cardio after weights will allow you to burn more fat! (regardless of my friends who don't want to listen :p) You need cardio regardless, combined with weight lifting and nutrition, to maximize your results!

I will touch on that just briefly here, but look out for a blog post about "When to Cardio" coming your way soon!

 Fit-tip: You want to perform cardio after your weights session because it is one of the best times to burn fat! To touch on this, after a heavy lifting session, your body is more carb-depleted (since ya used em all up lifting!) and more likely to burn fat as energy instead. That is the body's 'go-to' source for energy when glycogen is depleted.

Studies have also shown that you are more likely to burn more calories performing cardio following a lifting session than by performing cardio before a lifting session! Up to 15xs more! Try it yourself! :) 

But like I said, stay tuned for a more in-depth look at when the best times to perform cardio are, coming at ya very very soon!

And did you know, cardio also makes you want to take really crazy selfies?! LOL just kidding, but apparently a really good calorie burn triggers all sorts of crazy reactions, including odd facial expressions! I was almost bouncing off the walls that day. Those endorphins though...

And even though...

You may look in the mirror one day and surprise yourself. 

And trainer (and my gut) was right all along.

I'm no Victoria's Secret model, and I'm not where I want to eventually be; but I'll be damned if I'm not light-years closer today than I was yesterday, last week, and a year ago. And I'll tell ya, the picture up top was a week ago. The picture below and to the right, was Saturday. Consistency and training like I should be training (cardio included) is what is getting me there :) 

I am a huge advocate of lots of progress pictures; no not to feed your inner selfie monster haha; but so you can see things like this. A year and a half ago, I wouldn't have thought I would be that person standing in that right picture...But I am. You can get there no matter how hard you may think it will be. No matter what obstacles stand in your way or who wants to. 

Once you master this concept, everything changes. You'll truly be amazed how different you feel. I'm finally getting back to the point where I once was but in a much healthier place mentally and physically. When you control your mind you can control your life. This journey we are all on is only a small percentage physical. Exude positivity no matter how others are and don't let comparisons control any part of you; don't even let it in. You are only in competition with yourself to be the best self YOU can be. No one else can compare to what you can become. And no one else can dictate your journey or the type of person you are either. I have to remind myself often and you will too. But just remember You vs. YOU is the only battle you need to fight. :D

Anyways, before I ramble off this page ;) I am gonna wrap this up and finish lunch before it gets cold lol. I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday and great rest of the week! See you back tomorrow for a fun-filled weekend recap!


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