Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby got BACK! ...Now at least ;)

Happy HUMP day everyone! Or as I like to say, PUMP Day! Course every day (almost) is PUMP Day! lol. All my lifters out there you feel me? 

How are you guys doing today??? I feel like it's been forever since I've posted lol. Dunno why! Maybe because there are some exciting things going on in my life! I will have to write a separate post about that but head on over to my instagram or Facebook page for now and check it out! #legionofboom ;)

And no I don't mean that hump ;) Gotcha there!  

Here is one exciting thing-- not the big thing but it's aight! ;)

I'm on twitter now! Lol! Never thought I'd come over to the dark side but heck yeah! Gonna be tweeting it up! Lol! That's all I need is to be able to tweet all of my rando thoughts haha! 


And even then, you don't have to be a lifter to get a little muscle pump going. Ladies, you know you all want to rock those tank tops and sleeve-less dresses next spring and summer, am I right? Or maybe look sexy in that sleek dress or rockin' outfit this fall! Whatever floats your boat! So what better accessory than to have a great back and shape to show off with it! No better time than the present to start building a sexy back to make your waist look smaller! That is what the great illusion is all about! Gotta have a broader back to get ya there!

So I know if you are like me, a year ago I would have said NO WAY to picking up anything heavier than my purse, because I was not getting bulky...right? WRONG! 

Ladies and gents let me tell you a secret-- all you ladies want to get toned and all the fellas (If I have any reading haha) want to get rippped, am I right? Well, those cardio machines and 5lb dumbbells won't do it for you (for long!). What lies under that shape and tone for a lean, sexy gal or guy is...*drum roll please* ...MuScLe!!! And to build that muscle up, got have to go pump that iron. Whether you are starting out with 5lbs or less, like I did; you have to start somewhere.

There are some great things that you can do to build or only tone your back, even if you are just starting out. Check out these moves, or some of the wokrouts below:
Depending on your goal, you could start with a few sets of each, for 10-12 reps.

**And ladies, as a side note: you back will not look the way it does after a lifting session, on a normal day-to-day basis :) So don't be afraid to lift those weights!**

This was after a lifting session (top) where I seriously pounded the weights for an hour and a half! I PROMISE you won't walk around looking like this lol! My back is one of my absolute favorites to work so I am always trying to build it up; and even this has taken me a year and a half to get to!

Now because back day is one of my favorite days, I always (on everything really) will mix up what I do. Most of the time, I never repeat an exact routine in the same order, unless it's been at least a week or two between times. I get bored easily so I switch things up! Your body loves a good shocking and this is how you will keep seeing results!

So here are two great workouts for you to try! 

Burn that Back Workout

Warmup: 10 min intense elliptical on 9 incline and 6 resistance

Back workout:
  1. Pull-ups on assisted machine - 1 set 10 for Warm-Up, then 3 sets to failure
  2. Seated middle narrow grip cable row SS standing low to high (yes I made this up lol) cable row with rope, 3x10 for both exercises (sets of 4 if you're feeling frisky!)
  3. Neutral-grip Dumbbell rows on bench (3rd set: drop weight and do 1 burn out set) SS selectorized rear delt flys, 3x10 for both exercises
  4. Standing Straight arm cable pull down 3x10 SS weighted side bends w/plate 3x15
  5. Weighted Hyper extensions 3x15 (I used plate)
  6. Deadlifts 3x10
Here are the exercises:

 Pull-ups on assisted machine

Start position

Position 2 (click link above for video tutorial)

Standing "low to high" cable row with rope

Dumbbell rows on bench
Selectorized Rear Delt Flys
Straight arm cable pull down  
Back Hyperextensions
(And I REALLY like this tutorial! 
Please watch this for form instruction!)

Slow and Steady Back workout

Warmup: 10 min treadmill, walk/jog
  • 30-45 sec rest in between each set 
  • -all HEAVY weights-
  1. Selectorized row machine 2x12 overhand, 2x12 neutral grip
  2. Seated narrow grip rotating high row 3x15 - 5 middle, 5 left side, 5 right side
  3. Seated cable pullover 3x12
  4. Standing low-to-high cable row with rope attachment 3x10 SS neutral grip dumbbell row on bench 3x10 (see above video list for both)
  5. Barbell deadlifts 4x10
  6. Plate side bends 3x15
  7. Standing plated Russian twists 3x20 or until it burns...

    More fun tUtOrIaLs!

    Selectorized Row machine - 
    Overhand Wide and Neutral demo!
    Seated (narrow grip) Rotating High Rows
    Seated cable pullover
    (Don't mind my glasses ;) )
    And have you guys seen my new playlist for all of these awesome video tutorials? Now at your fingertips, right on Youtube!
    Phew! That was a lot! I hope to get these "pinable" for you guys but have been waiting on posting this one for WAY too long! So have no fear! Something awesome is near! HA! Man I have way too much time on my hands...not really. :)
    And remember! Ya'll should work on the "hole in yo back!" Right?! 
    But anyways, I hope you guys love these workouts as much as me! And have a FABULOUS day today!!!


      1. THIS is the best work out reference page, EVER!!! :)

        1. Thanks SO much lady! That is such great feedback! I really do, one day, will have (either behind a login or not) a page that is solely workout video tutorials; hopefully with background guidance as to what should be happening during the movement. It's a bigger goal but it will happen! You're so awesome! :D Glad you love it! I know when I first started I either googled or looked up stuff on in the gym during my workout lol! I want people to be able to access is with the workout!

      2. LOVE back muscles! Thanks for sharing all this!! #wowlinkup

        1. Thank you sweet girl! :D Back is a fav of mine! You're very welcome! I had fun putting it together!

      3. I love your workouts Rachel!!! You know you give me life. I love working arms, shoulders, triceps and that BACK cause I plan to be walking around looking tight this holiday season. LOL!! Thanks for sharing your workouts and tutorials. And welcome to TWITTER what took you so long??!!! #wowlinkup

      4. Your back looks amazing!! These workouts are fantastic and we need a strong core - which includes the low back. It doesn't make sense to work that without working upper back. I like that your gym isn't packed so that you can create these demo videos.

        Also, the dead lift form is CRUCIAL!! So many people ask about that. So many do it improperly and this video does a great job explaining it.