Friday, October 3, 2014

Jeans that Fit Girls who Lift!

Holy moly I don't know if I have ever been more thankful for a Friday! It seems like that is a recurring theme in my posts...hmmm. 

Anyways, instead of dwelling at all (anymore) on the why there, I have exciting news for you guys, well ladies! Sorry fellas!

So since more than 3 weeks ago my jeans haven't been fitting so well. No way to sugar coat it, squats do a booty good but they also make your skinny-girl jeans not fit anymore. And let's face it, all of my jeans are were pretty much skinny girl jeans! Haha! You may remember this picture...

No ifs, ans, or butts...literally though. No butts... ;)

This pair in the center already was sold to a local resell shop!

And I probably do spend at least 5-10 minutes some days trying to find pants that fit and match my outfit; because working at the Buckle for 3 years almost does that to you. You learn to match your pants to your outfits, really well I might add. And that doesn't work so well when half of your pants are fitting past mid thigh if you are lucky that day! I can't help but laugh when I type this; is anyone else laughing at a similar experience?

 definitely before I caved and bought a mirror haha!

Or most days lately when my pants don't fit, I have been grabbing my Guess Brittany skinnys! I will post more info on some good Guess jeans below, but I am not sure they make this fit anymore. :( 

So point: Rachel can no longer wear her pants! LOL! 

And a while back I saw +Taylor Simpson post (can you tell I love following her??) about these amazing dark denim blue jeans she found that actually fit curvy ladies! She found a fit at Gap called the 'Curvy fit' that actually makes "skinny girls look curvy" according to a store associate I spoke with last weekend when I went looking for said pants. I prefer any alternative to "skinny" at this point but we won't open that can today! ;) 

So here is the pic for ya to see! 

Mrs. Taylor looking fab!! 
(click the pic for her page!)

And much to my dis-pleasure, I found that these pants are being discontinued, and they only had (at the beginning of a HUGE sale) 5 pairs total in the entire store ranging from the smallest to the largest size possible. 

Score = 0 for Rachel finding said pants.

But! I did find what I think is a great alternative! You be the judge...

YAY for pants that fit!! And y'all, I mentioned earlier I worked at the Buckle...I am PICKY about how pants fit, but I can honestly say that I like these. And a REALLY like them for how much I paid...Any guesses???


Nope I am not kidding! They were on sale for $7 something and the whole store was 40% off! Yes please! Too bad this was the only (literally) size I could find on sale. But I count it as a win!

Score Rachel = 1 for pants that fit and look good! 
Score 2 for one heck of a deal! 

If you can't tell, I am a serious bargain shopper! 

So, before I let you go I actually want to tell you why I like these pants...Honest opinion and maybe a review so-to-speak. 

This fit is called the Sexy Boot fit from the Gap. When I put these on in the store I knew I liked them. 

One thing that has stuck with me from the Buckle and I value SO much is knowing what fabric blend works best (for me anyways). I knew when I tried these on that they were a cotton-poly blend without even looking at the tag. The cotton and polyester blend of fabric will allow your jeans to hug your body, thus fitting perfectly, and still allow for movement all day long without stretching out! Ever get to the end of the day and your jeans are 'sagging in the butt' as much as you are dragging? Yeah, no one likes a 'saggy butt!' ;) They have a tiny bit of spandex in them so they do stretch/give just slightly with your body movement! So yes, they have a tiny bit of stretch, but remember they also stay fitting until you're ready to hit the hay! 

Note 2 for loving these pants was the softness! The fabric blend and the close fit of these jeans is a perfect combo for this lady! One of my all time favorite brand jeans is Big Star Denim because they fit amazing and use this same sort of blend in their jeans. I won't go too far into it but some Big Star denim is Italian so it is even softer because of the process used to make the denim! #nerdout

The fit was obviously a huge selling point for me too! These jeans allow for room in the thigh, but still have enough room in the hip for the growing glutes! So I would not actually consider this a "skinny" fit of denim. I would say it is more of a regular fit, but the fabric blend does allow for more give if needed. Also, I have a problem with "gapping" in the back of the waistband. If you have a small waist, you may have this problem too. I always needed jeans that were 'inset' fitting so that they would not gap in the waist. These are slightly inset, so for me even without a belt I could wear them without the constant nagging of having to pull them up. I do love wearing a belt though, so as you see in my picture I am wearing one. The only thing about this fit that I would say is something to point out, is the bootcut is very bootcut; meaning they are made slimmer around the calf. Not skinny jean slim as you can tell in my picture above, but they are a tad snug. I will probably opt for a regular opening next time around out of personal preference, but these will be great here in a week or two with boot weather!

So there you have it! 
Great fit, soft, perfect fabric, and a great bargain!

And even more importantly, they fit my muscles!!!

And I want to share another denim fit before we go for the day, that was pointed out to me by a fan on my page! I hope she doesn't mind, but this is good knowledge!! :D Thanks for sharing friend!

"I found Levi 's brand called slight curves classic slim over the weekend that are perfect. Now when the girl said slim I chuckled. I've never been considered slim in my opinion. They fit my booty, quads and calves. Skinny enough to tuck in boots. Bought 2 pairs!!"
And they're cute!!

What are some of your favorite jeans for women who lift? 
Have you checked out the new Barbell Denim for men and women with muscles?

Sound off below! I would love to hear from ya! And I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

So here's to your glutes may they be high n tight, 
and I hope your day is as nice as your butt! Lmao!


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