Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shoulder Smash Saturday!

Hey e'ery body! 

Phew it's Wednesday! Thank God! lol. So today's post is going to be short and I apologize for that. I love writing long posts but have a ton of work to get done today. It's been pretty rough for me lately so I am trying to do my best to keep my head up and stay positive :) Say a prayer for me if that's your thing, I would really love that. You guys are awesome! And do stay tuned because I have a pizza and boxing post coming soon! 

Alright now for another good shoulder routine from this past Saturday!

This has been my motto lately..."When nothing goes right, go lift." And I was highly upset last night (which made my mood worse actually) that a meeting I had lasted through the time I was going to use to box. The room with the heavy bag was probably closed by the time I got into town again from post and I was not happy about that at all! So I will probably add that into the end of my back day tonight. I mean I like being around other people and hate to be rude, but damn, time needs to happen or else Ima have a problem. ANYWAYS! Sorry to rant to you guys some...that's why I don't call this a 'professional' blog. 

:D So where were we? Oh yeah...workout. 

Here ya go!

Pin it, re-post it, share it, try it! And let me know what you think!

And I have to tell you about a bar I found this weekend!! A favorite brand of mine that I literally had to stop eating every single day. 

Over the weekend, and before going to dinner one night, I grabbed this baby for from the store. Needless to say I was on a tight schedule and was #hangry on the way home so I ate it and OMG it was so good! Dark Chocolate turtle!!! Do yourself a favor and go get ;)

One more thing before I go...this was on my mind as I was finishing this up. know it's a sign when you get through writing a post and you mood just changes. Without going into the 'poor pitiful Rachel' from this morning, who was late to work, not feeling good, and just all around kinda down because of insert x reason here; I really can tell that this is my passion. I truly love sharing all things fitness and health with people and really do love every part about it; blogging, training, writing workouts and plans, studying the material, etc. I know this is what I want to do, and it is killing me that I have to put this all to the side because of daunting life tasks like my two hour drive to work. Losing sleep takes a toll on me, but I often lose sleep to share things with you and contribute to my hobby and passion that I love so much. Hard? Yes, very hard. Worth it? It is worth every second that I spend doing this instead of something that might be more important to someone else. Not to say that I put this first...that's not what I mean because I have a family and all just like everyone of you. Maybe a fellow blogger or person sharing in my fitness passion can understand what I mean. 

And you know what is crazy...I didn't mention it above but I stayed later after that meeting last night for a particular reason. I stayed and without a problem, actually walked out smiling and "ok" that I knew I was going to miss my workout because, I was talking to an individual about their personal fitness goals and where they wanted to be. In a room otherwise filled with people who actually don't know these things about me at all really (I choose not to broadcast it), I found an opportunity to share my passion with someone and try to give them some advice, offering my help, so that hopefully they can get closer to their goals. I'm not certified (yet) but that doesn't mean I won't take every chance I get to share what I love and try to help others. 

That's how, or at least one way you know you've found your passion. Do what makes your heart happy, even if you lose sleep, or maybe friends; you cannot ignore what you love. 

And one day I'm going to be able to make this happen. One day. Until then, we keep going and even on the bad days try to realize how blessed and lucky we are to be where we are. 

I feel like I should apologize for the randomness of this post, but I'm not going to. It's all part of the journey and my life; the good days and the bad, and every one in between. Thanks for letting me open up to you guys a bit today. It sure does make me feel better. 

Have an awesome hump day!

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  1. Sorry your day was no bueno. Thanks for the workout though! I'm terrible about knowing what to do with weights and I'm always looking for good routines.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Nothing like going to work feeling crappy - but I always say I can't sleep during the day so I might as well get paid and save my PTO for something I LIKE doing!

    I like how you posted the shoulder workout on a cute little flowery pic. And staying after to share tips with someone is always gratifying - especially if they use it and like it! Or at least benefitted from it.