Monday, October 13, 2014

The real truth...

Good Monday morning afternoon! 

So first, I have to share something hilarious to brighten your Monday morning! A friend texted me this, this morning and I literally laughed out loud. All of you fit girls out there will really appreciate this one especially my fellow members of the "itty bitty titty committee" ;) HA!

Too funny! Don't we all want more boobage? I know that is the first thing to go when I start exercising! Sad day! 

So now that you've had a good laugh, my Monday post is coming from a comment I found on my instagram this morning, because I really want to draw attention to this. Yes there are a lot of "spammers" on instagram, and I get comments like this one all too often for my liking; but you know what?? Spam or no spam, this is a teaching moment that I can use to educate others. This, spam or no spam, represents my decision to stand behind what I believe in no matter what and who doesn't like it. 

And I do want to point out that I don't normally call people out but I have had so many people either ask me if I use products or try to sell me on gimmicky products that I have to say something. So nothing against this person specifically but the point will be made. And I actually have a post about this same thing that was definitely more of a rant (I never posted it), but I like this one much better and especially for a Monday #motivation post!

So here is the comment I was telling you about...

And the real, honest-to-gosh truth is, I do not and never will use waist trimmers, wraps, or any product line like this or herbalife, beachbody, or anything of the sort. I do not ever rely on these type products to see my results and you shouldn't either. I decided this a long time ago, and have and will continue to stick to what I believe in so strongly. 

I know plenty of people who do use and have much success with product lines like Beachbody and Herbalife, but honestly, and again, it is just not my thing. And another truth is, I can't make your decisions for you. I cannot come to your house and make your choices for you, slap the unhealthy food out of your hand (lol), and be there with you every step of the way. Not possible nor am I your mom. Only you are the one who can convince yourself that you CAN do it no matter how much hard work and time it takes. 

I am choosing not to touch on the fact that some people use these aforementioned product lines as a "jump-start." Like I mentioned earlier, people will make their own decisions and even further, everyone will respond differently to different things. This is not the topic at hand and I am leaving it right there. Feel free to message me about this and we can chat on that subject...

What people really need to know is that, over time and with hard work and dedication is where you will see results. Not from a quick fix or product line that will promise you results. Like I said before, only you can make the choices that will lead to the outcome. 

Damn those genes...

Having said all that, I want to touch on this...Yes, I have a naturally thinner waist thanks to my mom for those genes and for the way my body is framed. I have a naturally small/thinner frame and am not "big boned" at all.  But I have to work hard to keep extra body fat off my waist because guess what? I'm just like everyone one of you, and especially the women who gain around the waist and hips first. I am here to tell ya, women naturally carry more weight around those areas due to our child-bearing nature and the body's physiological response to this predisposition. Yes we hold more weight in those areas because our bodies are designed for child-bearing. Sorry mommies, that is just the way it has been and will always will be. 

So this means we have to work harder. All of us, including me. My waist, hips, and thighs (butt included) are my areas and yes I can gain body fat too. Don't think that just because I was "skinny" all my life that it means I can't gain weight. I can. And it does catch up with you. So the better you eat, the more work you put in, the more sweat and tears that come from it...that's where the change is going to come from. Not from some product promising you fast results. 

Yes I supplement with a few products regularly and would love to do another post explaining each product and why I use them. But honestly and some people may not like this-- anyone who has a brain will tell you your diet Is the #1 thing that will determine your results. Not the supplements that do just that-- supplement my diet. I could give up every single one of the things I use to supplement my training and would still see almost the same results. There are a few things that aid my training style and nutrition, but nothing gives me the results I see like training my buns off and eating right day in and day out. 

 And I want to share with you, a picture I had taken this weekend that I almost didn't share. Yes, it's a little more skin than I normally show; but, hell if and when I compete one day everything is going to be out for the world to see anyways so what the hell. This is real and this is me, no filters or editing just showing it like it is. 

I like to take progress pictures every month (and selfies quite often :p) because I send them to my coach, and I also keep track of it myself. This month, it wasn't perfect by any means an I'll be honest...I was sore as heck this past week and when I woke up Saturday morning I was puffy and holding on to extra fluid because I was so sore (you can really see it below). Not very often are my abs that sore, but I trained them hard last week. And not every progress shot or every day is going to be perfect. Don't compare yourself to someone's highlight real, because everyone has days and times that aren't perfect. But that's the beauty of the journey. If you want to see where I started, head on over here and take a peek. 

I can tell (and my coach) that I am getting leaner but staying the same weight (adding muscle). And this is what I really look like, relaxed, no editing, and no gimmicky products. It has taken me over a year of hard work and consistency to see shape like this; and most recently, more hard work like doing cardio, which I hate. But that is the won't love every aspect of it, but it all matters in the end. 

So the truth, the facts, the real solution to getting in the shape you want will never lie in a product line, a waist trimmer, or wrap. It will never come from any product along those lines. There is nothing short of blood sweat and tears, eating the right foods, and training harder than you've ever trained before to break that barrier to where you can become your best self. My best self is pushing past all limits and taking my mind and body to a place that I've never been before. Consistency and dedication eating clean, and lifting heavy ass weights are what gets me my results. No excuses and no reliance on products ever. I am not here to sugar coat things either, just to simply tell you what you need to hear. 

Every person will have a different goal, whether it is to run a marathon, fit into that little black dress, or just be able to walk around the block without giving out. I am here to tell you that you can do it. All it takes is you making that choice and repeating it ever single day. 

Dig deep, give up all of your excuses, and make that choice. And I hope each and everyone one of you has the best Monday today!

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