Monday, October 20, 2014

Think again.

So I came across a status update on my personal Facebook page today that I HAVE to shed light on.

I saw this picture that someone posted as motivation 

We all love a little JLo right?? Rockin' bod and she seems so stinkin' down to earth! It's taking me forever to build even close to those curves and she's got it goin on! 

The picture was followed by a comment something to the effect of, "Ugh it's totally unrealistic! Must be nice to have personal chefs and personal trainers!!!!"

WHOA! Like...just wait a second. 

Having a fit physique is not unrealistic! Even having abs is not unrealistic if you want to look that way! (That shouldn't be the main goal in mind, but still- another post not for this page lol). Or maybe you just want to look cute in that bikini next year but keep your curves girl or guy! You don't have to have a personal chef and trainer to get a fit body or to get in the shape you have always wanted! Or to even drop a few lbs or inches off that waist! And you DON'T HAVE TO STARVE!!!! (Look for a follow-up post on that point here soon!)

All you have to have is the drive and determination and then to MAKE the decision to do it and just keep doing it! And give it TIME!!!! Results don't happen overnight! It has taken me over a year and a half to get to where I am and I am no where near where I want to be! But I am so stinkin' proud of how far I've come. And guess what I did differently than anyone else???

I didn't give up. I made the choice and stuck with it. A year and a half it easy??? Heck no! But is it possible? YES YES YES it is and you will find SO much fulfillment by doing something for you that makes YOU feel good! Lift weights? sure! Run around the block, or a marathon? Go for it! Want to do crossfit? DO IT!!! Whatever you do, just do it and make yourself happy!

I work an hour away 8-5 every single day driving two hours a day, and still make time for myself in the form of the gym. I eat more than your average male (probably) and I have treats and things I love often! I am normal just like you! You don't have to train as hard or long as I do but 30 minutes before or after work IS feasible from everyone. Even making healthier choices is do-able! People all the time meal prep so they won't get caught without healthy choices including me every single week. No it's not expensive either- I have heard that one before too and I can give you or show you a meal plan that isn't going to break the bank! And this is for anyone! You can do it without all the glitz and glam many celebrities have. Check out my journey if you like! I didn't start out looking the way i do now...

Let me just show you...

This is the first week I started 
(guess what I had done?? A few days of cardio...)

This is this past spring (left) and last month (right)

And last weekend (right)

And you know...I touched on this, this past weekend as well. I live for people to tell me that something can't be done. Not really but it just gets my motor running when anyone tells me that something can't be some when it comes to health and fitness. You give me less than 5 minutes and I will tell you how it can be or just let me show you. Not about how bad you want it, it's about getting rid of those excuses and just doing it. Get rid of the I can't and just do the damn thing. #word

Bottom line, if you think it can't be done-- you're wrong. Come chat with me I swear I will have your mind changed. It's near and dear to my heart and I will not stop trying to change people's lives! And by all means, if this is not for you and you're happy in your skin, then amazing! (this wasn't for you ;) ) Keep on rockin' with yo bad self!

Does this topic "get your motor running?" Or what else fires you up? I love things that bring out my passion in it's raw form sometimes :D


  1. If anyone is motivation, it is you! I've always been a cardio bunny but didn't start lifting weights until my husband left for deployment. While I've noticed a large difference in my upper body, I'm not seeing much change in my lower body just yet. Everything I've read says that the upper body is first to change, I guess because we carry less fat there. Anyway, I've been at it for a short 6 months and I am going to continue. Thank for the motivation!

    1. Oh my gosh girl thank you so much! You are so sweet and to hear people say that I am actually inspiring them is so amazing to me! It makes my day! I was too! All through college and was kinda scared to lift heavier before. That's so great for you though! My hubs is deployed too! Yay us for staying strong while they are gone! I am so glad you came over to the weights side! I love hearing about more women lifting esp heavy!! Pure awesome!!! That's great! Oh girl you just wait! I completely feel you though bc my lower body has been the last thing to change over the course of almost two years! I have been doing two leg days for months now trying to build those stems into something fierce and trust me it will happen! Sometimes I even do glutes on another day of the week too! It's hard work but it can so happen! And don't be afraid to lift heavy for legs because your purse weight will not cut it! Trust me lol i tried for too long! I actually wrote about this same thing here-- ( and you're so right about that! We are designed to carry more weight around the hips and butt so naturally it takes longer and is harder but don't you give up! You'll get there! Keep at it lady! I can't wait to see your transformation! And PLEASE if you like and have progress pics, send them or share them to my facebook account (livelearnliftrepeat) so I can share it! I love seeing other people succeed and love sharing it too! Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for the kind words!

  2. OH EM GEE!! I HATE that comment. Yes, it is true that celebrities can *afford* things that most of us cannot. However, the things the chefs prepare are the same things we can make at home. and should make at home if we want the same look. Furthermore, celebrities have it WAAAY worse than the rest of us because they are in the public eye and people are constantly judging or criticizing the way they look - no matter what their feature is. Thankfully, I don't (and neither does the person who made that comment) have people judging and harshly criticizing our physical features and appearance.