Friday, November 21, 2014

Fab Finds! : Last Weekend happenings & Lotsa Bargains!

Hey everybody! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and week this week! I know mine was pretty good too! But it is what you make it! And after a hard but amazing end to the week after Veterans Day, I needed a weekend of fun! 

 I finally get to tell you guys my new and amazing news! I have been working on this process for a long time! And when I tell you a long time, just trust me lol. And the timing of everything was finally perfect! 

It is amazing how when you let go of control in your life, things just start to happen like you would never know. Food for thought! But hold that thought, I will get to it I promise!

After finding out my great news last week, I went shopping with a friend and found some really amazing deals while we were out! Marshall's is one of my favorites places to shop nowadays, because well...I have gotten to be quite frugal. I definitely don't spend like I used to and that is definitely for the better! Now I find great things for great prices and not only am I happy but our budget is happy too! 

So first, I was looking for a few pairs of leggings for the Jiu Jitsu classes, and because I only have one "good" pair of leggings for workouts that really fit still haha, I need more for winter considering it is in the 10-30 degree range right now (has been for the past two weeks!). i have a feeling winter is going to be horrible! The couple pairs I have from Aeropostale are getting too small I well, all areas now lmao! 

So I went to Marshalls Friday night after my workout and before the grocery store and found this great deal! Original $60, priced for $20!!! 

And the Xsmall is what I'm wearing. I was really skeptical but I am glad I bought these. They are a bit more high waisted on me but my torso is really short. And they weren't too tight in the calves either. And that's saying something because my calves are finally getting bigger. Woot! 

And on that note, I went boot shopping this weekend! My calves are definitely getting bigger! I saw this gorgeous pair of suede over-the-knee boots at Target that I so would've bought (don't judge me!) but they barely fit around my pants and calves! Maybe if they discount them more here in the next few weeks I will buy them but not right now...sigh. But look! Aren't they pretty?? I am a huge fan of dressing up :D

It has been a really long time since I have bought boots. Honestly I kid you not, at least two years! My tall black pair officially fell apart the year before last, and really I just made do with what I had without buying new ones. So this year I decided it was time to upgrade. I have my eye on a few pair actually...And I hopefully will keep growing my selection this year. Maybe add a few of these!

These are just like the ones I tore apart over probably what was at least 5 years haha! Very clean and chic for a simple dress boot.
Then I so need these shorties because...well...I have nothing like it!
 Plus with skinnies and pixie ankle pants, while I can wear them, I'm doing it!

Then of course I need a flat brown riding boot...

You know, the "must-haves" for right now!

Then maybe later, this charming boot!

I have loved these since I saw them in VS clothing catalogue a few years ago for way more than my budget would allow! lol. 

Then, you have to have a combat!!!

And did I mention both of these awesome booties are from Target?! 

Oh yeah so I actually bought a few basics for starters. These dress boots that I found at Target were such a steal! I could not pass them up! Plus I love dressy boots for work...well, hold that thought haha! 

And thanks to knowing a little is the bigger image from Target's site hehe! They are really great booties!
And you want to know the best part??? They were originally $59.99, and I found them for 17.98!!!! Eeeekkkk! And they were comfortable too! Target has them for 29.98 online right here!

 I LOVE Bargains!!!

And I really, like desperately needed a pair of flat (not suede like mine) black winter boots, so I ended up getting these (I am wearing them Friday for our casual day :D)

for yet another steal! There was a sale going on that said "all winter boots 20% off!" so my friend Sandra and I asked a woman working at our location what that included. And she ended up concluding as we had, the sign was pretty vague. I classify a lot of things "winter boots." Turns out it was for the "fur" boots either lined or on the outside. BUT...she gave it to us! PLus there was a 5% Cartwheel app discount, then Sandra has a red card so we ended up both snagging a pair for around $28! Instead of $39.99!!! Boom!

Oh, then I found a pair of leopard print flats for $3 and some change when we were at Target! And I almost forgot, I found this pretty dress at Body Central for $15! 

I know that some people think less of the store, but I don't care haha! A lot of the pieces you see me wearing may very well come from there. Be choosy, pick classy things, and wear it right and no one will know the difference! Like Mom always told me :)

So anyways, before I end this post let me tell you my great news! 

A New Chapter

People say good things come to those who wait...well I don't believe that. ☝️Good things come to people who work their butts off to get to where they want to be. In the past few weeks and months really I have done just that. I found something I wanted and I went for it. Even with all the doubts or fears aside. I have been working on this since the spring of this year. That is why you have seen not a ton of effort on the blog and I was really trying to keep up my other pages (instagram and facebook) without a hitch, but other areas in my life; like studying for my CPT have been suffering. But that's ok! You give and take in life and this was way more important to focus on at the moment. 

The timing wasn't right then, but it is now and I am jumping at it. I have been offered a position with a website design company in my town (not an hour away anymore) that I will be starting here in less than a few short weeks. I am stoked to say the least. I feel like I created this opportunity. I failed the first time I applied with this company, seriously; and didn't even get a follow-up despite my efforts, then decided to try again at the same place for something different. And I even saw this very job listing close, then open back up again, all the while I never gave up. That means I set my standards so high that I wasn't overlooked. And I did damn sure try to get to that point.

 After countless hours, a lack of sleep, preparation and research, I locked in this new job last week and I couldn't be happier! I gave it my all and came out feeling like I knocked it out of the water and I hope it showed. I was even told that I of all people impressed them! It's amazing when something you work day in and day out on comes together. And the "loss of sleep" or any part of it was in no way bad at all and I wouldn't trade that effort for anything. Call me crazy but I am a damn hard worker. Putting in any less than your best never gets you anywhere. That's why I am not leaving work yet today either, after 5:30 pm on a Friday, because I has things to take care of. Work doesn't sleep. Work hard, play harder, right? 

This was an opportunity not created by luck, but by your preparation and what YOU DO to get there. No short cuts, or anything less than your best, or you set yourself up for failure and that's just how it is. The best don't skate by with little work behind them! That's what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I don't believe in luck; but preparation and being ready for the right opportunity or creating it...that's another story.

All of this to say, never give up and never settle because you do NOT have to be set in one thing for the rest of your life. I am a firm believer that you should always look for new challenges and things to make you uncomfortable. Was this something that did just that??? Hell yeah it was. I had never had an interview in that form before but I smashed it. 

I have had this note in the center on my work cabinet since before I knew who 1st Phorm or Andy Frisella was. Crazy right??? Everyday I look at it and even on the days where I don't believe it, I keep on. Because someone has to live the life to inspire others and that's what I am here for. To inspire you. 

So I will be leaving my first ever job out of college with the state, to embark on a new phase of my life. Not only to get me closer to home but you know what you can do with 2 extra hours a day??? Ummm a lot! More time to grind, more time to inspire, more family time, study time, you name it! So if you're sitting there reading this long azz post, thanks for listening by the way but if you're out there and are unhappy where you are, know that YOU and only you can change your situation. Do it. And don't look back. 

So there you have it! Now I will be able to blog even more, and share lotsa, lotsa great things with you guys! I couldn't be happier for my new chapter and am really excited to get it started!

 I will be traveling home for thanksgiving next week (Tuesday after work), and Tuesday is actually my last day at work. It is pretty bittersweet like I have told a few people. But I am so excited to move on to the next chapter of my life and have more hours to spend with my sweet hubby when he comes home!

Hope you guys have a wonderful night!


  1. Yes, good things DO come to people who work their butts off! I like that white dress, it looks like it is 2 pieces. Also, I love bargains. I would much rather spend less on an item so that I have money left over. Be it for something else or for feeding the homeless. And boots, I need more of those.

  2. Agreed! Aww thanks! I've eyeing it for a while. Me too! I am a serious bargain hunter! Yeah I do too; i didn't buy many if any last year so I am way over due :)