Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Killer HIIT Cardio!

Hey guys and gals! How are you doing??? Hope everyone had a fabulous Veterans Day! I know I'm missing my main man! But nonetheless it was still a fab day!

Happy Veterans Day to everyone past, present and future who serve, have served or will serve our country and especially to my soldier and family members in the armed forces.

Real quick for this workout wednesday, I want to share with you an awesome cardio workout I did two nights ago! It was seriously killer but I loved it!

This cardio workout, no lie, will kick your butt or at least it did mine haha! Beast it out and push through it! Because I'm telling you after the first few rounds you may think "Man, this sucks!" but keep on going!! It's only a 30 sec rest in between sets and I promise it doesn't feel like long! Lol. 

Let's go! 

So you may have seen  the battle ropes video I posted on my Facebook page, but if not here it is! (And if you're not liking my facebook page, get your tush ova there and give it a like!)

This is the first thing I did, and good thing I put it first because you don't want this after rowing!
  • 20 long seconds of alternating ropes! Both arms then single alternating arms until that timer changes! 

  • 1 min of rowing! Hop on that row machine and don't stop! 
  • 30 sec jog in place or jumping jacks 

--and I'm not talking slowly jog--- NO! I want you to have quick feet! 
Get quicker as the time gets shorter!!! 
  • then you got a rest for 30 sec then you better get set up for round 2!!!


And this app I used to create the timer list was the Gymboss app that I talk about right here! You need this app! :) And no I am not paid nor endorsed to write this!

Don't you stop either! Push it the whole way through this one no matter what!!

And you better have a hardcore playlist haha! I put on my boxing tunes for this one because boy I needed the extra pounding in my ears! For my metal heads out there put on some Five Finger Death Punch! And this was all after back day! Burn baby! 

Try it out and let me know what you think! 

Hope you guys have a fantastic day!


  1. Girl I am wore out just watching you do this!!!! Phew..I need water. #wowlinkup

  2. Your back is becoming totally shredded! I am sooo happy for you.

  3. What a workout! I LOVE HIIT :) #wowlinkup