Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Really late weekend recap!...Promise I'm still here!

Hey Everybody! 
Y'all will seriously have to forgive me for this late post! Eeeek!

Happy late Halloween! Haha! Oh well...

From the Gilmore's over the years! 

Today  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and no doubt isn't the same without my PIC here. I didn't really even decorate this year (It's ok I promise). Course free time for me is pretty scare haha! We always did it together in the beginning of October, and even he said being gone just doesn't help you get into the spirit ya know? #deploymentlife ;)

Instead of Halloween, now we can say Hello gorgeous Fall colors! And goodbye in KS quicker than you can say, "damn, it's cold!" ;)

So the rest of last week and this week have been super busy to say the least! You can probably tell from my lack of posts which just isn't like me. Sorry about that! Hopefully I can tell you about why very very soon! 

And I really don't have a ton of time to share everything how I want to (i.e. making pinable workouts, etc. :( ) But I can always go back and do those for you! Ideally I wanted this posted last Wednesday, but you see the way my schedule has been set up...HA! I had to take two rest days from the gym last week because of things to do (and some over the weekend) and due to my over-exhaustion from the leg day I am going to share with you from last Friday!

I took off the Friday before last for myself and to go see my trainer and family. And I still want to share this with you because it was an awesome workout! Boy was that a good idea to take off work! I got to sleep in and started my morning out with what I thought would be an awesome breakfast haha...

After scraping the majority of my waffle and half the batter batch off the waffle maker, I changed my mind lol! I made two pancakes instead with the rest of the batch, then had a grapefruit to go with them. Making waffles before coffee (like I told my hubby) is always a bad idea! I had forgotten to spray the pan!

Then I got everything ready and headed out to see my trainer for a leg day. Considering the last leg day I did with him, I knew this one was going to be GREAT! But man, did I not know how great haha!

 I headed on out to see him, making the 2 and some change hour drive to my more favorite part of Kansas, Kansas City! Man I wish I lived there! It reminds me of home on a very large scale. Plus my awesome trainer is there and we have family less than 15 minutes from him. Score 2 for Rachel!

But let me tell you something...If your trainer ever says "we're doing German volume training today!" HA!!! Some of you may want to run away...really quick! :p I was already having trouble walking around right after and my legs were tight!!! and i was completely depleted by the end but MAN I LOVED IT!!!! 

So let me tell you how it see this parking lot? It's actually a double parking lot stretching behind two buildings if you can't tell, and you see those red bushes all the way down there...yep! All the way down and all the way back body-weight lunges as a warm-up, and tire flips and the end before calves-- but I'll get to that. 

But the tire flipping is so flipping cool! You see what I did there...Haha! I know bear with my dorky phrases! I really wanted video of those but by the time I got halfway down the parking lot I remembered and there was no stopping! So maybe later. It really was an awesome booty-burning exercise!

And here's your workout of death. I have a new meaning to #trainharderthanme so you best bring your A game if you try this lol! Even my hubby said it was strength training at its best (when I told him about it)!!! Try and keep up! 

**And just a hint...if you try this, the day and night before this workout you are going to want to seriously carb-load for yourself and your energy stores for this one. It's that good!**

German Volume Training 

 Legs Warm-up: Body weight Lunges down the double parking lot and back 


10 sets for 10 reps with 10 sec rest in between each set 
3-4 mins rest in between exercises 

-Leg press 
-Hamstring curl -up the weight for last few sets! 
(If this tells you anything, I started with 30 lbs. and set 8-10 were with 50 lbs)
-Smith squats down to box (box was a foot off ground) 
-leg extensions 
-hack squat 
-tire flip down dbl parking lot and back 

This last exercise is different:
- calf raises (2 sets x50 (each) 

I told you! Good luck!! 

 I was so dead after that workout that I couldn't even flex my legs. This is all I had! (see the face was bad!)

So afterwards, I went to see my sweet Maw Maw for a few hours since she is right down the road. I always forget to snap a picture with her! I'll have to next time. 

Then I went to grab food since I was starved, and I was craving Chipotle and shopping, so I stopped by the Legends outlet mall in Kansas City. You can so eat healthy at Chipotle too! I get a bowl usually with brown rice, black beans, chicken, pico, grilled peppers and onions (tonight) and lettuce! Doesn't have to be hard. And the bowls that were made in front of me with probably a half cup of sour cream and cheese each are not gonna get you to your goals lol! I mean don't get me wrong, I use those things in moderation...key word ;)

Before dinner, I ran into Old Navy. I had forgotten there was one out there and I love Old Navy for workout clothes especially! You may have (or may not) notice a lot of my outfits come from there, usually on clearance! 

The grey top was $8 and the 'Be Bold' was $3.99! Steals!! And I have been wanting the Pixie pants since I saw the commercial haha! Anyone else love those cute ankle pants?! They were definitely worth it, and on sale since the whole store was having a sale -- they were $27! Another score!

These pants are actually great for girls with muscle too because they give...they are a slightly stretchy fabric and the waist (I went up to a 2-- YES! lol-- believe it or not that's a big deal for me) wasn't that big going up a size. Usually it is and they fall off but not these! I paired them with a ruched cream blouse (picture above- sorry for the bad quality on my phone!), skinny black belt, and open sandals at the beginning of this week. And glad I did because now it's freezing outside! I seriously love those pants and will probably order a few more colors. 

So the rest of the weekend was pretty typical: grocery shopping, workouts, meal prep... I found this really weird fruit (?) I have never seen at the store...

oh and the fact that I couldn't walk the day, next day, 3 days, etc. after my workout Friday! HA! I forced a rest day sunday needless to say because I literally was having a ton of trouble walking!

Good thing I bought this because I seriously needed it before the weekend was over! It was brutal! This was actually a really great find at Dillons for $1! Thanks to my friend who told me about it. SO if you do that workout up there, I will go ahead and tell you...pick up a few of these at the store haha! You're gonna need it!

And what would a weekend be without a little treat? This actually fit into my macros that night so it was great! I don't "fit treats in" a ton, just because I choose not to, but when I do it's something I want to enjoy! Usually when I have a treat, it's a meal or something, then I move on the next meal. Whatever works to keep you balanced!

And Monday, my legs were still giving out on me! I would walk down the hall and my muscles would give out haha! You know it was a badass leg day when...

Yes indeed this was me 3 days after leg day! It was bad, but oh so worth it! You have to do things that make you uncomfortable to reach the place that not many people get to. And believe me, that's on my route! 

Anyways, I have a few blog posts almost ready to post (I wasn't kidding!), and since I will be off work tomorrow due to a few more appointments (pray the traffic gods grant me a lower speeding fine UGH! lol) I may try to get those scheduled to make up to you guys!

I really hope y'all have had a great few weeks! Please comment below or head over to my facebook page (Live Learn Lift Repeat) to tell me all about it! Missed you guys! :D Have a great night!

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