Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On Squats! Everyone needs a little squat in their life!

Hey there fit pham! 

So someone brought up a great topic earlier that I want to mention to everyone! Because sharing is caring right? hehe! I know I always love reading tips and tidbits from other people! So here ya go!

On Squats:

I posted a video of the super squat machine (below), and this is a great tool to strengthen your legs and improve your squat form! Everyone can use this machine, and everyone can do squats too! :D It's all about proper form. 

Tips for this machine: 

  • Your feet need to stay grounded (feet flat at all times) and drive through the heels when you come up just like in a regular squat. 
  • Back stays straight and your should feel the tension in your legs (glutes, and hams too!), not your back! 
  • This machine is also perfect for going below parallel, but don't push it if you're just starting out!

Ladies DO NOT be afraid of machines like this or heavy weight! 
I was for the longest time and only ended up hurting myself in terms of progress that could've happened!

So let's talk about a regular squat. Those have the same basic principles! And believe me...I know how it feels to get frustrated, give up, not lift heavy doing these, and actually be AFRAID (yes afraid) of going heavy on these. You know why? Because I blamed my scoliosis and was afraid of hurting myself. Completely logical...but in the same sense, not doing something because of fear doesn't make you better at it. Ya know? Anyways...

On regular squats:

Again ANYONE can do these! Do not be afraid! *eh-hem: LADIES!* ;) 

But with Barbell, dumbbells, or weights of any sort; here are a few form principles to keep in mind:

  •  If going heavy, a rack and spotter would be very helpful for safety reasons!
  • Approach the bar with a straight back, chest up because this will prep you to lift it (you know those pro-bodybuilders who puff their chests out and "prep" to come up to the sets you up for correct form! :D a friend taught me that)
  • When you are ready to lift it, lift with your legs, keeping your back straight. DO NOT roll your shoulders forward while lifting the bar off the rack. 
  • Have your feet shoulder width apart, keep your head up (eyes forward), a straight back to start the lift
  • To execute, lower slowly with the back straight (like in my video with the super squat), butt poked out not rolled under/inwards, keeping your knees in line with your feet, lower to 90 degrees or below.
  • Always DRIVE THROUGH THE HEELS for this exercise in any form-- sumo, narrow, one leg, split, smith, you name it! 

If you don't then, yes you could throw yourself off balance, be at risk of hurting yourself, or cause undue stress on other body parts to say the least and ain't nobody got time for that :)

 I have been here before also! Not knowing how to do something is OK! Always ask a friend if you need help with form, want advice, or maybe just someone to make sure your form is good. No one will judge you because of that! And you'll get better too! Maybe make a new friend, who knows!

Here is a great tutorial too on! 

Please let me know if this helps out and if you'd like to see more tips and tidbits! I'll also get this up on the blog! :D 

Have a great day!


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  1. I was one of those who use to use light weight because I was afraid to get bulky. I think I was 23 or 24 yrs old but soon after I learned better of it and am so thankful!