Monday, January 5, 2015

It'll Make You Sweat: New Leg Day with Plyos! Plus a bonus!

Hey guys!

So I had an awesome workout a week or so ago that I want to share with you! I am having to change up my routine in an attempt to "outsmart" my body haha! Once you reach a certain point, your body will adjust to what you do and start to become not as efficient for the same routine. If that makes sense. In other words, you want to work smarter not harder by switching up your routine often and keeping your body guessing! My trainer definitely likes doing that to me when I go see him; and I always come away the days after not being able to move those muscle groups very well haha!...Like from Saturday!

Anyways, Here is that workout I promised! With awesome videos for you!


Treadmill warm-up 15 minutes, Incline: 5-7.5, Speed: 3

1) Barbell Squats 3x12, 10 (3 sets 12, 1 set 10)
SS 30s Side to Side Lunges (Video) 3 sets

2) Plate Loaded Hack Squat 3x12
SS Plate Loaded Calf raise (on hack) 3x20

3) Single-side Sumo Leg press (video) 3x15
SS Bodyweight squat with leg raise  

And that's all folks! Simple, easy and was a really good burn!

And here is one more really great superset you can do that will kill those legs!

Superset these two exercises for a good booty burn! I did 3 sets of 10 heavy super squats then immediately did 8 heavy split squats. For 3 rounds that is! 

Squeeze the glutes at the top of the squat and concentrate on glute activation on the split squats. I kicked my foot back a little farther on the right leg for split squats but you can do it either way (like the right or left foot) but yes there is a difference :) 



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