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Q & A with me! - On getting started, motivation, & lifting vs. cardio

Happy Saturday!

Man does it feel good just to relax and know that I have time to clean the house today and get everything done I need to? Yes! The hubs has to work a half-day unfortunately and my appointment with my new coach had to be cancelled. Sleeping in sure was nice though! So I have some cleaning, organizing, finally a workout! and a few other things on the agenda before the batting cages tonight :o Yep, you read that right, I am playing on a work softball team tomorrow. We will see how that goes haha!

Anyways, I want to share a few things with you all because I always tell people that I really learned a lot of things from other people. I always want to share information because I know one day it will help someone get to where I am now. I didn't start off knowing everything I do now. It doesn't work like that. After two years of researching, reading, and asking questions I still don't even know half of what I want to! That's personally why I seek out a coach who is knowledgable (more than me) to help guide my journey and help me reach my full potential. Even the pros have coaches! How can you expect to really reach your maximum level of greatness without a little guidance? Either way, it's my preference!

So I have been asked a lot of questions when I was getting so close to show time, not surprisingly really. It is inevitable and really happens quite often since I put myself out there for people. People really look up to you once you show what "you've got" so to speak. And honestly it really means a ton to me because I just want to inspire someone along the way; so it's pretty freaking cool actually. 

Having been asked questions ever since I started my journey, it is not something I like to brush off like I have seen before. I don't see how people can have thousands of followers and not pay any attention to them! I was one of those people asking questions on a page (that I won't name) and to my surprise the other day I actually saw this page come under a lot of criticism, one for not really having the credentials they claimed to have among other things, like misleading young women and putting their health at risk. Be careful who you look up to! But it always rubbed me the wrong way when people can't even take the time to acknowledge a comment or question because they are so "insta-famous." Really, step back and think about who you really are and who your followers are you know...maybe someone really does need help! And I am one to help so better to step in a lend a hand to someone curious, in need, or maybe who it will simply plant a seed with so that one day they can begin their journey too! Sorry for the rant, but man it really burns me up lol. Thanks for listening!

Anyways I am sure you are thinking..."ok Rachel, what about the real reason why I am reading this?" Haha, ok ok here is the real reason for this post! 

The Q & A! 

And please feel free to keep asking questions, because I love to share my knowledge and learn along the way! So here are a few questions I have been asked that I wanted to share with you. 

Q1: I know I feel the same way as you did in the beginning of your journey...Always being thin and waking up one day realizing it's not reality anymore is tough! And I haven't found the addiction to clean eating and the gym that you have. What advice would you give on keeping you motivation up after being at work at a desk all day?

You're exactly really does suck and take a toll on you mentally and did for me once I realized I had gained weight (body fat actually). I had no idea what to do with or where it came from because I had always been thin. It really was a long time coming for me and I just never stuck to a plan or anything long enough to make a difference. Toss in getting married, sitting down all day, and really quite a lot of 'binge' type eating (never getting a 'fix' for what I wanted) and that equaled a recipe for gaining the BF. I knew something had to change. Really ever since that point I have just never given up. The hardest part is starting and not stopping, if that makes sense. I actually started with a program on from Jamie Eason. I am sure you may have seen this, but I have the links on this blog page of mine or the tab called 'My Journey' if you want to check it out. 

Honestly, it wasn't something that immediately happened and stuck for me either. I wanted to give up so much, and had weeks where I wondered if it was even working. I would be tired after work, especially having to drive 2 hours every day; and an hour to get to the gym. I always packed a bag, and went in the morning before work or at night. It was my time to really relax and unwind and I looked forward to that. I'll go into detail in the next question for that. 

I seek out my motivation and have practiced this daily for the past two years (more the last year, but I worked up to it.) I would seek out anything I could find to motivate me. Most commonly motivational quotes and sayings on pinterest and Instagram now. I have a few boards where I have pinned those (things to live by, motivation, etc.) on my personal account. I read a lot of articles and for the longest time toyed with blogging it all before I actually created this blog. I have been off and on more now but for at least a year maybe. I find that internalizing it and relating it to my life helps bring out my strengths. I even have a category called 'Healthy Living' at the top of this page, with and multiple blogs posts on motivation and how to get it/where it comes from for me. Some of it is just me rambling but I have been told some of it’s good ;) So really there is not clear cut way, but it is completely possible to change your mindset. For good…

Q2: How you kept yourself motivated after working all day in an office?

On night-time workouts: yes, it can be daunting after a long day at work, but I actually look forward to my gym time at night now. It really energizes me and gives me my ‘me time.’ Before and still some days, I don’t want to go; but I do it anyways. It’s a habit and something I will not just not do. But it took a while to get to that point too. Everyone (even the pros) have days they just don’t want to do it. Listen to your body and definitely rest when you need it (1-2 xs a week) but don’t give up. Think about how it makes you feel and you might find more enjoyment than you think. I love fun outfits and a rockin playlist to get me going. And…You have to find what works for you – if you like mornings, then do mornings or lunch or nights. Some days I hate mornings and sometimes it’s ok. Some days I like to go in the morning, some on lunch at work to get away, then some time at night. But you can’t force yourself to love what you don’t like. Find out what works for you and create the routine. To me, a routine will be the key to success once it becomes a part of your life. I will say, it is killing me not going to the gym this week (after my competition) but I know that it is part of the process and I need the recovery. On that- your body will thank you!

Q3: When you were first starting out did you do more cardio or lifting? I know they are both one more important than the other?

I don't think one is more important that the other, and it really depends on your goals too. When I first started my journey, I actually followed Jamie Eason’s plan and it had no cardio in the beginning. When you are building muscle from scratch, it’s hard to especially with a high metabolism and a lot of cardio. I would suggest 15 minutes a few times a week max when you first start out and lifting as heavy as you can. So minimal cardio in that case. I started lifting less than 5lbs on shoulders but now I can grab 25s some days. Everyone starts somewhere. And you can’t tone what you don’t have. If there is no muscle there, there will be nothing to ‘tone.’ I hate that word lol.  The cardio will still be important in the long run to have in the mix; and if you don't believe me check out this post. You have to expend calories both in the weight room and during cardio to benefit your overall health and for the fat loss you are looking for! And who doesn't want that?!

Every part of the healthy lifestyle is equally important. You can’t skimp on one part and expect results. Like your nutrition…You can’t outwork a bad diet no matter how much ‘extra’ you do. Like gals adding cardio to ‘make up for the doughnut.’ Eat the doughnut and still get back on your plan then next night or day…Cardio is important but for naturally thin gals who are not built/gifted with muscle, I would say lift your little heart out. Build up your stamina and I would suggest supplementing with a few things that will help build muscle if that’s what you want. A shapely and curvy physique can be built from nothing. You’ll have to work hard and eat a lot to fuel it, but it can be done! Trust me.

Whoever you are out there, I hope this helps you! Like I said, I find that I learned a ton and still do from others and anything I can find to read and educate myself with. I know it helps people and that's really all I could ever ask for is to help people. And like i said earlier, keep on asking questions and I would love to help answer those! 

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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