Thursday, September 10, 2015

First Vlog! Weekend happenings, A Full Workout, Recipes & More!

Hey Hey! 

Guess what??? 

I decided to take ALL of your advice and start putting it into VIDEOS! Heck yeah? Right! Lol. 

So here you go - the FIRST longer than 60s video vlog!

Last time I asked on my Facebook page what YOU want to see, I got awesome feedback like recipes, workouts, tips, and more. So I decided the best way to get content to you other than blogging and posting things would be to create videos for you! I really do love sharing my fit life and aspects that you want to see and funny things, etc. so this was a lot of fun for me! I really did put a lot of effort into this and really hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

For this Vlog #1 I wanted to share snippets of my weekend at home and the move to KC; I also shared some of my new job and some exiting things I got to see and do the first week. I shared a FULL workout to get you those sexy, sculpted arms and lean toned back you want - with all the exercises, sets, reps I did PLUS tips throughout. Then I also shared recipes and how to make them, plus just random little life things like playing with the cat :D

I can't tell you how super excited I am about starting this and sharing my life with you guys like this - vlogging was so much fun and I really am enjoying already starting 2 more videos for YOU! Stay tuned for what's coming next at the end of this video!

If you want of course - check it out, share it with your friends, please leave feedback on what you want to see of what would make my videos better for YOU! I will definitely take all of your feedback and keep making these better and better! But I have to have your feedback to do that. (Be nice ;) )

 And, if you like it then hit subscribe and give it a thumbs up to support the channel! The more you do, the more videos I can do for you guys! I don't do this for myself of course. 

Happy watching and thanks for all of your support and love on my page! You guys keep it alive!

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