Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vlog 3: Traveling Fit & Flying, New Orleans, & Search for the perfect KC gym!

Hey there! 

So I have definitely figured out that I love vlogging! It is more time consuming to put together the videos but so easy to document what I want to share with you all! And I'm sure that it takes just as long to do that as it would to write the 5 blog posts to share the recipes and workouts. So I bring you another Vlog with a ton of great stuff. At least a recipe or two and a grocery haul! :)

In this one, I'll take you guys on a few daily outtings looking for a new gym, through meals including what I eat during the day, then to New Orleans for a Bachelorette trip! Not often that I go out, but I wouldn't miss my best friend's trip! Even though Delta thought differently lol. I even added in traveling fit and how to pack food for a plane! 

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Happy watching and thanks for all of your support and love on my page! You guys keep it alive!

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  1. I appreciate that the thinking about a good synergy between 'eating right' and 'working up right' is balanced. I remember my backpacking adventures in Thailand as my partner and I are constantly moving and going while eating balanced meals.