About Me

Hello there! I am so glad you stopped by!

Who am I?


I am a 25 year-old, southern girl originally from Alabaster, AL, which is where I spent most of my entire life. I graduated from the University of Montevallo, located exactly in the middle of Alabama, with a dual Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Sociology in August of 2012. Shortly after, I married the love of my life then moved to Kansas for a new phase of our life in the Army. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing husband who continues to support me through anything I choose, and always believes in me no matter what. We have two fur babies: our sugar gliders Gizmo and Stitch. 
  I always remind myself how fortunate I am to have such amazing family and friends that stand by me and who have helped me to grow over the years. And I am lucky to have met some of the people I have over the past two years, in Kansas, and through social networking. 

     I truly believe that my opportunities in college, drive towards success, and love for research and statistics helped me into the job I have and will one day, into graduate school. I am currently working as a Reporting and Research Specialist. In short, I work on very large educational databases and am currently working with University researchers.

    I found my passion for fitness and health almost a year ago, when I made the choice to change my lifestyle, and haven't looked back since. I love lifting really heavy weights and eating a lot of really good foods. I love sharing my journey and experiences with people and hope to do so here in my little corner or the internet. I hope that one day I can influence others as some of my role models have already done for me. I have huge dreams and ambitions for my future in health and fitness and cannot wait to see what happens. 

So I like to think I am multi-faceted...
  • I can play the oboe, clarinet, base guitar (a little), some flute, and probably other woodwind instruments; yes I was your "band geek" in high school
  • I am not very coordinated, although somehow I danced for 11 years
  • I am not good at sports, unless it is tennis or boxing, and now weight lifting. I am learning golf as well
  • I love makeup and putting it on other people, but often times I think it is a pain to wear, and other times I absolutely love getting "dolled up"
  • I love anything that sparkles and loud neon colors- just check out my gym clothes or "street clothes"
  • I love to talk and will talk to anyone, especially if it involves meeting new people
  • I strive to be unique and bring individuality to everything I do 
  • I am a detail freak, and am often called a 'sponge' because I try and absorb any and all information about a topic I am interested in
  • I tend to be very sarcastic, outspoken, straight-forward and honest in my personal life
  • I often find myself in situations where my high levels of energy and positivity are strange to others
  • I have a serious love for statistics and numbers, and quantitative data
  • One day I will go back to graduate school to pursue a degree in Social Psychology or Sports Psychology, maybe Physical Therapy, Nutrition, or some other health and fitness related degree. I'm not really sure anymore but I know one day I will end up exactly where I am supposed to be
  • I like to think that I killed the "dumb blond" stereotype a long time ago (yes mine is natural) ;)

Note: I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. Anything posted to this site is purely from my own personal experience and knowledge gained while on my fitness journey. I do not post information on this page with the intent to give advice for any one individual, as everyone will be different and see different results in his/her own journey. Always consult your physician before making a change to your diet or exercise routine.


  1. Hi, I'm Zona McGee. I'm not sure if you are the right person but I'm looking for Magenrae. The nurse who took care of my son Ryan. Please contact me!

    1. Hi, not sure why the previous comment didn't post. But my name is Rachel as I said above. And I am not a nurse. Good luck in your search!